4 Best Basketball Shooting Machines

This article covers a range of the best shooting machines to buy if you want to significantly improve your game out on the court. 

I’m an avid basketball player who spent over a decade in the game. I’m also a writer with a passion for and background in sports. That wide experience enabled me to properly analyze the best shooting machines around.

I believe the number one shooting machine to be the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer as a result of its quick installation, easy return, and inherent versatility. 

The model comes with a great catch and return system. It’s also extremely accurate, meaning you never have to worry about losing your rhythm or a ball. Beyond that, it has a simple setup and is compatible with most hoops; two features that make it perfect for at-home use.

If you’re interested in that model, or want a sturdy breakdown of other great shooting machines, I’ll take a long look at the best ones below.

Who Should Get This

Shooting machines are a great help to anyone who wants to improve their shooting ability. They allow you to get up more shots and do a great job of mimicking in-game pass-and-shoot situations. As a result, they further your practice on a range of different levels.

Though the machines won’t go as far for those who practice with a team or with friends, they still allow you to work on your shooting rhythm. They are also much more convenient when you can’t find someone to rebound. 

Top Basketball Shooting Machines

This section analyzes and reviews a slew of other great shooting machines by looking at where they fit into the larger market.

1. iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key Features: Easily compatible with most at-home hoops. Catch and return system is easy to use. Incredibly accurate. Easy to store.
  • Shots Per Minute: 16
  • Return System: Ramp
  • Weight: 45 pounds

If you want a reliable shooting machine that will deliver your balls back to you over and over again without any hassle, this model from iC3 is a solid purchase. It works with just about any type of hoop and helps improve your shot by delivering you rebounds 16 times a minute.

Two other bonuses are that the hoop stores away easily, and it forces you to improve your arc thanks to the special design. Working with it ensures you’ll get better with practice. Assembly is also quite simple, only requiring two 10mm wrenches to get everything ready to go. 

This return system is definitely an investment, which is an issue for those looking for something a bit more affordable. In addition, balls can get stuck from time to time. However, if you’re looking for a great at-home system this will give you excellent results.

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2. MYOM Basketball Rebounder Machine

  • Best for: Versatility
  • Key Features: Wide catching system to get made and missed shots. Adjustable. Durable, made-to-last frame.
  • Return System: Automatic
  • Weight: 280 pounds 
  • Dimensions: 72 x 36 x 26.5 inches

If you want a solid basketball shooting machine with a good, quick return system, this model from MYOM will deliver great results. It has a quick return time, and improves your skills due to how accurately it gets the ball back to you time and time again.

Those who don’t like chasing balls around will also enjoy how the machine corrects misses thanks to the wide net. You never have to worry about losing your gear. It is also fully adjustable in a way that enables you to point the return exactly where you need it to go.

The biggest drawback to this model is that, as it operates on a larger scale, it’s not easy to move. It’s definitely on the heavier side, so you’re going to want to set it up in a solid place. You’re going to pay more for this style of model, but that’s generally worth it if you want quality.

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3. SKLZ Kick-Out

  • Best for: Budget
  • Key Features: 360-degree rotating chute. Kick-Out technology quickly and easily clips onto the hoop. Creates better shooting form. Twist adjustment handle.
  • Return System: Ramp
  • Dimensions: 6.93 x 15.67 x 15.04 inches
  • Weight: 2.58 pounds

If you’re looking for a solid basketball return system that won’t completely break the bank, the Kick-Out is lightweight, affordable, and incredibly reliable. As it’s small, the device has a relatively small footprint. It takes up minimal space and can be stored just about anywhere.

The other big draw of this model is the rotating chute, which comes with a twist-adjustment integrated handle to ensure you have complete control over where the balls go. It fits on any hoop and delivers your rebounds exactly where they need to go time and time again.

While the Kick-Out is simple to operate, it’s not the easiest model to assemble. It’s going to take a bit of work to get everything together. Once you dom it’s worth it. It’s also a bit noisy and not as durable as other options, but it still serves as a great affordable model.

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4. SIBOASI Shooting Machine

  • Best for: Automatic
  • Key Features: Adjustable shooting height. Quick shot frequency and portable design. Compact
  • Frequency: 2.5 balls per 10 seconds
  • Return System: Automatic
  • Weight: 280 pounds

If you’re looking for the absolute cream of the crop, the SIBOASI Shooting Machine is the way to go. This high-end option is premium in every sense of the word, delivering you 2.5 balls every 10 seconds through an incredibly accurate automatic system.

Though it is a bit on the larger side, the machine is also quite easy to move thanks to the innovative wheel system. It’s also surprisingly lightweight and compact, making it simple to store and put away when you need. It only takes a few minutes to get going as well.

As it’s a premium device, this machine is incredibly expensive. However, it does come with a solid lifetime warranty that protects your purchase should anything go wrong. The strong metal design also ensures you won’t have any issues moving forward.

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How to Select Basketball Shooting Machines

All of these characteristics are important to keep in mind when getting a new shooting machine.

Speed of Return

When picking out a shooting machine, it’s important to pay attention to their speed. All deliver at a good clip, but they can vary wildly between speed of return and accuracy. Ones with versatile settings are best, but a medium speed option will give you great results.

You should also think about what type of player you are and then pick accordingly. Those that need to drastically improve their shot might want something a bit slower to find their rhythm, while more experienced players may want to get in as much practice as possible.

Return Type

Accuracy also matters, and that largely comes down to what style of shooting machine you purchase. Some models utilize ramp returns that either dump or roll the ball back to you, while others have automatic systems that shoot the ball back to you.

This largely comes down to what space you have, as well as what best fits your budget. Automatic models are much more expensive, but they also tend to be more accurate than ramps. Always weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.


While not quite as pressing as the above two options, you want to pay attention to how easy your shooting machine is to move. That won’t matter to those who want to leave it stationary, but those that don’t should look for something like wheels to help get it around.

When considering this aspect, weight is also important to keep in mind. A larger model does not always mean too heavy to move, but there are plenty of excellent light shooting machines that still deliver high-quality results.

Useful Tips and Resources

As helpful as shooting machines are, they are no substitute for good fundamentals. When practicing, you need to make sure you have the right balance, footwork, and follow-through. 

This video helps with such issues to ensure you’re practicing in the right way.

My Verdict

The iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer is my pick for the best basketball shooting machine on the market. It’s a versatile model that is almost unmatched when it comes to versatility, speed of return, and ease of use. You can get everything together in almost no time at all.

The model is also extremely accurate despite its faster return speed. That combination, mixed with the durability and usability, makes it the best choice for anyone looking to get their own basketball shooting machine.

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