This is my review of the best basketball shoes for wide feet in 2021.

Basketball shoes come in endless shapes, sizes, and colors to meet your individual preference. With so many options out there, it’s easy to get lost in the search for a perfect pair of kicks.

Your decision on which shoes to buy might be based on what your favorite player wears or a cool color pattern that pops on the court.

Aesthetics aside, you might make a decision for a specific shoe that matches your personality as well as any unique physical needs you have.

Ballers with certain conditions can have a tough time finding the right fit so here is a look at some of the best basketball shoes for those of you with wide feet.

Quick Summary

  • A classic kick that’s also excellent for wide footed basketball players is the Jordan Brand Air XXXI. Jordan brand shoes, in general, are an excellent choice if you have wide feet and the look and feel of these shoes make them a great option.
  • The Adidas Crazy Explosive is another shoe that works well for wide feet. This shoe utilizes Boost technology from Adidas that adds extra cushion in the toe and heel in addition to having a wider toe box than most other basketball shoes.
  • Under Armour has great options for basketball shoes and the Fireshot is one of the best out there. This shoe is designed with comfort, cushion, and stability in mind, making them a great option for wide feet.

Who Should Get This?

If you have wide feet and play basketball, chances are you’ve struggled to find a shoe that fits well and functions at a high level on the court.

Some of you wide footed ballers out there might not even know that there are options specifically designed with your feet in mind.

If you know you have wide feet or if you’ve ever had a tough time finding a shoe that fits well and performs, these wide basketball shoe options are well worth exploring.

The old saying “it must be the shoes,” may seem like a myth but if you find the right pair of shoes for your feet, these words definitely hold true.

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet: What to Consider?

Wide Feet Need Wide Shoes

Wide feet are not meant to fit into tight shoes. Cramming your feet into shoes that are too small can lead to a range of problems from aches and pains to bunions and boils.

All of these conditions can be hard to fix but easy to prevent as long you choose a wide footed shoe that works well for you.

Most basketball shoes will work to some capacity on the court, but if you want to play to the best of your ability and have wide feet, you really need to find a shoe that lets your feet feel unrestricted.

Some Shoes are Wider than Others

Some shoes are just better for wide feet. These shoes are not always listed as wide foot-specific but due to their construction and design, they can accommodate a wider foot better than other shoes out there.

You can’t always tell that a shoe is good for wide feet and that’s why a guide like this one is crucial to making the right decision.

Wide Feet Should Not be Ignored

Wide feet are a common concern and wearing shoes that allow your foot to work in its natural state is very important to the overall health of your foot.

This has a direct impact on how well you can perform athletically which means it also has a direct impact on how well you perform on the basketball court.

The Best Shoes for Wide Feet: Our Picks

1. Jordan Air XXXI

Jordan’s are a classic basketball shoe that has been around for decades and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This brand generally has a wider foot bed than the average basketball shoe which makes any shoe in their lineup a decent choice for wide footed individuals. The Air XXXI has a solid yet flexible construction that allows them to accommodate wider feet while not sacrificing any on-court performance.

What we like:

  • Flexible and durable construction means this shoe can work well with a variety of foot widths.
  • Trusted brand name that makes great basketball shoes that look great and function on a high level.

What we don’t like:

  • Jordan’s can be expensive.

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2. Adidas Crazy Explosive

Adidas is often better associated with soccer and tennis shoes but they have a decent line of basketball shoes that hold up well next to the other big brand names. The Adidas Crazy Explosive makes the list because of the comfort and support they can provide for basketball players with wide feet.

These shoes use a Primeknit technology that provides a great deal of flexibility in construction while also offering great support for full speed on-court movements. This flexibility makes them a great choice for wide feet without sacrificing any of the characteristics you’d expect in a high-quality basketball shoe.

What we like:

  • Advanced technology built into the construction that allows for a great fit across different sizes and shapes of feet.
  • Cool look that will stand out on the court.
  • Lightweight while still supportive.

What we don’t like:

  • Not many color options.
  • Insoles tend to wear faster than the rest of the shoe.

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3. Under Armour Fireshot

The Under Armour Fireshot is a stylish and comfortable option that has a lightweight and flexible design that works well for wide feet. This shoe is one of the best options Under Armour offers for people with wide feet. These shoes have a thin heal but are light and still have great cushioning.

What we like:

  • Very comfortable and lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Mesh construction is great for wide feet.

What we don’t like:

  • Not as cushioned as other shoes.

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Useful Tips and Resources

Having wide feet is normal but should not be ignored. Finding the right pair of shoes that can accommodate your feet is crucial for comfort and performance on the basketball court.

You should also consider options for wide feet away from the hoop as it can have a great effect on your foot and overall health.

Avoiding tight-fitting shoes and allowing your wide feet to get the room they need and deserve can make a big difference in your livelihood. Wide footed shoes are a great place to start!

Final Words

If you are a basketball player with wide feet, you need to find the right pair of shoes.

Luckily, there are many options now available and by taking a quick look at the information written here you can make a great choice to improve the health of your feet and the quality of your game.