3 Best Basketball Pump

This is my review of the best basketball pump.

Nothing can ruin a fun game of basketball between friends like a deflated basketball. Depending on the age of the ball and the conditions you play in, deflating basketball can be a common issue.

In order to prevent this issue from ending your game early, it is a good idea to always have a basketball pump with you. But with so many options, how do you know which to choose?

Read on to learn more about the best basketball pumps on the market today.

Who Should Get This

If you regularly play basketball, whether for fun or as part of an organized team, having a pump can be a lifesaver. You never truly know when your ball may go flat or might need some air, so it’s always a good idea to have a pump handy.

Most are incredibly easy to use and can have your ball reinflated within seconds. Of course, if you have an air compressor at your house with the needler attachment, you may not need to buy one as that should work fine.

Also, they make some basketballs with built-in pumps, so if you have one with that functionality, you obviously won’t need to purchase a basketball pump.

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Best Basketball Pump: What to Consider


Among the most important things to consider is the size of the basketball pump. Basketball pumps come in a range of different sizes, from large electric pumps to tiny bumps that only measure a couple of inches at most.

If you want to take it with you in your bag, it needs to be relatively compact. Of course, if you are getting it for home use or to keep at a school gym, it can be a little larger.

Ease of Use

In order for a basketball pump to be effective, it needs to be easy to use. This means it should be easy to pump, and simple to understand what is required to use it.

Most are simple, but some require some additional steps or attachments in order to work as expected. While this is fine if you can remember, that won’t always be the case.


Of course, you also want to look for a basketball pump that is of high quality. The materials used should be high quality or at least capable of lasting more than a few uses.

Everything from the valve to the outer casing of the pump should be able to stand the test of time and remain intact.

In addition to being built with quality in mind, the pump should also have an efficient and effective pump.

Best Basketball Pump: Our Picks

1. The Friendly Swede Sports Ball Pump (3 Pack)

If you want a pump that is simple, yet attractive, and comes in a variety of colors, this is an option for you. The hose is flexible to protect your needles from damaging, and makes for effortless pumping.

In addition to the needles, these pumps also come with different nozzles to fill all different types of sports balls. Best of all, they come in a pack of 3 so you can keep some at home or give them to friends.


  • Comes in a variety of bright colors
  • Features convenient needle storage to prevent damage when not in use
  • Incredibly simply and clear to use
  • Comes in a pack of 3


  • Isn’t incredibly durable
  • Product isn’t built out of the highest quality material

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2. Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump & Glueless Puncture Repair Kit

While this pump says it’s for bikes and puncture repair, it is also perfect for your basketball.

This pump comes with many different attachments and options, and looks incredibly sleek with its aluminum construction.

It features a high-quality valve, a bracket and is incredibly easy to take with you anywhere. It is even extendable to allow for more rapid pumping.


  • High-quality look and construction
  • Can do more than just pump up your basketball
  • Incredibly compact and can fit in any bag


  • The contents might be overkill if you only want a basketball pump
  • Might take longer to fill items with air due to its size and pressure

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3. Under Armour Dual Action Ball Pump

This pump is a good choice for its simple design and informative gauge. The gauge shows you how inflated your sports balls should be, no matter what they are.

In addition to that, this pump also lets you control and customize pressure, and features a very efficient pump. It is very simple to use and the handles of the pump are large enough for most people to use easily.


  • It’s from a very trusted company in the sports industry
  • Its dual-action pump is very efficient
  • It features a gauge that shows how full your sports balls should be


  • The pump isn’t as compact as many others you can get
  • It only comes with two spare needles and has nowhere to keep them

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Useful Tips and Resources

Keeping your ball inflated is instrumental to a good game of basketball. As a result, always be sure to have a pump with you or get the ball pumped before heading out.

While the pumps we mentioned are quite compact and mobile, it is important to still be gentle with them and not throw them around carefree.

When pumping the ball full of air, make sure the needle is in far enough to ensure you get the maximum amount of airflow possible.

Doing this will help ensure your ball always have the proper amount of inflation. Curious about what “proper inflation” is? If so, check out this video:

Finals Words

Having a sufficiently pumped basketball is incredibly important when shooting hoops. It is nearly impossible to play with a flat ball. As a result, having a compact, portable and high-quality basketball pump is important. It will keep you playing for hours and ensure your game is not ruined by a deflated ball.

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