What strikes you more as a basketball player?

Dunk or three-point?

Ah-ha! Before you answer, this is a disclaimer; the question has nothing to do with the NBA commercial ad!

But, an NBA lover runs this website!

Hi, I’m Luke 🙂

Luke is my name, and I have been playing the game of basketball since I was ten.

I can’t forget in a hurry—the day I bought my first basketball! Good heavens! It was a fantastic feeling. The butterflies in my tummy were relentless, as I tightly cuddled my ball with my eyes wide open—waiting for the day to dawn.

Of course, you know what would have transpired in the morning. I got out of bed early and dashed down to the court, where I played all day and missed my breakfast and lunch! That’s a story for another day!

Over time, I played different positions on the court, until just ten years ago, when I discovered my chi was stronger anytime I took the position of a shooting guard! Yeah right! It truly was something.

Today, I always get pumped whenever I play on the court in my shooting guard position—thanks to discovery. Of course! You guessed, right! It’s my permanent position.

So, if you’re looking for a great shooting guard, you’ve found one!

But don’t get it twisted!

I am NOT a professional basketball player. I’m merely 5′ 9″ (175cm) tall and possibly 152 pounds (69kg) soaking wet. In summary, I’m just a regular guy who loves the game!

Regular? Yeah! But UNSTOPPABLE! Words can’t describe my love for the game! If you’re like me, you should know what I’m talking about.

Why Did I Create This Basketball Site?

The answer is simple!

To help basketball lovers like me to get first-hand quality basketball information on the go.

As an amateur player, it was normal for me to go online to find some useful tips—I could apply to improve my game.

But I wasn’t successful in my quest!

I spent long hours searching for quality content, about basketball, online, but all was to no avail.

Most of the information I got, came across as outdated or inaccurate basketball resources, except for a handful which originated from authority basketball websites. And the sites released such content seldom.

If you’ve ever been in such a situation, you understand first-degree frustration.

Ta da! An idea popped up to me one day: “why not create a blog that can document most of the basketball stuff you’ve learned along the way?”

“Hmm, what a great idea,” I retorted!

Fast forward, some weeks later, I made an effort to take some website building lessons and bang!!! I was at it!

Why Dunkorthree.com?

One of the most thought-provoking decisions I had to make when setting up the website was finding the perfect name!

I brainstormed a few cool names, asked friends for opinions, and finally, it all came down to dunkorthree.com?

Yeah right! The first question in this article sparked the light!

Dunk or Three?

The question is pretty controversial!

Some people prefer dunking, while a ton of fans believe a three-point shot is the new slam dunk.

I’m in favor of the latter—primarily because Stephen Curry created a new three-point record in the NBA.

Oh! Lest I forget, I’m a big fan of Curry. I love his deep threes, as well as his dunks—even though he hardly dunks.

So, the answer to the question is relative! After all, it’s best to go for what works for you.

What Will You Get from Reading This Site?

My mission for this site is pretty clear!

To help you, the reader, improve your basketball skills, and play better games on the court.

Also, my vision for dunkorthree.com is to make it the best basketball blog on the planet.

How do I plan on achieving that?

Simple! I’ll be providing useful tips and guides for amateur basketball players of all ages.

But that’s not all!

You will get these 3 KEY benefits by always visiting this website:

  1. Get stronger and smarter on the court while you win more games.
  2. Save MORE time improving your performance.
  3. Buy the ideal basketball gears online without reading those frustrating and annoying commercial sales pages.

In summary, my team and I are going to create useful tips and guides based on real surveys. Plus, we plan to help you save your precious time looking for the best ways to improve your basketball skills and enjoy a better game on the court. So, dunkthree.com is your one-stop site for everything basketball related.

How We Create the Content?

“You get rewarded, If you do the work. No shortcuts in life.” – Michael Jordan

The same thing applies to this site!

My team and I will always provide the best basketball information for you guys—that is both captivating and educational—for your consumption, without surrendering quality.

BTW, I’d love to hear from you, if you think you can join my team of basketball writers!

But there’s more!

To get the best quality content, we go all out to check all the products we recommend and test drive new basketball skills we learn—before dishing them out to you!

For instance, my team and I spend enough time in local basketball stores—talking to the owners and staff—to get the most unbiased information about the best gear for you—our readers. That’s not all. We also get consumer reviews, which we use to create extensive buying guides.

Don’t forget; I’m an amateur basketball player like you that wants to get the best basketball resources.

Overall, my desire is for dunkorthree.com to get your unwavering trust by delivering purely unbiased content! Not rigged info given by brand sponsorships. I want you to apply our advice and suggestions provided on the site, to get results that work.

On that note, I welcome you to dunkorthree.com!

Have fun and get better with your game.