This is my review of the best high-top basketball shoes in 2021.

Good high-top basketball shoes are an important investment. Not only do they protect your feet as you cut and run, but they also help you play longer and harder while you’re on the court.

Though many people gravitate towards low-top sneakers when playing basketball, high-tops offer more ankle protection in addition to a sleek, old-school look.

They are a bit heavier than other styles, but the added safety is more than worth it.

There are many high-top options on the market, but it is best to go for brands that will give you power and speed without slowing you down. The following shoes fall into that category.

Quick Summary

  • If injuries are a worry, it is best to go with the Under Armour Curry 4’s. The shoes anchor your foot with exceptional lockdown braces. They are also quite light compared to similar sneakers.
  • The Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe is an amazing option for players who love the versatility. It looks sleek, comes with strong traction, and provides support to all parts of the foot.
  • The Nike Lebron Soldier XII is the shoe that gives back. Not only is it comfortable, but the special design increases feedback in addition to impact resistance. Great for casual workouts and intense games.

Who Should Get This?

High-top basketball shoes are a good choice for players who want a bit of extra support during a game or practice.

Though they do not completely prevent ankle injuries, the extra lacing does help reduce twists and turns that would be much more serious in lower top shoes.

The style is also quite durable. If you find yourself often going through low-top shoes, a high-top will help alleviate those issues.

Though many guards gravitate towards the lighter low-tops in order to maximize quickness, high-tops offer a more solid shoe that works well with post players.

They are also a strong choice for those who do not depend on their speed to play.

Best High-Top Basketball Shoes: What to Consider


Weight is an incredibly important factor to consider when picking your shoes. Basketball is a game of speed, and being even one second off can be the difference between scoring and getting blocked.

High-tops are heavier than their low or mid-top counterparts, but that does not mean they all weigh the same. Know what you’re comfortable running in and always stick to that range.


Traction is a vital part of the shoe because it helps you cut and push off the court. Special patterns help you grip the floor as you run, and they will give you a distinct edge overshoes with regular rubber patterns.

Just make sure the shoes are durable and that the soles will last. The grip is great, but it does you little good if it wears off in a few months.


A comfortable shoe is also vital. Look for models that have extra padding inside or ones that are made with soft materials.

Such features will reduce blisters, which then allows you to play hard for an extended period of time. Though cushion can lead to a heavier shoe, if you are prone to sore feet, it is worth the trade-off.

Best High Top Basketball Shoes: Our Picks

1. Under Armour Curry 4

The Under Armour Curry 4 is a great high-top shoe for people with ankle or foot issues.

The footwear comes with seamless uppers, a stretchable collar, and great lock-down braces that securely hold your foot in place no matter how much you change or shift direction.

Though they don’t have the best cushioning on the market, the 4’s are quite light. They enable you to freely run and jump to the best of your abilities.

Add in an EVA foam midsole on top of a cross-centric traction pattern and you have footwear that advances all parts of your game.

What We Like:

  • Great support features help keep the shoe in place and cut down on injuries.
  • Full-length speed plate allows for more speed.
  • Stitching and quarter panel both reduce extra weight.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Minimal cushioning can become an issue in longer games.
  • Could be more comfortable.

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2. Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

The Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe is one of Adidas’ best high-stops. The model is a high energy sneaker that provides a great mix of comfort and speed.

That combination is largely due to the lightweight Primeknit Xeno upper. Not only does the feature supply extra airflow to keep your feet dry, but it also limits weight to create a lighter sneaker.

These shoes also come with a special lace system that relieves pressure on the heel and arches.

What We Like:

  • The mesh tongue and Primeknit Xeno upper create extra breathability.
  • Tightly secures the foot in place.
  • Lace system adds stability and support throughout your foot.

What We Don’t Like:

  • They could be a bit bigger.
  • Slightly narrow, which can restrict movement or cause general discomfort.

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3. Nike Lebron Soldier 12

The Lebron Soldier 12 is an excellent all-around basketball shoe. The model comes with great impact protection in addition to a soft toe cap overlay and comfortable upper knit. The traction pattern also provides grip on all surfaces to keep you moving to the best of your ability.

The shoes are much lighter than most other high-tops, and they come with a unique look not found in similar sneakers. Though they are not the best shoes for those who play outside, they will last for years on indoor courts.

What We Like:

  • Smooth, modern look with many different color combinations.
  • Great combination of comfort and feel.
  • Strong traction and a great midsole to keep you moving throughout the game.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can breakdown when frequently used outside.
  • Narrow middle section may lead to discomfort in people with wide feet.

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Useful Tips and Resources

Good basketball shoes, no matter what brand, will undergo a lot of wear and tear. As such, you need to keep them in good condition.

Cleaning your shoes with a soft brush or rag is one of the best ways to keep them in tip-top shape. That cuts down on dirt build-up and strengthens the tread.

It is also important to only wear indoor shoes inside and to always air out your footwear in an open space to help them keep their form.

Such measures may not seem like a big deal, but they all help you get the most from your high-tops. This video helps explain why.

Final Words

Basketball is an intense game or running, cutting, and jumping. If you don’t have good footwear, your feet and ankles will suffer. High-tops are durable shoes that, when properly chosen, can add a lot of strength and power to your game.

There are many brands out there, but only a few will provide you with a blend of comfort, protection, and speed.