4 Best Grip Powders for Basketball

This article looks at the top basketball grip powders and goes over the traits that make them special.

I am a long-time basketball player who has spent more than twenty years with the game. My own experience with different grip products, as well as my on-court endeavors, allowed me to cover each product below.

I believe that no grip powder works better for the court than the Dry Hands Ultimate Grip Solution due to its soft feel and how well it keeps off moisture.

Where many grip powders feel grainy or uncomfortable, the one from Dry Hands goes on easily and never feels sticky or greasy. That, combined with its ability to fight off moisture, makes it an excellent choice for anyone who needs some help with their in-game grip.

If you’re curious about that product or want more information on similar ones, check out the reviews below. 

Who Should Get This?

The products in this guide are for people who need better grip when playing basketball. That can include people who can’t quite palm the basketball, or players who sweat a lot. If you find yourself dropping the ball, or having it slip out of your hands, these products will fix the problem.

If you don’t have any issues with grip during games, either due to your grip strength or hand size, you can get away without using an extra powder. However, a little bit always helps.

Best Grip Powder for Basketball

Here, I look at the top basketball grip powders and explain why they work well for both serious and pick up games.

1. Dry Hands Ultimate Grip Solution

  • Best For: Overall
  • Key Features: Great against moisture. Good for hot or humid conditions. Comfortable. Leaves hands dry.
  • Form: Lotion
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Size: 1 ounce

There are many reliable basketball powders on the market, but few are as comfortable as Dry Hands Ultimate Grip Solution. This option, which comes in the form of a lotion, actively repels all moisture from sweat build-up without leaving your hands feeling oily or sticky.

In fact, you can lather it on and you’ll be dry in just a few seconds. There’s no residue, and it feels great going on. In addition, the powder comes with a ton of strength. Not only does it keep off extra sweat, but it does a good job in hot conditions too. It’s great for in and outdoors.

As good as this powder is, just know it doesn’t last an incredibly long time. You might have to reapply it once or twice as the game goes on. Still, that’s a small price to pay for such a useful product.

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2. Cramer Firm Grip

  • Best For: Antiperspirant 
  • Key Features: Strong wood rosin-based formula. Great feel. Portable, easy to carry bottle. Versatile. Can be used for multiple sports.
  • Form: Powder
  • Skin Type: Sweaty
  • Size: 4 ounces

Antiperspirant powders are a great way to ensure that you keep your grip during a hard, tough fought game. However, they can block up your pores. That reduces breathability and can cause you to overheat. The Cramer Firm Grip cuts down on both issues beautifully.

This powder is rosin-based, a factor that increases your grip without clogging up your skin. It goes on easily and feels great no matter how often you use it. The rosin-base is also useful in hot conditions, which means it’s a solid choice for any players who spend their time outside.

The only small downside you might notice here is, despite its antiperspirant qualities, this product does need to be reapplied every so often if you’re particularly sweaty. Those that only sweat minimally, however, will stay cool and dry.

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3. SportMediq Liquid Chalk

  • Best For: Comfort
  • Key Features: No mess. Dries quickly. Creates excellent, long-lasting grip. No leftover residue. Safe materials. 
  • Form: Liquid
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Size: 8.5 ounces

While not advertised as a basketball product, SportMediq’s Liquid Chalk is a great way to gain extra basketball grip. The magnesium carbonate liquid dries extremely quickly and doesn’t leave a mess on your hands. It’s easy to apply too, just taking a small amount each time.

The 8.5-ounce bottle will last a long while, which means you get a lot of bang for your buck. It’s much less messy than normal hand chalk, and the safe materials ensure you won’t sweat too much no matter how hard you push yourself. It lasts quite a long while as well.

The only issue some might have here is that the powder can build up a bit when you first put it on. You don’t want too much transferring to the ball. As such, be sure to clap a few times or wipe your hands down before getting into the game.

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4. Spin-IT Grip Spray

  • Best For: Versatility
  • Key Features: Easy to use bottle. Safe materials. Fast working and quick-drying. 
  • Form: Spray
  • Skin Type:
  • Size: 2 ounces

If you’re after a product that will give you better grip both inside and outside, the Spin-It Grip Spray is a great bet. While this isn’t technically a powder, it serves the same purpose. Just a quick spritz onto your hands and you’ll have no issue holding onto hard passes and rebounds.

Another bonus of this product is that, unlike some more traditional products, it works right away. After just two sprays you’ll see immediate results. It doesn’t have a feel, and the quick-drying properties means you won’t even notice it’s on. It’s also incredibly cheap, which is a nice bonus.

This is a durable option that will last you quite a while. However, it will typically only last you one pick-up game or shooting session. If you see your grip declining, don’t be afraid to head to the sideline and reapply.

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How to Choose Grip Powder for Basketball

These traits are important to think about when picking the best grip powder for you.


You need your basketball grip powder to protect against a series of different elements. Moisture is key, but you want something that actively shuts down excess perspiration. Dealing with heat and humidity can also be important if you’re someone who plays outside.


While they all fall under the category of powder, the above models come in a few different forms. That includes traditional powder, lotion, and liquid. Powder typically provides the best grip, but lotions and liquids create a good amount of tackiness as well.


Some powders, while effective in short bursts, don’t have a ton of longevity. That means you have to reapply numerous times over the course of a game. To avoid that, look for products that have a lot of strength and manage to stay on your hands throughout the entire contest.

Basketball Grip Powder FAQs

This section covers (and answers) some of the biggest questions you may have about grip powder and getting stickier hands on the court.

How Can You Make Your Hands Sticky for Basketball?

Short of gloves, which don’t work for the game, using the above powders is the best way to make your hands sticky for basketball. Chalk works, as do fingertip moisteners.

What Kind of Powder Do NBA Players Use?

NBA players typically use chalk when getting ready for a game. That provides them with much more grip and control regardless of how much they sweat. Also, King LeBron James is famous for his chalk toss before every game, you can see this video for more.

How Do You Get Grip On Your Hands for Basketball?

Chalk or powder are the two best options if you want to improve your in-game grip. While you can go with stickum or similar products, they actually get in the way and make playing much too uncomfortable.

Does Baby Powder Help with Basketball? 

Though not as effective as other products, baby powder does help with grip. That’s because it has natural sweat-fighting ingredients. The dryer your hands, the better off you’ll be.

Final Verdict

The Dry Hands Ultimate Grip Solution is my pick for the best grip powder. All the solutions in this article do a good job, but it’s the strongest, most reliable, and has a great feel. It’s never too sticky, liquidy, or tacky. It only takes a bit to give you a strong grip as well.

All of those aspects, mixed with the affordable cost, make it one of the best ways to prevent any unnecessary drops or slips while you play the game.

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