What Shoes Does Andrew Wiggins Wear?

NBA players care a lot about their footwear. The shoes aren’t just a fashion statement, they directly affect the game. Sneakers that don’t have the correct properties can severely hinder a player’s success on the court. That’s why athletes put so much stock in their shoes.

In this guide I will break down the different shoes Andrew Wiggins has worn throughout his career. Looking at such models will give insight into how he prefers to play, and provide some ideas for what you might want to lace up with the next time you play.

The First Deal

Andrew Wiggins came onto the NBA scene in the biggest way possible. He was the first overall pick due to his success at Kansas, and had one of the highest ceilings of any player around the early 2000’s. That means he started with a shoe deal.

Many people thought Wiggins might sign up with Nike, which is the most common NBA sneaker brand, or go with an up-and-coming company like Under Armour. Rather, he decided to join with Adidas.

The brand had quite a few big names (Damien Lillard, Derrick Rose, John Wall) already on their roster, which made Wiggin’s choice much easier. They first offered him a deal worth over $100 million, but pulled back in the end and gave him a smaller contract worth $12 million a year.

Adidas Ambassador

Spurred by the money, Wiggins worked hard to represent Adidas during the first six plus years of his career. He wore a range of different shoes from the brand, and became the official face of the Adidas Crazy Explosive in 2016.

The shoe had an unusual look and feel, but its breathability, lightweight build, and strong ankle support perfectly supported Wiggins’ game. He continued to show off the model in the 2017 season, where he wore special green and blue models that had his name along the heel tab.

Peak Performance

Though Wiggins rocked Adidas for a long time, his contract eventually ran out at the start of the 2020-2021 season. He and the shoe company both decided to part ways, which opened the door for him to wear new footwear. He decided to sign with the Chinese footwear brand PEAK.

The multi-year deal, which doesn’t have a set figure, linked him up with plenty of other high profile players. There are a few reasons Wiggins decided to wear PEAK shoes, but the largest is that they offered him a signature shoe and a lot more control. He couldn’t get that with Adidas.

Taped Up Kobes

Wiggins laced up Peaks for most games with the Warriors. However, his loyalty to the brand isn’t as stout as he was with Adidas. Though he does wear them quite a bit, the quick shooting guard has switched over to Nike Kobes quite a bit.

As he doesn’t want to openly rep other brands, Wiggins rocks Kobe’s with the logo taped over. That allows him to keep his contract and still play in different shoes from time to time. He prefers the Kobes’ lightweight feel, as well as the stellar traction and sole.

He’s been spotted wearing the line a few times over the course of the 2021-2022 season. He put them on during the Warriors/Grizzlies series, and also wore them for some regular and preseason games. He’s still a PEAK endorser, but sometimes needs something different.

Final Words

Wiggins is not a player who’s known for his sneakers, but, as with any NBA player, they are a large part of his game. He has worn a few different shoes over his career. As long as his footwear is tough, breathable, and lightweight, he’s happy.

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