7 Best Basketball Drills to Do At Home

Basketball is a wonderful sport and one of the reasons is because of the ease and accessibility of playing it. A ball and a hoop is the start of any type of game or drill and there are countless drills where a basketball isn’t even necessary.

Developing a routine of drills to do is a great way to improve your game by focusing directly on your weaknesses. The beautiful thing about the drills we are going to cover today is that they can be accomplished in the comfort of home. You will need access to enough space to effectively do these drills and a basketball and that is it.

Let’s take a look at some of the best drills that will guarantee to improve your ball handling and up your game.

Ball Handling Drills With Tennis Ball

Utilizing a tennis ball for your ball-handling training increases the degree of difficulty because of the small size of the tennis ball in relation to a basketball. It helps you improve your hand coordination and hand speed as well.

Here are some tennis ball-handling drills, you can do at home.

1. Windshield Wiper Dribble and Tennis Ball Tossing Drill

This drill helps you dribble with your eyes up and not at the basketball, making it easier for you to analyze the defense and make the right play. The drill is pretty simple yet effective:

  • Stand upright with a basketball in one hand and a tennis ball in the other
  • Start the drill by dribbling the basketball in a V motion side-to-side
  • Toss the tennis ball in the air and catch it while dribbling
  • Do this for 30 seconds with each hand

2. Crossover Dribble and Tennis Ball Toss

  • Position yourself in a low, athletic stance with a basketball on your right hand and a tennis ball on your left hand.
  • Toss the tennis ball in the air while completing a crossover dribble between hands
  • Catch the tennis ball each time the basketball returns to your right hand

3. Between the Legs Dribble and Tennis Ball Tossing Drill

  • Stand in a low, athletic position with a tennis ball on your left hand and a basketball on your right hand.
  • Do a stationary dribble first, then throw the tennis ball in the air while dribbling the basketball in between your legs

One Ball Drills

Using a tennis ball is a great way to add more focus and coordination to your drills but one-ball drills are extremely important. After all, you don’t carry a tennis ball during a game of basketball. Below are some quality drills using one basketball.

4. Crossover Dribbling Drills

As a ball-handler, you should be able to use both hands while dribbling. You can improve this skill by following these simple steps:

  • Start in an athletic stance
  • Cross the ball over from one hand to the other continuously
  • Increase your speed throughout and try to see how long you can crossover before needing a break
  • Be sure and keep your head up during this drill to practice dribbling without looking down at the ball

5. Windshield Wiper Between the Legs Basketball Dribbling Skills

This drill improves the speed in which you can transfer the ball from one hand to the other. Here’s how you can perform this drill:

  • Hold a basketball on your right hand
  • Use a windshield dribble – an in-and-out dribble but using two bounces – five times, then dribble it in between your legs to your left hand
  • Repeat the step with your left hand

6. Between The Legs Dribble And A Crossover Drill

  • Dribble the basketball in between your legs to your right hand, then cross it to your left hand
  • Do it for 30 more seconds, then switch hands

7. Low Dribble Drill

Doing this drill will strengthen your fingers and touch on the ball. Follow these steps to do the drill:

  • Dribble as fast as you can while maintaining the basketball 6-8 inches above the ground
  • Dribble it around your feet in the shape of a figure eight
  • Repeat the sequence in 30-second intervals

Final Thoughts

The drills we mentioned above are simple to do and will help you improve your ball-handling skills in the comfort of your home. The whole workout shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Or, you can choose a couple to do each day to continue to improve your dribbling skills and gain the confidence necessary to play basketball.

Are you someone that would rather do drills at home instead of a gym or playground? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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