Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Review

This is my review of Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit. If you’re in the market for an incredibly soft, comfortable shoe that doesn’t compromise on strength or performance, the Crazy Explosive may just be for you. Read my detailed review below to learn more.

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Players looking for extra comfort from their shoe. Those who want extra spring without added weight.
  • Pros: Springy, responsive sole. Anatomical lace system. Excellent lockdown. Comfortable. Flexible. Affordable price point. 
  • Cons: Overall durability could be stronger. Fit is a bit narrow. Heel can slip. Controversial look. Poor ventilation.
  • Alternatives: HOVR Havoc 3, Mamba Focus, Adidas Coll3ctiv3

Why Trust Me

I have been playing basketball as long as I could walk, and that means I have worn a lot of different shoes. That includes everything from lightweight low tops all the way to more powerful and supportive high tops.

My own personal knowledge allowed me to review the Primeknit in its entirety. As did the extensive research and additional firsthand accounts I conducted in order to outline the following sections.

Detailed Review of Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit

The Crazy Explosive Primeknit is a great combination of comfort, durability, and performance. The shoe is on the larger side, but it justifies the bulk with its strong sole and flexible design. Few shoes will provide you with the same amount of stable cushion.

It has a snug fit and definitely sits on the stuffy side, which is something players who run hot may not like. Even so, the outstanding fit and feel are both worth it if you’re someone who wants to bring something a little bit different to the gym.


Traction is one of the Primeknit’s stand out aspects. The outsole is not only durable, which helps you stop or turn on a dime, it’s quite grippy as well. The unique pattern on the bottom provides you with a lot of extra control, which is perfect for both defense and offense. 

Where many shoes only work on specific or clean surfaces, you’ll have no such issues with this model. The bottom holds up well on even the dustiest gym floors, and you won’t lose any grip when playing out in the elements. It’s a great choice for more versatile players.


Comfort is another area where the shoe excels. The materials are meant to work with, rather than against, your body, and they do that in spades. The sneakers are easy to lace up and they feel great when on. The flexible construction is especially nice in that regard.

There’s not a ton of cushion here, but the padding Adidas uses gets the job done in almost all aspects. You may experience a bit of soreness after long runs, but you’ll typically stay comfortable. The impact protection is nice too, giving you support when you come down hard.


Though you might not expect it from the look, the Primeknit is a tough shoe. While the materials won’t hold up to the absolute best of the best, they still provide enough protection and power that you won’t mind playing with them in the gym or outdoors for extended periods of time.

All parts of the shoe will stand up to repeated impacts. Not only that, you won’t see any extended wear or tear for quite a long time. As long as you keep them out of wet environments, you won’t have any construction issues.


Unfortunately, ventilation is one area where the shoe comes up short. They have a great fit and mesh construction. That works for comfort, but it stays close to your foot and doesn’t leave a lot of room for air flow. You’re going to sweat, even in more casual practices or quick games.

Support and Lockdown

The Crazy Explosive is a lighter shoe, and it manages to stay light without sacrificing any support. That’s an extremely impressive combination many other models can’t achieve. It has a unique multi-layer design as well as a TPU stability wrap for additional strength.

Backing that is the anatomical lace, which perfectly stops lockdown and prevents your foot from moving around. The upper material is all about flexibility, but don’t let that trick you into thinking you lose support from the base. It’s a strong, secure fit throughout the entire design.


The Primeknit’s lighter weight and excellent support both work with the springy sole to provide you with a good amount of performance. The shoes are great for all players. Both guards and big men will be able to enjoy the mobility and agility it offers no matter how you play the game.

The shoes are extremely responsive as well. You’ll get a lot of power when jumping and you can go from a flat run to in the air in no time. That quick movement is really what makes them stand out in this regard.

What I Like

I love the Primeknit’s comfort. This shoe takes a big risk with its woven construction, but it pays off in a big way. Not only does it feel good against your foot as you move around, but there’s a lot of flexibility as well. Rarely do I find an option with as much give as this model.

The support, combined with the lighter weight, is something that I really appreciate. You typically lose protection when switching to a more flexible shoe, so it’s always nice to see a shoe that doesn’t forget about ankle support or stability when cutting down on weight.

What I Dislike

The biggest downside here is the ventilation. I highly value breathability in my basketball sneakers, and these don’t have much. You definitely get some upsides for the snug fit, but if you’re someone who sweats these won’t do anything to alleviate that issue.

The shock absorption could be a bit better as well. The shoe isn’t uncomfortable to land on by any means, but you’re still going to feel it more than you would in different shoes. That’s not a deal-breaker, but it is something to note if you like to jump or go for high rebounds.

The Alternatives

The following options are great shoes for those who like the Crazy Explosive but want a few different traits. Or you can read our best basketball shoes roundup for more options.

1. HOVR Havoc 3 

Another shoe that puts a high emphasis on both traction and comfort, the Havoc 3 is a well-rounded piece of footwear perfect for all players. The die-cut EVA sockliner is incredible in terms of fit, and the webbed lacing system creates a large amount of lockdown.

There’s also plenty of grip through the herringbone traction pattern, and the midfoot TPU shake provides you with unmatched stability. It’s a great choice for players who need to play for extended periods of time without succumbing to fatigue or discomfort.

2. Mamba Focus

If you want another shoe with a lot of comfort in a low top design, the Mamba Focus goes a long way in that regard. It has a lightweight heel cage, which properly supports your foot, and has a more open design that allows for a quick and easy lateral movement.

It’s a responsive shoe that never gets too hot or stuffy. The flexible bottom isn’t ideal for some situations, and the shoe needs to be broken in, but if you put in that work you get a stylish model that can be worn both on and off the court.

3. Adidas Coll3ctiv3

If you like what the Crazy Explosive Primeknit offers but are in the market for a more outdoor-focused option, the Coll3ctiv3 is worth a look. This shoe is well-made and comes with ample durability throughout the entire design. The outsole is especially tough.

Backing up that package is a breathable synthetic design, as well as a flexible construction that’s easy to put on and take off. They feel great, have decent impact protection, and come with the sleek look you’ll find in most Adidas shoes.


Does the Crazy Explosive Help You Jump?

These shoes won’t give you a huge boost in terms of verticality, but they allow you to go from running to jumping in an instant.

Are These Shoes Comfortable?

Absolutely. Adidas’ primeknit design and flexible construction combine to create a soft, flexible shoe with plenty of impact protection.

Are These Shoes Heavy?

Despite their size, the Crazy Explosive Primeknits only weighs in at 13.9 ounces.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the Crazy Explosive is a performance-focused shoe with a lot of versatility. Though it lacks in terms of ventilation, it does a good job in every other category. Guards, wings, power forwards, and centers, will all be able to lace these up and see amazing results.

The traction holds up and the entire shoe is well made. The unique build won’t be for everyone, but the Primeknit is a great shoe if comfort and responsiveness are on the top of your list.

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