The best kind of home is one that you can hoop at. If your nearest court is right outside your door, you’re doing something right. For me, the best way to get a quality hoop at home is with an in-ground hoop. The stability and production of an in-ground hoop is superior to any portable or wall-mounted option.

The process of installing an in-ground hoop may seem daunting, but the end result is a fixture that can sustain endless fun. Almost like a land pool in terms of recreation, you get what I mean.

Since the venture of planning and installing a basketball hoop is not a simple one, we wanted to give you a hand in picking the best in-ground basketball goal systems available to you. We wouldn’t want you to end up with a lame court.

Quick Summary

  • I’m a sucker for puns, and Goalrilla is great. Even better is their FTSeries basketball goal system. Quality from top to bottom with a sturdy pole that is game ready. Premium parts and even better playability.
  • The Hercules by Pro Dunk is the premiere anti-wobble goal system, period. Without the functionality of being adjustable, you get a long-lasting quality basketball goal. Perfect for municipal and community courts. Dunk and hang on this hoop to your heart’s content.
  • Pro Dunk’s Flagship Goal System is everything you would want to hoop at home, high quality and adjustable. The model comes in a number of versions depending on the available playing area, refer to the guide in our “Tips” section below.

Who Should Get This?

An in-ground basketball hoop is a great investment for anyone, for one, a thoroughly planned and properly installed quality hoop would raise the value on a property. Secondly, the recreation value of a half-court (or full court) would benefit most people.

Kids as early as age 5 or 6 will benefit from the cognitive and physiological development of shooting a ball into the hoop. Having the hoop at home will also give big kids an opportunity to develop basketball as a hobby and possibly a healthy passion.

For adults, having basketball as an easily accessed cardio workout is a tremendous tool in staying fit and active. The half-court is also a great bonding place, where you can school your friends at ball. Like I mentioned before, an in-ground basketball goal system that is accompanied by a properly maintained playing space would drive the value of a property.

I shouldn’t have to mention the value it would offer to those who follow the order of “life is ball.” The all-city starters and regional championship chasers. Having a hoop at home would be an absolute Godsend. Anytime you would want to get on the court and hoop the day away, you would have it right there at home.

Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop: What to Consider

Pole Thickness/Sway

Like any basketball hoop, much of the quality in playing on one lies within the pole body of the system. The pole will take a majority of the load of the system. A pole that is too thin will sway from shots that brick off the rim and will affect rebound consistency. An unsturdy pole may even be a hazard if a player were to attempt to hang on the ring.

Installation & Longevity

Different companies utilize different anchors and mount technology for their hoop systems. It would be best to not overvalue the ease of installation. Since the investment of an in-ground basketball goal is one that you want to last long, the 300 bucks it would cost to have professionals install the system may save you some headaches down the road.

Location & Offset

Always keep in mind that these in-ground hoops are a permanent fixture on your home or property. While the pole and backboard may be replaceable, the anchor holding the system is literally set in stone. The whole process of installing the system should be planned properly, with the location being scoped out and measured, keeping in mind that it will be an active play area. The distance of the pole to the backboard is the “offset” which should not be overlooked during planning.

Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop: Our Picks

1. FT Series by Goalrilla

Goalrilla’s FT Series hoops are absolute benchmarks in the basketball goal systems industry. The adjustable pole is built like a tank and gives rebounds the right touch off the rim. Being adjustable by 30 inches (2.5 feet), I would not suggest hanging from the rim.

The wide mount keeps the backboard locked in place, all the mechanics are sturdy and secure. Paired with break-away rims, I don’t suggest dunking, but it definitely looks possible.

Where this system really stands out is the beast of a pole. Box shaped 5” x 5”, and as strong as the Lonely Mountain’s forge. The anchor is as sturdy as you could ask for in these modern times.

What we like:

  • 2 feet of adjustability means kids of all ages can enjoy this hoop.
  • Amazing pole and support pole system, rock solid stability.
  • Extra-wide mounting system gives board extra stability, rebounds come off naturally.
  • Wide anchor helps reduce sway of an already spectacular post.
  • Anchor bolt also allows for an easy uninstall and reinstall if need be.
  • Nice to see a choice in the backboard width.

What we don’t like:

  • Offset distance will change when you adjust the height, the most minor of grievances.
  • Offset in general is pretty deep, shouldn’t be a problem if the location and space allow for extra room.
  • No pad option for the post, so players mind your surroundings and speed.

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2. Hercules by Pro Dunk

Hands down the absolute best basketball goal for municipal and community courts. Non-adjustable, making this single unit an absolute mountain in the earth. The post is 8” at all side on the largest pole with a T H I C steel body.

In a post-apocalyptic world, any pre-installed Hercules Pro Dunk goal systems will still be standing. I love non-adjustable rims since they add the unrivaled stability, and is manufactured by the best in the basketball goal industry, the Hercules is my choice for in-ground hoops.

The rim and backboard response with the ball is perfect, I can’t imagine playing on a more enjoyable goal system.

What we like:

  • Single body, non-adjustable, stable to the infinite power.
  • Absolute zero sway from the pole, feels great to play on.
  • Definitely game and regulation suitable.
  • Should be installed in every municipal court around America.
  • The tempered glass backboard gives balls a great bounce.

What we don’t like:

  • A perfect in-ground hoop if you don’t need the adjustability feature.

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3. Pro Dunk Flagship

Pro Dunk does not joke around when it comes to their poles, you could hold up a two-story building with one of these poles. Don’t try to do that, I’m just saying, the Pro poles have the most pros of a pole I’ve ever seen.

A pole width that is 12 inches wide (Diamond edition) is crazy. You could hang a small vehicle on this rim if you really wanted to but don’t. What I’m trying to get at is this goal can take a season’s worth of wear and tear. Since the system is adjustable by 5, this hoop will have everyone dunking the evening away.

You can tell Pro Dunk is a company of integrity, they care about their product and this basketball goal is the flagship. You can expect a stadium-quality hoop that will last though dunk contests and brutal weather.

What we like:

  • A pole as bigger than American student debt, seriously this is a hunk of steel means business.
  • Great stability, amazing stability, tremendous. . . you get the point.
  • Heavy-duty break-away rim, put the Slam in the Dunk on this hoop.
  • Boasts the thickest steel in the industry.
  • The tempered glass back gives balls a great bounce.

What we don’t like:

  • Offset is deep, keep this in mind for larger models.

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Useful Tips and Resources

If you’re looking to get a Pro Dunk model hoop, here is a handy guide for deciding which version would suit your needs.

Pro Dunk In-ground Basketball Hoop




Offset Best forOffsetBest for


5 feetCourt5 feet



4 feet3 car driveway4 feet

3 car driveway

Gold 3 feet2 car driveway4 feet

2 car driveway


3 feet1 car driveway

We always suggest bringing in a contractor for the install, but being familiar with the process is also a must. Look over some of these youtube videos so you know what is in store.


(Pro Dunk Part 1)

(Pro Dunk Part 2)

Final Words

Installing a home court is no small ordeal, it is a worthy investment that deserves a lot of care and planning. No matter how nice the concrete or paint, it is the hoop that will determine the true quality of your court. Commit to the best quality hoop early on, or you might be left with a piece of scrap metal down the road.

Any other great in-ground basketball hoops worth mentioning on our list? Leave a comment and let us know.