Basketball is a very physical sport and at times there can a lot of contact, especially under the rim. Hands in the face, elbows flying and much more that can result in injury. If you have already had an injury and are still playing you definitely want some protection so the same injury is not aggravated.

It’s not uncommon to see basketball players get injuries to the face, such as a broken nose, a black eye, and even a broken cheekbone. In order to prevent injuries or protect a current injury to the face while playing basketball, it is sometimes necessary to wear a basketball face mask.

Basketball face masks are usually very durable and often uncomfortable, but sometimes a necessary piece of equipment. There are quite a few out there to choose from, so let’s take a looks at some of the best basketball face masks.

Quick Summary

Who Should Get This?

As I mentioned previously, basketball can be a very physical sport and there can be lots of injuries. If you are a very physical player who likes to mix it up under the rim, going for those tough rebounds, trying to draw that charging foul, or taking it to the hoop through a crowd of players, then you may want to consider protecting that precious face of yours.

If you have already suffered an injury such as a broken nose, broken cheekbone or even a fractured orbital bone around your eye, these protective basketball face masks can allow you to play and protect you from further injury.

A basketball face mask can provide you protection while also allowing you to see what is going on around you. Most of them are made from strong high impact plastics and are shaped to fit your face but have eye openings that allow you to have full vision of the basketball court. Most of them come in clear plastic which can also help with vision.

Either way, if you have an injury or you are worried about getting an injury, these basketball face masks can help to give you the confidence and security to let you play at full speed without worrying about injury.

Best Basketball Face Masks: What to Consider

Strength and Durability

You will need to make sure the mask you select is both strong and durable. It needs to be strong enough to protect you from hands, elbows and even the basketball. It should also be durable and made to last through many games. You want to be confident that your mask won’t fail while you are using it.


No matter what mask you choose, it is going to affect your vision to some degree. Mosts masks will use clear plastic and have very wide eye openings to help with your vision, but you are always going to see the mask somewhat in your view and your peripheral vision will probably be most affected. Since you need to see the ball coming at you and where players are on the court, you want to find a mask that will minimize these issues and allows you to see as best as you can.


This will be an important factor in any mask that you choose. Ideally, you would like to have a mask that is so comfortable, that you forget you are even wearing it. That’s probably not going to happen but some masks can be more comfortable than others, depending on how they mold to your face, if they have padding and if they have air holes for ventilation.

Stability and security

If the mask doesn’t stay on your face, then it is not going to be able to protect you. You also don’t want a mask that will move around on your face to where it is not properly aligned. This can make it very uncomfortable and you will not be able to see. You want a mask with good secure straps that hold it in place during game time action.

Best Basketball Facemasks: Our Picks

1. Mueller Face Guard

This is a great basketball face mask, it is strong, stays in place, and will definitely protect your face.

What we like:

  • It provides protection from nose, eye, and cheek injuries.
  • It’s made from crack-resistant medical grade material.
  • It’s contoured to fit your face and has a low profile so it doesn’t get in your way while playing.
  • The specially designed harness holds it in place while playing.
  • It has extra padding for comfort.

What we don’t like:

  • It doesn’t have any ventilation holes so it may get hot and possibly fog up.

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2. Sports Knight Nose Guard/Face Shield

This is a good all-around basketball face mask that will protect you and still provide good vision on the court.

What we like:

  • Made from high impact medical grade materials.
  • Dual adjustable straps, provide stability, security, and comfort.
  • An extra replacement strap is provided.
  • It allows for good vision.
  • Comfort padding.
  • Good airflow.

What we don’t like:

  • This is a large mask and can be slightly cumbersome.

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3. Qiancheng Protective Face Mask L2

This mask provides very good protection for the entire face. It’s low profile and vent holes also provide good comfort.

What we like:

  • Protects your entire face.
  • Made from durable high impact plastic.
  • It provides very good ventilation to reduce fogging and overheating.
  • A single large eye opening allows for very good peripheral vision.

What we don’t like:

  • Fits very specific face sizes. You will want to check the dimensions to make sure it will fit your face.
  • It does not come with any padding.

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Useful Tips and Resources

All of these basketball face masks are made very well and are quality products. Most of them provide pretty good ventilation and vision, but if you are playing in an intense game, you may still have some fogging of your mask. If the fogging becomes a problem there are anti-fog products that can help solve the problem.

Some masks such as the Qiancheng Nose Guard Face Shield does not provide any padding on the inside of the mask, but there are silicon padding kits that can be purchased separately to help provide more comfort.

Final Words

Injuries are part of basketball and sometimes cannot be avoided, but with the use of a good quality basketball face mask, you can prevent some injuries to the face. If you already have a facial injury, these masks can protect you from further injury and allow you to continue playing with the confidence that you will have some protection during intense basketball play.

Have you ever had to use a basketball face mask? If so give us some feedback on your experience and let us know what you think.