3 Best Basketball Resistance Bands

If you want more strength, agility, and flexibility in your game and have already tried all the usual workouts at the gym, you may want to deep-dive into the world of resistance band training. Resistance bands are basically rubber-bands, but much thicker, and they help you by impeding simple movements. Many NBA players have added resistance bands to their training, especially during the pandemic, when they were forced to stay in shape at home.

But if you are new to the resistance band routine, you may have questions about which one is the best on the market for you. Keep reading! We’ve scoured the competitors to bring you our top picks for the best basketball resistance bands.

Who Should Get Resistance Bands?

Are you sick of getting beat to the basket while on defense? Does your lack of speed keep you on the bench more than in the game? Resistance bands are a great resource to build muscle and speed for any basketball movement on the court. That being said, if you’re the star athlete and have never experienced a resistance band workout, take the plunge and kick your game up to a notch.

Best Basketball Resistance Bands: What To Consider

As is the case with most workout equipment, resistance bands are particular to the unique needs your training demands. You may be looking for more flexibility and feel confident in your strength, which would dictate the brand and model you end up purchasing. Let’s take a closer look at some considerations that all resistance bands shoppers should research before they buy.


If you are looking solely for one function out of your bands, go as specific as possible. But if you want to get the most out of your resistance workouts, look for versatile bands that can facilitate several high-level training regimens with only the equipment in front of you.


Depending on your strength and mobility level before the start of resistance training, your needs may differ from exercise to exercise. Ensuring you have the bands that work best for your body—and push you to get stronger and faster—is imperative.


Are you looking for a quicker first step, or perhaps a stronger core? These two goals call for different band sizes and designs. We cover three resistance bands in this article, and they’re all distinctively designed for various workout results.

Best Basketball Resistance Bands: Our Picks

1. Pseudois Resistance Bungee Band

Pseudois’s innovative Recoil 360 system will offer you some of the best potential training results on the market. The included free-motion ring allows you to train in any direction, at any angle, without hassle. This resistance band isn’t just for ballers, either: it’ll help with the multi-sport athlete as well.

What We Like:

  • It’s an extremely versatile band, providing ultimate free-range of motion that improves any basketball move.
  • The Recoil 360 chord stretches 8-20 feet during training to cater to any drill.
  • They’re well-made and built to last.

What We Dislike:

  • Only one chord is offered, which could be problematic for people who need more or less power.

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2. Lockdown Lateral Resistance Bands

Lockdown is changing the resistance band game specifically for basketball players. Unlike the Pseudois band, which trains longer distances, the Lockdown bands fit snugly around your legs, allowing you to bring the training anywhere you do. If you have been looking to get the edge on defense, look no further than this band. Resistance works directly on your thighs, glutes, and hamstrings to build strength in all the right places.

What We Like:

  • Perfect design for you to become the defensive stopper your coach wants you to be.
  • The individual straps on each leg protect you from the bands constantly rolling up your legs and interrupting training.
  • Great for stretching and lunges, too, facilitating a deeper workout.

What We Dislike:

  • They may turn some users off due to training restrictions of the design.

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3. LEEKEY Resistance Band

If you have spent any time near a gym, you may recognize these oversized rubber bands. The truth is, anyone can benefit from them—but, used properly, they will skyrocket your basketball strength and conditioning. They come in a set of four, ensuring they’ll grow with your body and intensity level. Buy one four-pack, and you could be set for life on resistance bands.

What We Like:

  • Simple design, easy to use for any level of player.
  • The material is essentially snap-proof giving you peace of mind that they won’t break down after several tough workouts.
  • They’re also ideal for stretching before your workout.

What We Dislike:

  • Some say they’re more attuned for experienced users.

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Useful Tips & Resources

If a solid at-home workout is what you crave, then step up your game even further with the Invincible Fitness Agility set. Not only does this set offer you a myriad of drills, but when you incorporate your resistance bands, you’ll notice some serious gains. The set includes a ladder and ten cones to help increase speed, agility, and coordination.

Final Thoughts

Resistance band training will knock your socks off, which is a good thing. The added resistance and pressure will boost your strength and agility—helping you either lock up your opponent or blow by them on the court. The best basketball resistance bands are truly subjective to the user—but if you follow our recommendations, the right resistance band is just around the corner.

Good luck!

Have you ever used resistance training bands? Let us know about your experience below in the comments section!

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