Adidas CrazyLight Boost Review

This is my review of the Adidas CrazyLight Boost. In my opinion, it is an easy to wear sneaker. While it doesn’t have the best fit or style, it enhances performance through comfortable padding, a stable base, and a responsive sole. 

Read on to learn its pros, cons, alternatives in my detailed review below!

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Amazon, Adidas
  • Best for: Players who need to protect their feet. Anyone who puts an emphasis on defensive play.
  • Pros: Strong impact protection. Lightweight, flexible design. Thick rubber outsole. Responsive boost midsole.
  • Cons: Fit could be more snug. Lockdown is lacking. Could be more stable. Basic look.
  • Alternatives: PG 5, Harden Stepback, Adidas Crazy Explosive

Why Trust Me

I have been playing basketball at various levels since I was five years old. Those years of practices and games allowed me to find out what makes a shoe good, as well as what makes it bad.

Taking that lifetime of experience and backing it up with extensive research enabled me to construct a full, in-depth review of the CrazyLight Boost’s pros and cons. 

Detailed Review of Adidas CrazyLight Boost

The CrazyLight is a shoe that does a good job of striking the balance between comfortable feel and durable build. Rather than leaning too far into either direction, the show has a breathable mesh upper and boost cushion to perfectly complement its tough outsole and stable base.

The shoes offer a lot of mobility without ever feeling too constrictive. They even come with good forefoot lock down as well as strong traction. They aren’t perfect, especially in the heel area, but there’s a lot to like about their overall design.


Another area where this shoe excels is in the cushion. They are incredibly comfortable and supportive through the special Boost cushioning. You not only get an excellent court feel, but there’s plenty of shock absorption and impact protection. 

Continuing that, they are quite breathable too. I always appreciate strong ventilation in a shoe. The CrazyLights utilize a breathable mesh upper that allows in plenty of air and actively wicks moisture. Such measures do a great job of preventing blisters and annoying hot spots.


When it comes to performance, there’s a lot to like. The CrazyLight doesn’t have the best bounce, but the responsive boost midsole certainly does its job. You can take off from just about anywhere with these on, especially when you need to go for a hard rebound or tough layup.

These also get a lot of responsiveness from the thick rubber outsole. Where some sneakers feel flat on certain surfaces, the CrazyLight does a good job of staying consistent no matter where you like to play.

Protection and Support

Those who want good support will enjoy this shoe. While the lockdown isn’t the best in the heel areas, the base is balanced and stable. The forefoot stays in place as well. That offers a bit of protection, which is needed from what is ultimately a low-top shoe.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of ankle support here. People with a history of injuries will likely want to back them up with extra materials or braces. 


The shoe has plenty of grip. The traction pattern on the bottom of the shoes holds most surfaces with ease thanks to the pliable rubber construction. There are plenty of deep grooves running across the bottom, and they enable you to really dig in when you need to stop.

This feature is especially relevant for guards or defensive specialists. Being able to get low to the ground and stop someone from driving is essential, and the shoes help you do exactly that.


It’s easy to assume the CrazyLight is lacking in the durability department, but that could not be further from the truth. This is a well-made, respectable sneaker. The stitching and construction are both incredibly solid, and the thick rubber used on the outsole can take a beating.

That’s good news for outdoor players. Where many shoes can handle the blacktop, street, or driveway, the CrazyLight Boost is something you can slip on


The CrazyLight’s lockdown has some good and some bad. The lacing system and external heel counter both do a decent job when it comes to supporting your foot. The arch support is solid and I’m a big believer in the stability provided by the midfoot shank.

That being said, the shoe is a bit lacking on the general fit. It’s not the most snug option on the market, especially for people with narrower feet. That means your foot will move around a bit despite all of the features. Expect to readjust every now and then with this shoe on.

What I Like

I really enjoy the CrazyLight’s durability. Sneakers are a big purchase. You never want to get a pair that will only be useful for a month. These shoes have an impressive amount of longevity thanks to their tight construction and powerful design.

On top of that, they can be used outside. That’s something I particularly enjoy because it means you can throw them on if you want to just shoot around in the local park or your backyard. That adds to the versatility and gives you more options. 

The shoe is also extremely comfortable. The Boost cushioning delivers a lot of impact protection, which I always love on longer days, and the mesh upper is as breathable as advertised. They never overheat, and they actively cut down on painful blisters.

What I Dislike

Overall, the CrazyLight is a great shoe. However, I do wish it had better support. The lockdown, while better than some other shoes that put a focus on slimness, isn’t quite as tight as I prefer either. You’ll probably feel some slipping in the heel. You’ll also have to re-tie from time to time.

While not as important, I’m also not a huge fan of the shoe’s look. It’s a bit basic. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a more minimalistic style, but I expected a bit more from a brand that’s not afraid to take chances like Adidas. 

The Alternatives

These three shoes are great sneakers for people who want something that’s similar, but not the same as, the CrazyLight Boost. You may also read our best basketball shoes roundup to find more options.

1. PG 5

The PG 5 is another great gym shoe with a high focus on performance. Like the CrazyLight Boost, it delivers great on-court results while still remaining comfortable. The flexible materials are amazing in that regard, especially when paired with the Zoom Air Strobel.

This model also comes with supportive lace bands for increased lockdown, as well as reliable multi-directional tread. That combination is perfect for players who rely on quick moves to get to the basket. They aren’t great outdoors, but it’s hard to find better inside models.

2. Harden Stepback

Another versatile option, the Harden Stepback is a comfortable sneaker with a high emphasis on ventilation. As with the CrazyLight Boost, it allows you to breathe. If you overheat, these shoes do a good job. Even if you don’t, their soft construction feels amazing during games.

The Stepback is a snug shoe. The tight fit may be too much for some, but players who don’t mind a more secure sneaker will greatly enjoy the ample traits built into the sleek, eye-catching shoe.

3. Adidas Crazy Explosive

If you’re looking for another Adidas model that offers something a bit different, the Crazy Explosive (review) is worth a long look. As with the CrazyLight, it’s comfortable and has a reliable grip. However, it differs through its incredibly springy sole and tough, high-end materials.

The Crazy Explosive is a long-lasting shoe that will give you great results in any environment. It does run a bit hot due to the sock-like construction, but that’s a worthy trade-off for players who need extra versatility.


Is the CrazyLight Boost Good Outside?

Yes. The shoe’s thick rubber outsole and tight stitching make it a great option for any outdoor environment. 

Is the CrazyLight Boost a Heavy Shoe?

Coming in at just past 12 ounces, the CrazyLight Boost is not a particularly heavy shoe. It allows you to move without any restriction. 

How Supportive are These Shoes?

The CrazyLight Boost’s low top design and lighter construction, while useful, don’t give it the best support on the market. 

Final Verdict

Few shoes manage to give you a lightweight construction and a stable feel like the Adidas CrazyLight. The sneaker allows you to fly through the air or run down the court with ease, and it does so without sacrificing general construction or balance.

It’s a solid model, especially for people who already like the Adidas brand. While there are a few issues, including the basic look and lack of a truly snug fit, those are relatively minor compared to the shoes responsiveness, comfort, and feel.

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