3 Best LeBron James Basketball Shoes

This is my review of the best LeBron James basketball shoes.

Is it possible to create a list of basketball legends and omit LeBron James? You know, right?

If you’re a true basketball fan, especially in the NBA, you can attest that LeBron is the deal! In the space of 18 years, he has broken a ton of records—closely following his role model, Michael Jordan.

So, what more can we anticipate from him? More record-breaking accomplishments? Yeah, you may be right!

At 18, James already got Nike hooked, because of his amazing touches on the court and legendary skills—that were unbeatable. Pheew! What a combination of greatness.

Nike took things a step further by signing LeBron. The contract was worth a whopping $90-million—to produce his signature basketball shoes.

Today, his line of Nike signature shoes has grown more prominent and more popular. It’s no surprise anyway, considering that the basketball shoes are comfortable with a unique technology that fuels anyone to greatness. That’s not all!

The hot and eye-warming designs leave you with good memories of your feet—you’d never forget in years to come.

But, with too many options available in the market, how do you make a choice that best suits your needs?

It’s not an issue; in this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide and tips on how to begin your quest. Also, we’ll be listing three of Lebron’s best signature shoes that will help bring your “A” game on.

Who Should Get This?

Footwork movement is crucial when it comes to the game of basketball. So, what else can enhance your skills within the court? Of course! LeBron basketball shoes.

LeBron basketball shoes help to keep you refreshed after a rigorous battle on the court—thanks to its breathable mesh. It also has shock-absorbing features that will secure your jumps and dribbles on the go.

Of course, you don’t have to be a basketball player to buy these shoes. After all, there’s no law stopping anyone from buying them. Nonetheless, it’s like doing the right thing in the wrong way.

Best LeBron Shoes for Basketball: What to Consider

It’s not a difficult task to choose a pair of LeBron basketball shoes that fit you.

Not surprised, as Nike makes the shoes with quality materials and premium technology that enhances an excellent performance. But, you should consider a few things to ensure that your shoes meet your gaming needs.


It’s necessary to consider cushioning for your basketball shoes—because it helps you stay comfortable and protect you from impact.

The LeBron basketball shoes come with two cushioning options: air and foam cushioning. Foam cushioning delivers responsiveness. But, air cushioning is a better option for more responsiveness.


It’s always best to consult the Nike LeBron sizing chart to know which size fits best. But, due to inaccurate sizing sometimes—you can opt for genuine user reviews—to give you an idea of what will work for you.


No doubt, LeBron basketball shoes are expensive. But, the cost solely depends on the features and technology embedded in the shoe. All you need to do is determine your budget, which will help you narrow down your options.


Do you play indoor or outdoor basketball? That’s one of the questions you should answer before you decide on the type of sole that will give you an adequate grip on any court surface.

The LeBron shoes usually come with translucent rubber soles that provide reliable traction on different surfaces. The traction pattern is crucial. For instance, if you want a LeBron that permits various moves on the court, a multidirectional traction pattern is ideal.

Best LeBron James Basketball Shoes: Top Picks

Here are our top three picks along with detailed review of each pair so you get to know its pros and cons.

1. Nike LeBron 16

Do you love to go with the trend? If that’s a yes then the Nike LeBron 16 is a good start—since it’s the latest release from James’ line of signature sneakers. It comes with a low cut design that shows that the brand had a dominant player in mind.

Nike optimized the shoes for responsiveness, ultimate support, and protection from impact for your comfort.

Plus, the upper of the shoe is incredibly light. And the lightness of the upper is as a result of its construction from Battleknit 2.0. The Battleknit also helps to provide adequate support where necessary.

There’s more: The lacing system has an innovating tongue design that promotes custom fit and easy entry.

These LeBron shoes offer locked-in support with its Flywire cables and extra feed laces. Cushioning is not left out as it combines the Air Max and Zoom Air system. This cushioning system delivers unrivaled impact absorption and instant responsiveness.

The shoe comes with articulated rubber outsoles—that indicate flexibility. Other exciting features that stand out in this shoe include: internal Achilles support protection, external heel counter for extra stability, and padded collar for extra comfort.

What We Like:

  • The shoes keep your foot in place
  • It has an amazing cushioning
  • The traction works well on all surfaces

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s expensive
  • It has a low-top design

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2. Nike LeBron Witness II

LeBron Witness II is perfect for any player on a budget. It’s a mid-top designed shoe that features the standard lace-up system—which allows easy adjustment of the laces and tongue to get a snug fit.

The shoe takes its snug fit to another level with an inner sleeve that offers you a sock-like fit.

The Witness II has hex-shaped zoom air units around the forefoot—that provide you with increased responsiveness and protects your feet against any level of impact.

Regardless of the intensity of your game, the shoe will still keep your feet cool and dry—because Nike made the uppers with textile and synthetic leather.

The shoe is perfect for outdoor basketball players because Nike made the outsole of thick, durable rubber material.

What We Like:

  • The shoe is lightweight
  • It helps to support your heel with an Achilles pad and foam wings
  • It comes with a zoom air technology that relieves stress on the joints

What We Don’t Like:

  • The grooves of the shoe in the rubber outsole attract a lot of dust
  • The outer material tends to wear out quickly

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3. Nike LeBron Soldier XII

If you’re keen on shoe designs, Soldier II may impress you. The shoe has an upper that was specifically engineered to provide targeted breathability and support. It also means that you can be active in the shoes for a long time.

But, that’s not all: The Soldier XII comes with a suede sole that has excellent traction. The Zoom Air technology is a highlight for this shoe because it enhances responsiveness to your movement and cushions your entire feet.

So, it doesn’t matter how hard you play; the shoes will always lock your feet securely—because the shoe straps cross the ankle and midfoot.

What We Like:

  • It has a variety of colors and styles
  • It supports your ankle with its crisscrossing straps
  • It comes with the Zoom Air technology that enhances cushioning

What We Don’t Like:

  • The straps lose easily
  • When the straps get dirty, they don’t wrap tightly

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Tips on How to Clean Your Basketball Shoes

Here are seven tips on how to maintain your LeBron basketball shoes:

  1. If you play outdoor basketball, use a toothpick to pick out any clumps or earth and stones.
  2. Use an old toothbrush to wipe off any excess dirt.
  3. Mix warm water and a bit of eco-friendly laundry detergent to wipe off excess dirt.
  4. Place a washcloth in warm water and rinse your shoes clean.
  5. Pat dry any excess water on your shoe and allow it to dry at room temperature.
  6. Wash your shoelace with little soap and water.
  7. Air-dry your insoles and sprinkle baking soda to fight lingering smells.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve read this article, you moved a step closer to making your decision easier—as long as you follow the buying guide. It’s up to you!

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