This is my review of the 6 best gifts for basketball players in 2021.

Everyone loves getting gifts. However, giving them can be tricky. It is never easy to know what someone will want, or if they will ever use what you give them. As such, it always helps to play into their hobbies.

When buying for basketball players, you want to purchase items that revolve around the game. There are many items that fall into that category, but some rise above the rest.

Rather than just focusing on anything basketball related, it is better to get specific items that are useful during the game or in the gym.

The following list goes over such presents and covers what makes them great gifts.

1. New Shoes

Nothing is more important to a basketball player than good, high-quality basketball shoes. Every basketball player at every level needs to have solid footwear that cushions their feet and allows them to run with ease.

Old or worn-down shoes might be serviceable, but they don’t have the grip or feel needed to make the big plays in a game. New shoes overcome such problems and give a player new spring to their step.

Though you might not know the exact brand the player you’re buying for wants, knowing what brands they like can easily narrow it down. As long as you get their size and go with a well-respected shoe, you’ll make them quite happy.

2. Favorite Team Jersey

Authentic jerseys are an incredibly fun way to show support for a favorite team. Not only can they be worn during a pick-up game or to the gym, but they also serve as summer wear when relaxing or hanging out with friends.

Almost all basketball players also enjoy watching the sport. If the one you’re buying for has a favorite team, a jersey from that team is a great way to go.

What’s more, you can customize the name on the back. You can either purchase a jersey with a star player’s name or the name (last or first) of the gift receiver.

3. NBA Themed Clothing

Jerseys are great casual clothing, but they cannot be worn to every occasion. For that, there’s more formal basketball attire.

If the player you know works in a more serious setting or often needs to dress up, getting them a more formal team-themed item of clothing goes a long way. A tie, long pants, or even cuff-links all look sharp and help them show support in a way different from the jersey.

This option is great because you are able to choose how subtle or overt you want it to be. Some ties, for example, have subtle references to a team’s colors, while others have the whole logo. It all comes down to personal preference.

4. New Gym Bag

Basketball players tend to have a lot of gear. Shoes, extra socks, headbands, and even snacks all add up extremely quickly. While many players try to those items as best they can, a gym bag like this makes managing them a lot easier.

For instance, while a player can wear their shoes to the court, it is better to put on their walking-around shoes when they arrive and then change right before they play. That keeps their basketball shoes intact and prevents general wear-and-tear.

Though players can carry their shoes, a gym bag makes such scenarios much easier to handle. It also makes it easier for players to toss in an extra snack or whatever else they need on that particular day.

Though you don’t need to get a big or expensive bag, you want to look for ones made with high-quality materials that can hold a large pair of sneakers. Side pockets are a must as well.

5. Premium Game Ball

Basketball takes practice. In order to practice, you need a ball. For that reason, every basketball player wants a high-quality basketball that they can bring to different places while they work on their game.

Though some gyms provide their own balls, there is nothing like having one on hand in case you want to shoot around in a park or similar area.

There are many brands out there, but it is best to look for popular choices approved by the NFHS. That includes options like the Wilson Evolution, Spalding TF 1000 Legacy, or the Baden Perfection Elite.

Just be sure, no matter what ball you buy for your player, that they can use it where they most often play. Some balls are only good indoors, while others can be used on any surface.

6. Dribble Goggles

The final item on our list is dribble goggles. These interesting items are not quite as well-known as the above items, but they go a long way as a stocking stuffer or package deal (possibly thrown into a gym bag).

This item does exactly what it sounds like; helps you learn how to dribble. The glasses are constructed in a specific way that prevents you from looking at the ball while you move around the court.

Being able to dribble without looking down is an essential skill. The goggles help develop that skill. They also are a great practice companion and work perfectly for players who spend a lot of time on their own working on their game.

Presents for On and Off the Court

Though picking a gift for a basketball player can be a daunting task, the above items are sure to please. While the one (or ones) you decide to go with come down to the person you’re buying for, they will all be used in one way or another.

Basketball is a fun sport, and there are many accessories that enhance the playing experience. That is what the above list is all about.