This is my review of the best basketball return system in 2021.

In order to improve your game, you must devote a lot of time to practice.

Dribbling, passing, and shooting are easy places to start practicing, and having a friend work out and improve their game alongside you is super rewarding.

But what about those times when you have to get some shots up and no one is there to rebound for you?

Basketball return systems have been all the rage for well over two decades helping college and professional teams workout quicker and smarter.

There are also some amazing personal return systems on the market right now that can help you maximize the number of shots you can get up in a short amount of time.

We will cover some of the best basketball return systems below so you can make the smart choice.

Quick Summary

  • The SKLZ Kick-Out Return is a nice budget option that simply attaches to your hoop. Nothing too bulky or flashy is needed with this piece as it gets the ball back to you quickly to maximize your shots.
  • The Hathaway Rebounder takes up a bit more space which ensures that the bulk of your shots are grabbed and sent back to you. A great option for multiple players who all have their own ball.
  • The iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer is the gold standard for basketball return systems with its extra-wide net to catch even the biggest brick. The net’s height is purposeful as well promoting good arc and proper fundamentals in every shot you take.

Who Should Get This

Anyone looking to improve their shot will benefit from this type of machine. While not having a return system forces you to spend time getting your own rebound, having a return system allows you to set up and get ready for your next shot without the hassle.

If you are looking to invest heavily, there are even some returns that rotate giving you the option of moving around the arc and having your own personal rebounder and passer for a more comprehensive workout.
Best Basketball Return System: What To Consider

No one return system works for everyone and you need to put some thought into just exactly how you want the return to improve your workouts. Below are a few aspects of the return system to ponder before making your purchase.


To some, the size of their return matters due to the size of the area in which they shoot hoops.

Granted, the bigger return systems serve a larger purpose through being able to rebound more shots and send them back with greater ease, but some may be fine with a hoop attachment to get the job done.

Check your surroundings and see which size return system is right for your situation.

Assembly Time

How quickly are you looking to get up your first shots with a return system? Some of the options take longer to set up and could be a tall task for just one person.

Also, if set up wrong, the system may not work correctly making your workouts a bigger hassle than using the traditional method.

Rebounding Ability

If you opt for the hoop attachment return system then you will still be running down your bricks every time.

Upgrading to a return system that casts a wider net (literally) will limit the amount of rebounding you will be doing as they will catch all made shots and most of your misses.

This may not matter to some, but if you are investing in a return system, you may want to maximize the number of shots that the system actually gets back to you with minimal effort on your part.

Best Basketball Return Systems: Our Picks

1. SKLZ Kick-Out Basketball Return

As an attachment to your existing rim, the SKLZ Kick-Out is easy to assemble and is a great little option for those not ready to drain their wallet.

The price tag, however, doesn’t diminish the performance. Its swivel head allows you to get shots off from anywhere around the basket. And the sturdy plastic frame will last for years and is able to be used in all seasons.

Improve your shot without the hassle of shagging your own shots and let the SKLZ Kick-Out do the dirty work.

What We Like:

  • Quick and easy setup will have you shooting in minutes
  • Great value for the return system’s performance and longevity
  • Easily adjustable chute allows the Kick-Out to send balls anywhere on the court

What We Dislike:

  • Kick-Out can be a bit noisy while shooting
  • Tough to adjust chute direction for smaller kids without a step ladder

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2. Hathaway Rebounder

For a rather decent price hike, you can upgrade from a hoop unit to one like the Hathaway Rebounder that offers 120”(L)x60”(W)x108”(H) net around your hoop to catch some of your less successful shots.

Even with a miss, this return net will get the ball back to you quickly so you can keep getting shots up. It is easy to assemble and once you hang it and fill the anchor weights you will be shooting in no time.

Another big draw of the Hathaway Rebounder is the quality of the netting. The return system can bear any weather without the risk of breaking. Your neighbors will thank you for getting such a sturdy option and you will love it too.

What We Like:

  • Simple, effective design and setup
  • Reliable weighted anchor bags that won’t go anywhere once you fill them up
  • Great packaging with all of the parts able to fit in a small bag

What We Dislike:

  • The return balls will be rolled to you instead of passed

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3. iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

Take your game to the next level with the highest performing shot return system we covered with a high, but reasonable, pricetag.

The iC3 takes a bit more time to set up compared to the other models but offers so much more including a wide cast net to catch made and missed shots alike.

The whole device attaches snugly to your hoop and the steel frame will hold up to any climate.

Another added bonus to the iC3 model is that not only does it rebound your shots for you and send them back, but its high netting actually improves your shot.

In order to get your shots over the net, you must shoot with plenty of arc, making every shot you take fundamentally sound and statistically improves your chances of making the shot.

What We Like:

  • The overall design of the shot return promotes correct shooting form
  • Catches make AND miss so you can focus on your shooting
  • Simple design leads to better results

What We Dislike:

  • Some added effort and tools are necessary for setup but overall a great shot return option

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Useful Tips and Resources

When you practice, you should be working with the best equipment possible to maximize your workouts. Make sure your basketball workout is official with the ball that the pros play.

The Spalding Indoor/Outdoor NBA Replica ball is the closest thing to the same rock all of the superstars use. It even comes in a smaller size for those players not physically ready for the full-size ball.

Use the best and get the best results and play with Spalding, the official ball of the NBA for years because of its stellar quality and reputation.

Final Thoughts

Ball return systems can up your game quickly because they get you extra shots.

Working out smarter rather than harder using a shot return system on your hoop gives you the chance to stay in the shot position and practice shooting with in-game speed and precision without the hassle of grabbing every ball you shoot.

Stay in the zone with your own rebounder and passer after every made (and with some models, missed) shot. You will thank me later.