Adidas Dame 7 Review

The Dame 7 is a pure guard shoe. It doesn’t have the best fit or long-term durability, but the mobility and lightweight design make it perfect for players who care about speed.

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Guards, especially those who dunk or jump. Players who work hard and put a lot of stress on their body.
  • Pros: Strong balance. Responsive. Lightweight. Unique appearance with a sharp, eye-catching design. Excellent support and impact protection.
  • Cons: Not great for outdoor use. Traction could be better. Tend to run a bit large.
  • Alternatives: Kyrie 7, Curry 7, Adidas CrazyLight Boost

Why Trust Me

I have spent over two decades playing basketball at various competitive levels. That experience has led me to wear a lot of different shoes, especially lightweight models and ones aimed at guards or wings.

My firsthand experience with such models, compared against other reviews and in-depth research, allowed me to take an extensive look at the Dame 7’s various attributes.

Detailed Review

The Dame 7 is a complete shoe for any player who relies on quickness in their game. They have a set of traits that make them particularly useful for guards and wings, but come with enough of a base and balance to be used by bigger men in a pinch too.

They have amazing impact protection and can be worn casually due to their striking designs. The pair doesn’t get the best marks for durability, especially when used outside, but the lightweight design and sharp look more than make up for it. 


The Dame 7 is a comfortable shoe. That’s mainly due to the flexible construction and breathable materials. However, the LightStrike cushioning is what really takes it over the top. You can easily jump and slam down with these on and you won’t ever feel it on your feet. 

The only downside in this category is that the Dame 7 can run a bit large. That can hurt the general fit and cause a little bit of rubbing. Make sure to be on the conservative side when choosing your size and you should be able to get a great fit.


As with most premium guard-centric shoes, the Dame 7 gets high marks for performance. The shoe has great balance and is quite responsive. You can stop on a dime or pull up to shoot without any issues. It’s particularly impressive when you need to hit a tough fastbreak layup.

The sole also provides you bounce without ever being too unwieldy. Some shoes put too much of an emphasis on jumping or spring, but the 7 hits a nice middle ground. 


All things considered, the Dame 7 is pretty breathable. The shoe doesn’t have the best ventilation on the market, but it won’t cause you to sweat or overheat too much. You should be able to play in more casual settings without any lasting issues.

Protection and Support

The Dame 7 is a mobile shoe with a big focus on movement. As such, the protection is a mixed bag. The top of the shoe provides some much needed material in the ankle area, but there isn’t much else in the shoe that will help prevent injuries or cut down on accidents.

Luckily, the support is a different story. While you won’t get the toughest base, the internal heel counter works with the soft base to create a powerful platform. The shoe has amazing impact protection and absorbs shocks time and time again. Perfect for those who like to jump.


The Dame has many great properties, but I was less than impressed with the durability. A guard shoe is never going to have the same tough construction as one aimed at big men, but the shoes will wear down quickly when used outside.

I would not recommend the model for players who spend their time out in the elements. The strength is enough for regular inside use, it just isn’t the best option for anything beyond that. 


While the 7’s excel on the performance front, they also offer a lot in terms of style. Not only is the general design sleek and low-profile, there are a wide range of unique designs and flashy colors. 

These shoes can be worn in more casual settings without any issues. That makes them good for sneakerheads as well as more serious players who want to look good while they play.

What I Like

My favorite part about the Dame 7 is its features. Many modern sneakers only go above and beyond in one place, but this shoe is packed with exciting upgrades. The multi-material upper, special LightStrike cushioning, and internal heel counter all bring something unique to the table.

There’s also something to say about their performance. I love shoes that move with my body rather than against it, and that’s what the Dame 7s do. They are light enough to cut and sprint in, but they have a responsive sole that you can land hard on without any issues.

What I Dislike

If I had to pick a negative about the Dame 7 it would definitely be the fit. The shoes tend to run on the large side, which can be annoying when you’re trying to get a snug fit, and they are also pretty roomy on the inside. It’s important to purchase a half-size down when getting a pair.

They also take a long time to break in. Where some shoes, especially ones aimed at lateral mobility, are game ready right out of the box, you should wear these at least a few times first. I would have also preferred some traits aimed at protection or injury prevention.

The Alternatives

If you like the power in the Dame 7, but feel like you need something with a little bit extra toughness or strength, these shoes are worth a long look.

1. Kyrie 7

Another excellent guard shoe, the Kyrie 7 is a lighter model with a breathable construction. It’s a comfortable shoe, a factor made possible by the padded collar and ample cushion. Add on the Air Zoom Turbo unit and you get a sneaker that provides plenty of support throughout your foot.

The high-top design adds another layer of protection, especially for players with a history of ankle issues. As with the Dame 7, it comes with a springy sole that’s incredibly responsive. Perfect if you care about performance-based sneakers.

You can read my detailed Kyrie 7 review to learn more.

2. Curry 7

The Curry 7, like the Dame and Kyrie, is a well-rounded shoe for players who need speed, mobility, or quickness on the court. However, it separates itself through protection. The shoe is sturdy, stable, and comes with ample ankle protection to prevent any serious injuries.

The shoes are a lighter, more responsive pair that doesn’t forget the importance of keeping your feet and ankles safe. They are also easy to put on and take off. You can even pick from a wide range of various colors and unique designs.

3. Adidas CrazyLight Boost

If you want a shoe with a similar design to the Dame 7 that has a larger focus on responsiveness, the CrazyLight Boost (review) is the way to go. This model comes with a soft textile lining in addition to a molded TPU eyestay and heel cup. Those greatly boost performance.

The shoe also has a great fit, as well as a powerful lockdown that creates a solid amount of stability. There’s a lot of balance built directly into the design, making it a perfect choice for players who spend their time working their way into the lane.


How Heavy are These Shoes?

The Dame 7s weigh in at approximately 2.45 pounds.

What Color is the Dame 7?

There is no one color or style. Rather, the shoe comes in a wide variety of looks and patterns so you can choose what best suits you.

Are these Shoes Sturdy?

The Dame 7 is well-made and does well in the gym. However, it’s not the best choice for serious or extended outdoor use.

Final Verdict

The Dame 7 is a lighter shoe. That comes with pros and cons. It’s responsive, easy to wear, and has plenty of built in mobility. However, it definitely comes up short on the durability side and you won’t be able to generate a ton of strength or power if you need to body someone up.

Even so, the shoe excels in the gym and has the lightweight construction so many people need. If you’re a guard who plays mainly indoors and wants footwear that won’t get in the way, the Dame 7 will help give you an extra edge.

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