4 Best Basketball Underwears

This is my review of the best underwear for basketball.

Did you know that playing an active sport like basketball— involves a lot of running—that can affect your mood change positively? The Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal carried out that study.

But guys, what happens when you are enjoying the right sports—basketball—and using the wrong underwear.

You guessed, right! It’s a box of so many “not so good feelings.” You get sweaty under your crotch, uncomfortable all through the game, and your hands can’t stop itching your nuts while you continuously peel your shorts from your butt.

But, there’s a way out. The right pair of basketball underwear can do the trick and save you from all that torment while you play the game.

You have found the right help you need by bumping into this article. We have listed four of the best basketball underwear in the market today.

Plus, we included an elaborate buying guide to help you know the things to look out for before getting one.

Who Should Get This

Wearing basketball underwear is crucial because it improves the performance of players by reducing muscle fatigue. It also helps to cut the risk of muscle soreness.

Do you want increased power during or after a game, and improved jumping ability? Surprisingly, the basketball underwear contributes to helping you regain maximum jumping ability after a game—especially when you need to get back to the court after a time out.

With the right basketball underwear, your muscles will get all the necessary oxygen it needs to function properly during a game. It’s specially designed to increase blood flow—which enhances the oxygenation of muscle tissue that improves an athlete’s performance.

Since the underwear applies pressure to your thigh and butt area, it helps you stay comfortable with little wind resistance. Chaffing and friction will also be a thing of the past.

Some basketball underwear comes with cup pockets that offer extra groin support. So, it’s a good option for players that love to protect their sensitive parts and stay comfortable.

But, it may not be necessary for men that don’t work out actively.

Best Basketball Underwear: What do Consider

Every player loves comfort, especially in the heat of the game. So, how do you know what will work for you? Consider the following factors to guide you on your journey:

The Type of Underwear

In the men’s underwear world, there are three types of underwear to choose from. Each of the underwear has its pros and cons. So, the ball is in your court when it comes to picking suitable underwear. What are the types of underwear?


Boxers are for you if you love to leave your family jewel on free-range. But it’s not such a good option for the game of basketball for two reasons: it doesn’t give adequate support for comfort during a game, and it allows sweat to get in the way.

You may argue that boxers offer the best ventilation. That’s true in theory but not necessarily in practice. If you must buy boxers, go for the boxer jocks—because it’s a 2-in-1 boxer and jock strap.


When you are searching for functionality, briefs, always come through. They provide the necessary support for your privates while you gain freedom of motion. Since they cover less of your body, briefs are less prone to malfunctions.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are ideal for men that love adequate support for their genitals. It’s a good choice for your game because of its design and extra coverage down your thighs—which helps you to avoid chafing when you run on the court.


The kind of fabric used in making basketball underwear is more than important because it determines breathability, durability, comfort, odor control, and hygiene. But, with a ton of choices in the market, how do you find the right material for you? The answer lies in how your body reacts to certain fabrics.

Most basketball underwear is made from nylon, polyester, and spandex—to enhance flexibility. Regardless of what your options are, you should stay away from cotton—no matter the promises attached.

Odor Control

What’s a good game without working up some sweat? Nothing! But, how do you go through a game without embarrassing moments? Go for a breathable fabric.
That’s a good start, but there’s more. Look into odor control technology—because they have powerful antimicrobial agents that create a hygienic environment for your genitals.

The Fit

Does the word “snug” ring a bell? Oh, yes, it does. That’s a good description of how your basketball underwear should fit. But, you have to know that there is a thin line between feeling constrained and snug. If you go for constrained underwear, expect discomfort as you run on the court.

Wear and Tear Resistance

Even though basketball underwear is designed to stretch, you shouldn’t experience fabric tears after a long game or few cycles in the washing machine. But, what makes a huge difference in durability? The stitching—yes, you heard right!

It’s best to go for double or triple stitching because quality seams to support you and keep everything together for a long time.

Best Basketball Underwear for Men: Top Picks

The following are our top four picks. Hang in there to find out more.

1. Adidas Performance Boxer Brief Underwear For Sports Men

With its ultra-lightweight and soft fabric, this underwear helps to keep you cool during an intense training session or a live game.

The fabric of the Adidas Performance Boxer Brief Underwear For Sports Men gives a cool and dry feel while you’re at the peak of a game—because of its climatic technology created by Adidas.

If you’re a heavy sweater, you don’t have to worry, because the mesh-lined pouch on the boxers allows a ton of airflow to your private region while playing.

Adidas designed the underwear not only to handle high-impact sports but also for wearing around the house. With this underwear, you’d enjoy enough support and comfort while you play, thanks to its 9% Spandex and 91% Polyester.

Of course, chaffing is negligible because of the smooth steam stitching that gives you comfort while you’re active on the court. The fit of this underwear is superb. Why? The material is super elastic, with a soft and comfortable feel that makes you forget you’re wearing anything.

What We Like:

  • A fantastic choice for players that sweat heavily
  • Lightweight
  • Its quality and material are great
  • It has a comfortable fit

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s prone to stretching out after a few months

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2. David Archy Breathable Boxer Briefs

Polyamide and Spandex are two components that make up the David Archy Breathable Boxer Briefs.

The Polyamide is responsible for the ultra-fine nature of the underwear. Plus, it helps to wick away moisture and keep you comfortable and fresh while playing on the court. Not to forget, the mesh is extremely breathable because of its soft nature.

The David Archy brand designed the Ezy-off tag to provide tremendous comfort for basketball players. Mind you, most tags attached to boxers, usually cause discomfort. But, the tag is removable.

Also, the underwear comes with a 3D pouch design that offers excellent support while you’re taking your vertical jumps. These boxer briefs are perfect for high-impact sporting activities because it is long and breathable. It helps to keep your thigh muscles in one piece as you run back and forth the court.

The underwear is also lightweight; it helps you move your body easily as you twist, jump, and run on the court.

What We Like:

  • It has quick drying feature
  • The fabric is breathable
  • Easy and comfortable
  • Fantastic support and lightweight

What We Don’t Like:

  • The legs tend to ride up for men with bigger sized thighs

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3. Champion Men’s Powerflex Compression Short

Anti-chaffing is a word you’d repeatedly mention when it comes to the Champion Men’s Powerflex Compression Short. The underwear is the perfect definition of the right dry fabric underwear that feels comfy with the right stretch extension.

Made with 16% Spandex and 84% Polyester, the underwear comes with a soft and snug feel. After all, they are anti-chaff because of the nature of its fabric. Even though the price is reasonably affordable, it still brings its A-game on. Amazingly, it has great quality, and it’s sturdy.

Another great feature is its ability to dry moisture very fast. That way, you’ll always stay comfortable and cool as you run from rim to rim. The fitting of this underwear is slightly snug enough to stay put, even though it’s not as tight like others on this list.

What We Like:

  • Designed to prevent chaffing
  • Affordable price
  • It’s ultra-soft and comfortable
  • It holds everything in

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not a compression short

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4. Saxx Men’s Kinetic Performance Underwear

Tagged to be the best ergonomic underwear on this list, the Saxx Men’s Kinetic Performance Underwear comes with a friction-free support feature.

It also has an anti-odor technology and a moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you fresh all day long—whether you’re on the court playing basketball or at home chilling. The underwear has a spandex and nylon feel.

Maintenance of the underwear is simple. All you need to do is machine wash it; cold and tumble dry on a trivial cycle. This underwear comes with an ergonomic design. It has a 4-way stretch. Plus, it gives you a supportive and roomy fit.

Thanks to the grip elastic and ballpark pouch, your legs will never ride up while you try to shoot a layup. Plus, it keeps everything in place and comfortable.

What We Like:

  • It has an anti-odor mechanism
  • Ballpark pouch provides great comfort
  • It comes with a moisture-wick fabric
  • It’s ideal for high-impact sports activity all day long

What We Don’t Like:

  • The length of the underwear is a little bit longer than usual

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Tips on How to Keep Your Underwear Looking New

It’s essential to replace your underwear at least once a year—to make your trunks look great. But, while you’re at it, keep the following tips close:

1. Wash Your Briefs with Care

Irrespective of what the label on your brief says it always safer to wash your underwear with cold water. Hot water wears out the fabric and sets stains. To ensure that your underwear stays new in the wash category, do the following:

  • Use a stain remover for the underwear stains before throwing them in the wash.
  • Opt for a color-safe bleach to take care of bacteria.
  • Wash the reverse side of your underwear to make your underwear cleaner; minimize wear and tear on its delicate fabrics.
  • Use a delicate cycle to reduce fabric friction.

2. Allow Some Air In

When you air-dry your underwear, it increases the longevity of your briefs. It’s best to hang-dry. But, if you must use a dryer, throw them in for a few minutes.

3. Snip Loose Threads

When your underwear has loose threads, it’s time for some “fabric manicure.” Snip out any loose threads hanging outside its initial position. A fabric shaver will come in handy to clear the annoying fuzz balls. That way, your underwear will look better and last longer.

4. Store Them Separately

What do you do when you’re dripping with sweat after a game? Take your clothes off, right? Yesssss…. But, don’t leave out your underwear. Also, ensure that you store them separately to avoid transferring bacteria to other clothes.

Final Words

One thing is sure; your tireless search may be coming to an end—because you struck the right key by going through this article. But, you can achieve much if you adhere to the buying guide in this article.

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