This is my review of the best basketball wall decals in 2021. Whether you are a fan of a team or a fan of the game, wall decals are a great way to show your love for basketball.

Don’t be shy of your team spirit, be loyal in a big way. Wall decals make a big imprint on your interior and add a lot of character to the room they’re in. The NBA season is long and hard, full of ups and downs with injuries and streaks.

Make sure your fandom is never faltering, get yourself one of the wall decals we’ve chosen to keep your team spirit high during the season slumps.

Your T.V den, game room, and gym will be a lot cooler with a wall decal. Stay hyped for game day, or inspired during your workout with a wall decal of the team that is dear to your heart.

Quick Summary

  • The big name in wall decals, Fathead. If you’ve seen the commercials than you can see their mission in being the best in wall decals. Their NBA officially licensed collection is also quite impressive.
  • If you’re looking for a decal for a gym or indoor court, and you aren’t interested in team decor, check out TOARTi Slam Dunk Silhouette Wall Decals. These decals are ideal for schools who want to liven up their sports complex, also good for casual home use.
  • A great quote by future hall-of-famer Kevin Durant, if you’re looking to be inspired about basketball, or just life. This is the wall-decal you want. Perfect for young basketball hopefuls or classrooms.
  • Personally, my favorite wall decal, what I call the ‘Dunk the Lights Out’ by Yingkai, smaller than most but very classy and clever. This 5-inch dunker will get a comment and a compliment from whoever you bring around. At the very least, a smile on your own face every day.

Who Should Get This?

These wall decals are for those who want to celebrate the game of basketball. Have it be at home, or a school, or gym. You can liven up any interior with a good quality wall decal. With a wall decal, you can turn any plain wall into a source of entertainment or inspiration.

If you consider yourself a mega fan, rep your NBA team’s logo in your den or entertainment room. So when game day comes, everyone knows whose house they’re at. Spirit is big and loud, so your decorations should be too.

Classrooms, children’s rooms, and school gymnasiums would be an ideal place for a lot of these wall decals.

Inspire the life of a youngster every day, inspire them to work hard and strive for physical wellness. Bring value to their young lives with your walls.

Top Basketball Wall Decals

Below is our list of the best wall decals for ball fans. We’ll show you each item, along with detailed review so you can get to know its pros and cons.

1. Fathead NBA Player and Team Collection

This might not be the first time you’ve heard of Fathead, they’re commercials at one point were all over late night T.V. For a good reason too, Fathead has an official license agreement with the NBA. Which makes Fathead the best way to support your team the legit way.

Besides that, Fathead makes exceptionally high-quality decals, considering both the image quality and the quality of vinyl paper. They are also by far the best manufacturer of full-color wall decals of NBA players.

What we like:

  • Official NBA license makes wall decals a legit and honest way to support your favorite team.
  • Very easy wall application, it’s a mass consumer product that is produced with convenience in mind.
  • High Definition images, clear even at the largest size.
  • Made from the highest quality of vinyl, that is not susceptible to tearing.
  • Can be taken off, stored, and reapplied.

What we don’t like:

  • Not every team might have a full-sized player wall decal, but each team has at least one wall decal.

2. Slam Dunk Silhouette Wall Decals (20 Decals)

My pick for sports facilities, great for either schools or personal use. If you have an empty wall in the weight room, locker room, or any corridor, why not give it some character with a wall decal.

This would also make a great wall decal if you’re the parent of a young basketball lover. Whatever reason you can have for wanting some basketball theme decor, this is a great pick right here.

What we like:

  • Can be positioned and re-positioned.
  • High-quality vinyl and transfer paper won’t damage walls.

What we don’t like:

  • Would have liked it if it came in more color options.
  • Slightly difficult application process will take quite some time out of the day.

3. Kevin Durant Inspirational Quote

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” I was originally not going to put a quote wall decal on this list. Until I came across this great one by Kevin Durant.

Not only a successful champion but also one of the top talents in the world for basketball. You can guarantee he knows something about grinding the best out of an individual. Even if you’re not a basketball lover you can appreciate this quote.

I could imagine this quote would be a positive impact on the lives of any young person who comes across it.

What we like:

  • A great quote by Kevin Durent, sure to inspire anyone.
  • Easy application that won’t take too long, but another set of hands is suggested.
  • Font looks nice and classy.

What we don’t like:

  • Would have liked to have an option to get it bigger.

4. Dunk the Lights Out

Cute, clever, adorable, cool however you feel about it, you got to appreciate this mini wall decal. Designed to be placed beside a wall outlet, this dunker will have a smile or chuckle on your face every time you see it.

A great decoration for a kid’s room or anyone who just loves the game of basketball. It’s small and very unintrusive. I ordered one myself just because I thought it would make a great gift – to myself.

What we like:

  • Cleaver and entertaining.
  • Small, so it won’t take up too much wall space.

What we don’t like:

  • Would have liked to have a variety of dunk styles.

Best Basketball Wall Decals: What to Consider?

When shopping for wall decals for basketball, take the following things into account.


Wall decals come in many sizes, your walls do not. It would be best to measure your wall and decide how much space you want to dedicate to your new decor. As well as be especially attentive to the information listed in the product and the size of each variation that is available.

Application and Storage

Applying the wall decal to your interior is not the easiest process to do. Some stickers require you to cut out the shape or use specialty paper to adhere the decal to your wall. Whatever the case, consider the time you have dedicated to applying the wall decor. Some wall decals, like the ones from Fathead, can be taken down and reapplied at your discretion.


Wall decals or wall stickers are an important addition to whatever room you add them too. It is important that you get only vinyl decals, as they won’t deteriorate over time. We vetted all possible wall decals available to you and made sure all our picks were of the highest quality.

Useful Tips and Resources

After you get your order through. It’s best to get familiar with the application process of wall decals. For things like this, it’s better to learn by seeing.

Watch one of these youtube videos while waiting for your delivery, but it’s always best to refer to any instructions that come with your wall decal.

Final Words

A wall decal can make a huge difference to a room, by giving it life and character. Walls should celebrate the way we live and what’s important to us.

Any lover of the game of basketball would enjoy having a basketball wall decal in their environment. Especially for those super fans who stick to their team through thick and thin.

Get a wall decal for yourself or someone you know who loves the game. Make your environment more inspiring and entertaining by having the walls around you reflect the person you are.