This is my review of the best 90s basketball shoes in 2021.

Basketball shoes are both tools and treasures for us basketball lovers out there.

We all have our favorite styles, colors, and brands of ball shoes and I’m sure more than a few of you have a closet full of them.

You might collect shoes for fun or save your favorites for game time and practice.

Years ago, there were only a few choices but as the sport grew in popularity, so did the number of basketball shoes to choose from.

A lot of ballers consider the 90s to be the golden era of shoes, so let’s take a look at the best basketball shoes from that decade.

Quick Summary

  • The 90s were the era of Michael Jordan so it only makes sense that some of his shoes would make this list. The Air Jordan V is a classic 90s basketball shoe that is still available in a variety of colorways.
  • The Reebok Question is another defining pair of basketball shoes from the 90s. Also known as the AI’s, being Allen Iverson’s first signature shoes, these kicks are popular collectors’ items and were huge for Reebok.
  • 90s basketball brought flair and style to the game like never before and the Nike Flight Huarache shoes really showcased this. These shoes are also known as the Fab 5’s due to the legendary college players at Michigan (Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, and Juwan Howard) wearing them during their run to the Final Four.

Who Should Get This?

Basketball shoes made in the 90s were innovative and cool for the era.

Many of these shoes, including the ones we will look at in this article, are still available to purchase, making them great for shoe collectors and basketball fans around the world.

Some styles and colors can be hard to find but if you search hard enough, you should be able to find the pair you are looking for.

90s basketball shoes can be big and heavy as mid and hi-top styles were super popular with players and fans.

The most popular styles can also be expensive today as the collectors market is going strong. If you are looking for a lightweight, cheap shoe, you might want to look for something more current.

Best 90s Basketball Shoes: What to Consider?

Colors for the Collector

The 90s seemed to have a lot of colors when it came to basketball fashion on and off the court.

90s basketball shoes are a reflection of this with multiple brands releasing shoes that had distinctive and unique colorways.

For the collector, this makes 90s shoes great treasures that will stand out and get a lot of questions and compliments. Some of these styles might seem weird today but they were cool when they dropped in the 90s.

Are Throwback Shoes Worth the Cost?

Many 90s shoes are still available online and some websites even cater specifically to those cool retro styles. These shoes might make sneakerheads drool but on a practical level, they can get pretty expensive.

If you really love a certain 90s style and know you want to have them, then it could make sense to dish out several hundred dollars or more for a pair. If you just need a pair of shoes to play in, 90s shoes might not be the best choice.

Are 90s Shoes Still OK to Play Basketball In?

In short, you can obviously play basketball in any kind of basketball shoe. It’s all about personal preference and if that means getting a pair of 90s shoes to hoop in, then go for it!

90s shoes, especially since you can still find them new, will hold up well on the court just like they did for your favorite 90s player.

Newer shoes do have some innovations in material and design but the best shoe for you is always a personal choice.

The Best 90s Basketball Shoes: Our Picks

1. Air Jordan V

Air Jordan basketball shoes really came to prominence in the 90s. The Nike Air Jordan 5 are maybe the most iconic shoes of the era and are to this day a classic basketball shoe.

This version came out in 1990 and really set the bar high for the decade in terms of cool style and great performance. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of 90s Jordans.

What we like:

  • Classic mid-top design that looks great and functions well on-court.
  • A variety of colorways still available for collectors out there, including a favorite Pro Stars style.
  • Durable rubber sole and leather body make these shoes last a long time.

What we don’t like:

  • High popularity and collector value means these kicks are usually pretty expensive.

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2. Reebok Question

The Reebok Question is one of the iconic shoes from the 90s. This shoe was the signature sneaker of NBA legend Allen Iverson and really made a splash for the Reebok brand overall.

Collectors typically refer to these shoes as AI’s and they were designed to represent the speed, explosiveness, and drive of one of the most exciting NBA players to play in the 90s.

These shoes are awesome on the court and are a personal favorite to play in.

What we like:

  • Mid-top style that looks great and almost seems fast in appearance.
  • Classic shoe that has an iconic look and draws attention.
  • Great traction for both indoor and outdoor courts.

What we don’t like:

  • Shoelaces can seem short.
  • Lightweight in general, but are somewhat bulky in appearance.

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3. Nike Flight Huarache

These basketball shoes seem to scream the 90s. The Nike Flight Huarache was cool 25 years ago and is still cool to this day.

These shoes are really comfortable to play basketball in and also function well as a stylish pair of sneakers to show off around town.

They have a simple yet stylish appearance that makes them feel timeless and were worn by the legendary members of Michigan’s Fab Five team of the 90s.

What we like:

  • Really comfortable and durable.
  • Lightweight with great stability.
  • Many colorways to choose from to find your favorite pair.

What we don’t like:

  • Simplicity of design can seem plain to some people.
  • Don’t look as ‘90s’ as some other shoes from the era.

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Useful Tips and Resources

Even though the shoes above come highly recommended, there are many other options to look at that those mentioned here.

The 90s were a decade full of a steady supply of shoes and styles. Check out here and here for more awesome shoes from the 90s.

Final Thoughts

Even though the 90s were almost 30 years ago, there are still many different basketball shoes available from this era to purchase and add to your collection.

The cool thing about 90s basketball shoes is that you can find a fresh pair that look amazing and are sure to get attention from your friends and fellow ball players.