This is my review of the best basketball shorts in 2021.

It is easy to assume that all basketball shorts are created equal. In fact, many players don’t think twice about the clothing they wear out on the court. If it feels light, you throw it on.

However, there is nothing like good clothing. Not only does the proper attire keep you comfortable during play, but it can also enhance your game.

Basketball shorts are a must-have for every serious basketball player. High-end options don’t just cover your legs, they come with extra features that push them above and beyond similar clothing options.

The following items fall into that category.

Quick Summary

  • Few shorts come with the versatility that the Champion Men’s offers. Not only do they look great, making them perfect for both casual and serious use, but they are available in 28 different colors. The shorts are 100 percent polyester, have deep pockets, and provide numerous unique fits to match your size and style.
  • The Raid Shorts from Under Armour combine a range of features to give you the best possible fit. Not only do they have anti-odor technology, but they are made with a 4-way construction so they always sit where you need them to. That is then backed by pockets, a fully elastic waistband, tight drawstring, and UPF 30 sun protection.
  • Nike is known for quality, and their Dry Training shorts are no exception. These knee-length options come with moisture-wicking technology and quick-drying fabric to keep you fresh longer. That then combines with the elastic waistband and 9-inch inseam to make them a perfect fit for serious players.

Who Should Get This?

The short answer? Everyone. Basketball players, regardless of skill level, size, or frequency of play, benefit from premium athletic wear.

It is easy to skimp on shorts and just buy the first ones you come across, but it always helps to bring your game to the next level.

Guards, forwards, and centers all do well when their clothing doesn’t hold them back.

Though some players may favor a specific brand or style, all that matters is you find shorts that work best for you.

Best Basketball Shorts: What to Consider


It is always important to feel free while on the court. In order to do that, you need clothes that keep you fresh. Stuffy or heavy shorts will hold you back and can slow you down during play.

They also leave you feeling too sweaty or exhausted. You need shorts equipped with light materials to help your legs breathe.


While most basketball shorts slip-on due to their elasticity, it is incredibly important to find ones that fit your body.

Just because shorts come with a special waistband does not mean you’ll be able to use them without issue.

Size is important but it also helps to find shorts that can be adjusted through a drawstring or similar mechanism.


It is easy to focus on the fit and feel when looking at premium basketball shorts, but you should pay attention to the construction as well.

Durability is critical because in a contact sport like basketball you want clothes that are going to last. Nobody wants to buy new shorts every few months. Premium materials ensure you won’t have to.

Best Basketball Shorts: Our Picks

1. Champion Men’s Long Mesh

Good basketball shorts have a range of different uses, and that is where the Champion Men’s Long Mesh truly shine. This pair combines an excellent feel with features other shorts lack. They are 100 percent polyester, which makes them both lightweight and breathable, have an internal quick cord, and actively work to keep you dry.

As an added bonus, they come in a staggering 28 different colors to fit your mood, team, or style. There are also many available fits, all of which help fit your shape. The deep pockets are a nice bonus as well.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight mesh fabric
  • Extremely breathable material
  • Drawstring closure creates a good fit
  • Side pockets for easy storage

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can become a bit loose over time

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2. Under Armour Men’s Raid

Under Armour is a brand known for its sports apparel, which is why the Men’s Raid are loved by so many. These knee-length shorts look great and have an excellent fit. The polyester construction means you’ll never get too sweaty no matter how hard you run, while the light material doesn’t hold you back.

The shorts also have a unique 4-way stretch construction that never feels tight or hugs you in an uncomfortable way. They also have small pockets, a fully elastic waistband, and an internal drawcord that ensures they will always sit exactly how you want them to.

The anti-odor technology works extremely well and the UPF 30 plus, which protects your skin from the sun, is great if you like to ball outside.

What We Like:

  • UPF 30 for sun protection
  • HeatGear fabric is soft and smooth
  • 4-way stretch protection
  • Material wicks sweat and dry quickly
  • Anti-odor technology keeps you smelling fresh

What We Don’t:

  • No liner
  • Not as versatile as other shorts

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3. Nike Dry Training

The final shorts in this article, the Nike Dry Training, are fantastic for players at all levels. The attire comes with everything you need to run and play as hard as you can. That includes a drawstring closure, moisture-wicking technology, elastic waistband, and a 9-inch inseam.

The company also outfitted these with special Dri-Fit technology alongside dry fabric. Both of those features keep sweat away from the surface of your skin by moving it to the top of the fabric. From there, it quickly evaporates away. The pockets are a nice bonus, as is the fact that the shorts are fully machine washable.

What We Like:

  • Dri-FIT technology keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Mesh pockets provide a breathable storage option
  • Can be worn in more places than the gym
  • The internal drawstring creates a comfortable fit and keeps shorts secure on your body
  • Fully machine washable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Do break down with heavy use over time
  • Some colors not as vibrant as others

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Your Clothing Matters

Nothing beats premium basketball shorts. It does not matter if you actively use high-quality brands, or if you’ve never put much thought into your clothing, getting better clothing items goes a long way towards upping your game.

The three shorts listed in this guide will give you great results. They will not just leave you feeling better, but they look incredible as well.