Andrew Wiggins Height and Wingspan

All players in the NBA are large. Everyone, from the tallest centers to the shortest point guards, is much bigger than the average person. That’s why the league has such a large focus on height. However, that’s far from the only important dimension. Wingspan is important too.

There are many players who benefit immensely from their sturdy frame, but few get as much use out of it as Andrew Wiggins.

How tall is Andrew Wiggins? His real height is 6’7 (201 cm), and measures 7’0 (213 cm) in wingspan.

The following article will cover the guard’s dimensions, analyze them against the league, and show how they play a key role in his ever-expanding game.

A Versatile Player

Wiggins plays a key role on the Warriors. Not only can he get to the rim and score when needed, but he’s a good shooter and a force on defense. A lot of that comes from his natural athleticism, which allows him to quickly zip around the court.

He’s a pure role player who, on certain nights, can take over the game. He can rebound, pass, block, steal, and hustle with the best of them. That’s because, due to his speed and versatile scoring ability, he’s able to embody both the shooting guard and small forward roles.

Average Height, Impressive Ability

Wiggins stands at 6’7. That’s not impressively large given the rest of the NBA, but it still makes him a force when paired up with his solid 195 pound frame. He’s not going to bowl a ton of people over, but he can drive against and back down smaller defenders with ease.

On top of that, he’s an incredibly gifted jumper. That’s important to note when discussing Wiggins’ height because it shows that he can make use of his inches a lot more effectively than players who stand around where he’s at.

Where some players might be as tall (or even a bit taller) than Wiggins, they won’t be able to get to the ball as quickly on rebounds. In addition, he’s able to more easily contest or block shots than people who are just as tall but not as effective as getting into the air.

His height is not the only reason he’s so good at his job, but it’s undoubtedly a part of his game. He can leverage the extra inches when matching up against shooting guards, but he also has the ability to go toe-to-toe when facing larger small forwards. Versatility is always useful.

Arms Race

Where Wiggins’ height is useful but not particularly impressive, his wingspan is a completely different story. The athletic guard’s arms measure an incredible 7’0 feet across. That means his reach is five inches longer than his height, making him a true outlier across the NBA.

Players want to have arms that are much longer than their height. A few extra inches on their arms is incredibly useful, especially for guards who can make better use of those inches when locking down on defense or going up for shots.

Taking that into account, it’s easy to see why Wiggins’ arms are so important to his game. Being able to freely reach around makes him much more effective when it comes to contesting shots, blocking layups, or stealing passes. It allows him to play from behind a drive too.

His wingspan also helps on offense. That’s because his arms, in conjunction with his jumping ability, allow him to finish better on drives or do more while in the air. His layups and dunks are a direct result of the extra inches.

Final Words

There are many solid NBA players who aren’t physical specimens, but Wiggins isn’t one of them. He’s an athletically-gifted athlete with a lean-but-strong frame who gets a lot of use from his extended reach and solid height. 

Many players stand at his level, but very few have his arms. That gives him an immense advantage on both sides of the court and helps separate him from the rest of the pack.

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