4 Best Basketball Rims

This is my review of the best basketball rims.

You can’t hoop without the hoop. Besides a basketball, the only other thing you really need is a rim to shoot the rock into.

If you’re setting up a personal court, looking for a replacement rim, or installing a whole set-up for school you’ve come to the right place.

The quality of your rim will define your court. Investing in a durable and reliable rim means you won’t be dishing out any more money in a two-years time for a replacement.

Some rims are susceptible to deformation, not able to keep their shape after being rocked by 3-point bricks or Dynomite dunks.

A rim with imperfect mechanics can also severely hinder your shooting game, if the rim’s action is too soft or stiff you can expect an unfriendly bounce from your jumpers and layups.

That being said you shouldn’t skimp out when you are in the market for a hoop since a smart investment now can save you another purchase down the road.

Who Should Get This

If you’re here, most likely you are looking to set up a personal court or are tasked to build a court at a municipal or collegiate level. Whatever the case the idea is the same, you are facilitating the game of ball and that is something we can all get behind.

Personally I tend to trust industry the industry standard. If the NBA can get behind Spalding, so can I. If you’ve played on Spalding rims you can tell the difference in the hoop’s pop and action.

As a player, I tend to enjoy courts with Spalding rims, and I’m sure I am not alone. So if you are setting up a hoop for the kids, the school, or yourself, do the right thing and invest in a quality rim.

Simply put, a quality court depends on a quality rim. Anything is sub-par and can end up costing you a replacement sooner than you think.

Top Picks of The Best Basketball Rim

Here is a list of our best choices, along with detailed review of each rim so you get to know its pros and cons.

1. Lifetime Slam-It Basketball Rim

Whenever I imagine what “the bar” is for any specific product, I imagine that anything worse than “the bar” is to be considered low quality, while anything above “the bar” is above standard. That being said, the Slam-It Basketball Rim by Lifetime is “the bar” when it comes to basketball rims. While it does come in a non-breakaway classic model, I would always prefer breakaway functionality just in case.

What we like:

  • Solid welding and mechanics make for an ideal response from shots.
  • Quality metal and four-bolt holes will secure this rim to any compatible mount.
  • Durable and quality metal with a solid weight.
  • Great paint job will last through the years.

What we don’t like:

  • Exposed breakaway spring, may be susceptible to rust.
  • Non-universal back mount, double check your backboard.
  • Breakaway mechanic could be better, but should do the job.

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2. Spalding Arena Slam Basketball Rim

Trusted by the NBA, I believe in Spalding quality. There is no reason you shouldn’t, they’ve been at the forefront of basketball R&D since the 1800s. The founder of Spalding, A.G. Spalding, being tasked to invent the first basketball at the inception of the game of basketball. That being said, the Arena Slam would make a quality court at any level. The rim does everything you want it to, including a quality breakaway feature and weather guard for out-door courts.

What we like:

  • Spalding quality manufacturing.
  • Weather guard for breakaway spring for out-door courts.
  • Strong back-mount will keep this secure for years.
  • Industry leading breakaway technology.

What we don’t like:

  • Breakaway spring can warp from extended and aggressive use, springs are not replaceable.

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3. Spalding Positive Lock Basketball Rim

The high-end of Spladin’s rim line. A lot of the development into this product went into the breakaway spring and response action. Expect an ideal rim response from jumpers and 3-pointers. The durability of the breakaway is second to none, this is the closest consumer equivalent you can get to NBA stadium quality rims. For municipal and collegiate courts, this is the best it gets.

What we like:

  • Spalding quality manufacturing.
  • “Friendly” rim action, beneficial to rebounds and jump shots that like to bounce around the rim.
  • Maximum durability in the industry.
  • Closest consumer rim to NBA standards.

What we don’t like:

  • Nada.

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4. Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

As far as all novelty products ever made, this is 100% top 10 material (in my book). Why stop hooping when you get to your room. While the idea of an over-the-door mini hoop can be thought of as a fun gift, Spalding took this product seriously. Shoot hoops from your desk when brainstorming or make a game at tossing crumpled papers destined for the trash can. Just don’t expect to dunk on this rim.

What we like:

  • Spalding quality manufacturing.
  • Novelty and fun are never a bad idea.
  • Shoot some hoops when your home.
  • Solid wall mount, built with quality parts.
  • Great gift for any age.

What we don’t like:

  • I left my back home after leaving for college.

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Best Basketball Rim: What to Consider

Durability and Breakaway

A well-used rim will take a beating from 3-pointers and dunks. So you are going to want a well-smithed rim.

For the specific case of dunks, you’re going to need a breakaway spring to allow the rim to safely be dunked. Otherwise, you find yourself in a messy situation with a broken backboard.


Besides durability, you need to consider what kind of weather this rim will be facing. In the case of a rim is installed outside, make sure you get a rim with an outdoor guard.

Since most breakaway springs are susceptible to rusting and might require maintenance to restore it to quality.


While in the market for a hoop you should always be aware of where the rim will be mounted. If you are replacing a rim, take note of the bolt mount distances and be sure that you find a rim that matches the mount.

While some rims are easier to install than others, the task itself does require inherent difficulty with any rim, so you should worry less about ease of installation and more of the rim’s longevity.

Useful Tips and Resources

After purchasing your basketball hoop you might want to get yourself familiar with youtube videos on installing the product. Since installation for the rim will take some effort, you can save yourself some sweat by observing the installation video for your rim.

Lifetime has two different models for their rims, but multiple backboard mounts. It’s best to watch the video to your specific mount since the specific rim installation should be relatively similar.

For Spalding hoop systems it’s best to follow the instructions given with the product or backboard. Similar to Lifetime, the installation process will depend heavily on the specific backboard mount. While the hoop simply needs to be mounted to the backboard.

Final Words

Whatever court you’re playing on, it’s defined by the hoop installed. No matter how nice the floor, stands, or scoreboard is if you have a sub-par hoop the quality of games played on that court will also be sub-par.

So do yourself and everyone else a favor and pick a quality hoop that is enjoyable to play on. You’ll save yourself some time and money when avoiding budget hoops.

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