3 Best Basketball Dribbling Goggles

Becoming great at dribbling a basketball gives you a considerable edge. It will help you get by your defender, find an open player for an assist, or let you take it to the basket yourself.

The ability to control the ball and protect it from the defense could make you the most dangerous player on the court. You will be a more complete player as well. While dribbling won’t show up on your stat sheet, you’ll notice the difference in your game.

Dribbling is hard to master, though. Some players overlook it during their training, focusing on more exciting skills like shooting. Others desire improvement but don’t know how or where to start. If you want to be a better dribbler, then read on! I’ll break down what dribbling goggles are and how they can help you on the court!

Who Needs Dribbling Goggles?

Dribbling goggles can make a big difference in your game, no matter what level you are playing. Anyone around the game of basketball can use these valuable tools. Summer camps, grade school, varsity, or collegiate teams, and even pro players can benefit from them.

They’re ideal for young players learning how to dribble for the first time. Mastering this skill during your formative years helps reinforce good habits and builds confidence with the ball. The goggles force you to not look at the ball, helping you learn how to dribble well without looking down—a cardinal sin in the game of basketball. This keeps your head up, enabling you to survey the entire court.

Bottom Line: if you use dribbling goggles regularly, you’ll play better.

Best Dribbling Goggles on The Market

Most goggles on the market have the same style—the goggle look with the bottom of the eye frames blocked off to prevent looking down. However, some better deals out there are better than others. Let’s take a look at the best values online.

1. Spalding Dribble Goggles

Look no further than the official dribbling goggle sponsored by the NBA. Spalding is the NBA’s official provider of several equipment pieces, including basketballs, that the league uses for every NBA game.

With only one pair in this order, it’s ideal for single-person use. The snug strap ensures no movement from the goggles while you train, so you can work hard on your ball handling.

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2. Hoops King Basketball 10-Pack Dribble Goggles & DVD

This set is designed to help an entire team get better at dribbling. Coaches will find this set valuable due to bulk pricing. The DVD helps with specific drills to boost your handle while wearing the goggles.

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3. HoDrme Goggles and Dribbling Gloves

The addition of dribbling gloves to help position your hand correctly is a big bonus. Not only will you create good dribbling habits, but the gloves will train you to use mainly your fingertips. These are a great value at an extremely affordable price point.

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Can’t Miss Drills

Once you or your team get the goggles, the next thing is to make sure you use them—a lot. You won’t get better unless you follow through and execute the drills. Speaking of drills, let’s take a look at a few that are a sure-fire way to enhance your ball-handling skills.

Stationary Dribbling Circuit

This circuit drill combines all types of dribbling—crossovers, behind the back, between the legs, in-and-out—providing the most bang for your buck. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, then bend your knees. Run through all of these drills while standing still to build skill, muscle memory, and confidence.

Full Court Zig-Zag

Eventually, adding movement to your drills will increase your confidence during in-game situations. Start at one end of the court with the ball, then dribble in a zig-zag direction. Then, change direction quickly with a crossover, behind the back, through the legs, or spin move. Do this in a zig-zag motion down the court until you have tried every move.

Not only does this strengthen your handle but your cardio as well. Late in games, your handle and stamina will be stronger. You’ll start getting by your defenders with ease until the final whistle.

Final Thoughts

While they may look and feel silly, dribbling goggles can improve your game in a big way. They can be used within regular practice drills. You can also devote specific drills and time to dribbling during your workouts outside of practice.

Once you have mastered the art of dribbling, you can control the ball no matter how good your defender is. And, by learning to keep your head up, you’ll become more aware on the court—and more dangerous.

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