7 Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops

Here, I break down a series of excellent in-ground basketball hoops that you can use to bring the fun of the game directly to your home.

I have more than 20 years of experience playing basketball. That first-hand knowledge, alongside ample research and various in-depth reviews, enabled me to properly analyze each of the models outlined throughout the following sections.

The Goalrilla FT Series is my top in-ground hoop because of how it mixes a strong base, durable frame, and easy installation.

Everything about the model creates a fun at-home basketball experience. It offers excellent rebounds, is incredibly stable, and will withstand the elements for years to come. You can easily reinstall it if you need and it’s fully adjustable from 10 feet down to 7.5 feet.

The hoop provides a great time, but it’s far from the only in-ground option. If you want to take a more in-depth look at it or others, read onto the following sections.

Who Should Get This?

Any home could use an in-ground basketball hoop. Not only do well-planned models raise the property value, but they also bring a lot of extra fun to your household. Kids will thoroughly enjoy being able to shoot whenever they want, and teenage players will enjoy being able to practice.

For adults, having access to a court or hoop is a great way to work out and helps them stay both active and fit. You can play with friends or just get some shots up when you want a break. If you have the budget and enjoy the game, a good in-ground hoop is a no-brainer.

Top In-Ground Basketball Hoops

This section covers every top model by explaining the specific traits and niches that help them stand out from the pack.

1. Goalrilla FT Series

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key Features: Sturdy, powerful pole. 2-feet adjustability. Extremely stable. Anchor bolt for easy installation. Various backboard width options.
  • Material: Steel
  • Minimum Height: 7.5 feet
  • Frame Material: Alloy steel

With many backboard width choices, an easy mounting system, and 2-feet of adjustability, the Goalrilla FT series gets my pick for the absolute best in-ground hoop money can buy. The strong hoop has one of the most powerful poles on the market, giving you unmatched stability.

In addition, the anchor is incredibly powerful. You get a ton of durability with this purchase, which makes it a perfect option for those who want a reliable model for areas with tough climates or tumultuous weather. It has a professional look as well.

As great as this hoop is, there are some downsides. The biggest one is that the offset distance changes when you adjust the height. There’s also no pad for the post. However, those are extremely minor nitpicks in what is an otherwise amazing in-ground basketball hoop.

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2. Spalding 888 Series

  • Best for: Regulation
  • Key Features: Multiple size options. Tempered glass backboard. Breakaway rim. Easy to adjust. 4 foot offset, j-bolt anchoring, and safety stop.
  • Material: Glass
  • Minimum Height: 7.5 feet
  • Backboard: 54 to 72 inches

If you want a hoop that perfectly mimics what you’ll find in the gym, the 888 series from Spalding is your best pick. This option does one of the best impressions of a regulation hoop thanks to the impressive 72-inch tempered glass backboard, breakaway rim, and 4-foot offset. 

You also get a sturdy steel pole as well as a safety stop that prevents the handy adjustment system from ever accidentally going below 6 feet. There’s also a pole pad, which is a solid addition that adds a level of protection to the entire unit for people who like to play hard.

If there’s one issue with the 888 series is that the rim is a bit shaky. You still get good, snappy rebounds off the backboard, but you may see a bit of variability when hitting only the rim. The backboard can also show wear after years of heavy use, but that’s not as big of an issue.

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3. Silverback In-Ground Hoop

  • Best for: Value
  • Key Features: Tempered glass backboard and pro-style breakaway rim. Powder-coated steel pole. Adjustable. Strong anchor. Pole and backboard pad.
  • Material: Glass
  • Minimum Height: 7.5 feet
  • Frame Material: Steel

The Silverback In-Ground Hoop is the best choice for people who want a premium model at a medium price. It’s not the cheapest option you’ll find, but it offers a lot of excellent attributes without truly breaking the bank. That includes a tempered glass backboard and breakaway rim.

This hoop comes with a powder-coated steel pole that you can freely adjust between 10 and 7.5 feet. Such versatility is then complemented by an incredibly reliable anchor mounting system, which works to keep everything in place. There’s a solid 5-year limited warranty as well.

All of the hoop’s parts work together nicely, but it’s not the easiest model to set up. Even people who know what they are doing might want to hire a professional to ensure it all gets put together in the right way. There’s some wobble too, but it’s small and not too noticeable.

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4. Game Changer In-Ground Hoop

  • Best for: Stability
  • Key Features: Breakaway rim and net. Thick glass backboard with excellent bounce. Post and backboard pad. 
  • Material: Glass
  • Minimum Height: 7.5 feet
  • Backboard: 60 inches

Stability is a key part of any in-ground basketball hoop, and that’s where the one from Game Changer excels. Unlike less-sturdy options, the item offers a ton of stability that actively reduces any shake on your shots. The anchor mount is reliable and holds everything tightly in place.

The hoop also comes with a professional breakaway rim, aluminum trim, powder and zinc coating, as well as an all-steel actuator. That provides a lot of extra usefulness to the entire design. There’s even a pole and backboard pad to reduce any contact injuries during play.

There isn’t a lot to complain about with this model, but if there’s one thing that could be better it’s the adjustment system. Being able to go from ten to six feet is nice, but the crank is a bit fiddly and annoying to use. That’s just one hiccup is an otherwise sturdy and strong item.

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5. Goalsetter All-American

  • Best for: Easy installation
  • Key Features: 60-inch backboard. Off-set 5-inch one-piece steel pole. Stable, reduces vibrations. Easy installation. 
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Minimum Height: 6 feet
  • Material: Glass

Many in-ground hoops require a professional to set up. While you can get outside help with the Goalsetter All-American, the strong hoop is one of the easiest for DIY construction as a result of the innovative Ground Anchor Hinger System. Everything can be put together easily.

Once it’s in the ground, the hoop is durable and will stick around for years to come. The protective finish fights against corrosion, while the tempered glass backboard and steel tubing both resist the elements. Everything is also stable in a way that reduces any joint wear.

Just note that, as impressive as this hoop is, it does cost quite a bit. You’re always going to shell out a bit more for a strong in-ground hoop, but this comes in at a price point that’s much higher than even similar models. It’s all about paying for a high-quality and long-lasting item.

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6. Best Durability: Goalrilla GS54

  • Best for: Durability
  • Key Features: Tempered glass-reinforced backboard. Adjustable down to 7.5 feet. Powder-coated steel pole construction. Extremely sturdy.
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Minimum Height: 7.5 feet
  • Material: Glass

The GS54 from Goalrilla is a great choice if you live in an area that sees a lot of weather or if you want to make a long-lasting investment. The hoop’s alloy steel frame and tempered glass backboard give it a level of durability that enables it to hold up in just about any environment.

That’s then backed up by a powder-coated steel pole that’s both durable and rust-resistant. You’re never going to see corrosion with this item. The anchor system is also fantastic, giving you a way to move the hoop around if you ever need to remodel or simply want a change of scenery. The easy-to-operate actuator is also nice, giving you a wide range of adjustability.

Durability is what the GS54 does well, but it lacks a bit when it comes to stability. It’s not going to tip or fall by any means, but you’re likely going to see some shake. That’s especially true with a lot of heavy use. If you can handle that from time to time, it’s a worthy investment.

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7. Lifetime In-Ground Hoop

  • Best for: Affordability
  • Key Features: Shatterproof Makrolon polycarbonate construction. Screen-printed graphics. Robust rim. Easy to adjust and operate.
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Minimum Height: 7.5 feet
  • Material: Polycarbonate and steel

In-Ground basketball hoops are a lot of fun, but they can be quite expensive. If you want an affordable model that doesn’t skimp on premium features, the Lifetime In-Ground Hoop is a good pick. It’s affordable, but still has a shatterproof backboard, strong rim, and steel frame.

All of the graphics are screen printed onto the hoop, and they come with special UV-protected inks. The entire device is also easy to adjust between 7.5 to 10 feet in simple six-inch increments. Add on the steel frame and you get quite a lot for a reasonable price.

As is the case with the GS54, the Lifetime In-Ground Hoop lacks a certain amount of stability. Expect a bit of shake when playing. In addition, some people might find the backboard a bit small. However, as long as you don’t mind a more constricted playing area you should be fine.

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Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops: What to Look For

Pole Thickness/Sway

As with any hoop, an in-ground option’s quality largely comes from the pole. A sturdy base is key because it takes a lot of load within the system. As such, the stronger a hoop’s base, the better it will be at taking shots. If you get one that’s too thin, you’ll lose rebound consistency.

Another bonus of a strong pole or base is that it reduces sway. Unsturdy poles may move or even fall if they aren’t well made. That can turn them into a hazard for players who like to dunk or hang on the rim. If you play hard or want quality, get a hoop with a powerful pole.

Installation and Usability

While every hoop serves the same function, allowing you to play ball at home, they aren’t all made the same way. When getting one, it’s vital to pay attention to how easy or difficult it is to set up. Some hoops can be put together with no extra help, while some require external work.

Most serious in-ground hoops are going to require the work of a professional. That may cost extra money and add time to the setup process, but it’s generally worth it if you want something that can stay around a while. Cheaping out on installation can lead to problems down the line.

Location and Offset

In-ground hoops are fun and useful, but they are also permanent. Always remember that when setting up your own model. Be careful about where you put your hoop and make sure you’re going to set it somewhere where you won’t mind having it for a long, long time.

Meticulously measure the area where you plan to put the hoop. If you skip on this, you’re going to be in for a headache later on. In addition, keep the offset, the distance of the pole to the backboard, in mind as well. Forgetting about that can also lead to huge issues with placement.

In-Ground Basketball Hoop FAQs

No matter how much you know about in-ground hoops, extra context goes a long way. This section covers some common questions you might have about the models.

How Much is an In-Ground Basketball Hoop?

As with any item, in-ground basketball hoop prices vary depending on model and brand. They do tend to be on the more expensive side, however, ranging from high hundreds to a few grand.

How Long Does it Take to Install an In-Ground Basketball Hoop?

This depends on how you plan to install it. Doing it yourself can take quite a while, days or even weeks, while the professional installation takes about a few hours. Just note that having someone else do it does cost more.

How Deep is an In-Ground Basketball Hoop?

Though everyone’s hoop will be slightly different, most in-ground models go down about twenty-four inches. That allows for a good anchor and maximum stability.

How Do You Cement a Basketball Pole in the Ground?

First, figure out where you want your hoop. Next, dig a hole that’s roughly 24 x 24 inches. From there, place the pole in the center of the hole and pour in fast-setting concrete. Add water to the mixture and stir it up. Let it set.

Useful Tips and Resources

There are many great in-ground hoops. So many that picking a single one out of the pack can prove to be quite a difficult endeavor. If you want to get a Pro Dunk model, guides like this one can help you figure out what would best suit your needs.

If you have the option and budget, bringing in a contractor is the best way to get your hoop put in. However, even if you have someone else doing it you want to be familiar with the process.

Look over these different videos (1., 2., or 3.) so you know and are ready for what’s in store.

My Verdict

No in-ground hoop can keep up with the Goalrilla FT Series. The item goes beyond similar ones thanks to the rock-solid base and anchor support that actively cuts down on sway. You get a lot of stability and durability with this model, two aspects that make it a worthwhile purchase.

Beyond the toughness, the hoop comes with a simple anchor bolt that can be reinstalled, an extra-wide mounting system as well as 2-feet of adjustability. All of those features come together to create a fun, and largely unmatched, at-home experience.

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    What goal would you suggest has the least amount of sway after throwing up a brick? In a 54 or 60″ in ground adjustable hoop.
    Also, which hoop has the strongest base? Thickest metal and widest base?