20 Best Looking NBA Players

NBA players are tall, strong, and extremely athletic. That makes them essential on the basketball court, but it also means they’re usually attractive. While some aren’t as handsome as others, most pro athletes tend to look the part.

This list proves that rule by looking at some of the most attractive players in the NBA. Everyone in this guide makes their living by dribbling a basketball, but there’s no doubt they could have had a successful modeling career as well.

20. Sterling Brown

Not a player many people know, Sterling Brown is a small time role player with a slick look and symmetrical face. He’s lean, tall, and has striking eyes. His style is good, and, despite his lighter weight, he still has plenty of muscles. 

Brown also keeps a clean, more subtle appearance. He doesn’t have any wild styles, and that works for his overall personality.

19. LaMelo Ball

Posted by LaMelo Ball (@melo) on Instagram

LaMelo may only be starting his NBA career, but he’s the best looking of his three brothers. He has the strength and leanness that comes with any pro athlete, but he’s proportioned well too. That gives him a more natural look without being too wide or too lanky.

On top of that, his longer hair works well with his youthful face. He has a great smile, and seems to always pull off whatever hairstyle he rocks on any given day.

18. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is a high-profile athlete who completely embodies the role. Beyond his incredibly muscular build and tapered frame, the Heat superstar puts a lot of effort into the little things too. That includes his look, style, and overall demeanor.

Butler has a big personality, which aids his attractiveness, as well as some of the best clothing choices in the league. Add on his six pack, and you have one of the most striking pro athletes on Earth.

17. Kevin Love

Kevin Love has been in the NBA a long time, but the 34 year old remains as attractive as ever. As with all others on this list, he has a symmetrical face and great smile. His hair is lush and full, while his eyes are striking. He has large leg and arm muscles too.

In that way, Love checks just about every box on attractiveness. He’s aged incredibly well, and looks as good as ever going into his 15th NBA season.

16. Jonas Valanciunas

Valanciunas makes this list because he’s a perfect blend of size, strength, and handsome. The Lithuianian-born player is tall and comes with plenty of muscles. On top of that, he has a soft face and a million dollar smile. Those traits work together nicely.

Valanciunas is one of the most reliable centers in the league, and his looks only help further his aura. He might not be in the top fifteen, but he definitely deserves to be on this list.

15. Zach Lavine

Chicago Bulls on Instagram

Though not quite as striking as the top players on this list, Zach Lavine is one of the best looking players in the league. He has a clean face, slick look, and a great smile. As with so many other athletes, he also is physically strong without being too big or bulky.

He’s on the skinnier side for pro athletes, but that’s hardly a problem. He has amazing style, and cleans up extremely well. That’s then complemented by his tight, angular jawline.

14. Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio (@rickyrubio9) / Twitter

Though his look might not be for everyone, Ricky Rubio fills a unique niche. He’s not as traditionally attractive as some others on this list, but he’s still incredibly well built, manages to be tall without being too overbearing, and has a great smile. 

The messier look complements his appearance too. While not everyone can pull off longer hair or an unkempt beard, he hits both marks quite well. His appearance would work against some, but they give him a rugged, more European look.

13. Rudy Gobert

Utah Jazz on Twitter

Gobert is one of the best centers in the NBA. He also happens to be extremely attractive. Always outfitted with a stylish beard, slim-fit clothes, and a slender jawline, the big man cleans up well and has a striking look few people his size can pull off.

His height works with him too. Though being incredibly tall can be a downside for some, his body works well thanks to his filled out frame and symmetrical face. He’s over seven feet, but doesn’t look like it.

12. Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma has all the usual traits that make NBA players attractive. He’s tall, strong, muscular, and also quite lean. However, he backs that up with an excellent sense of style too. Not only is he nice to look at, but he’s constantly wearing hip clothes or an interesting wardrobe. 

His various tattoos also work well with his body type to give him more of a bad boy appearance. Most NBA players have ink of some sort, but they don’t rock it as well as Kuzma.

11. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson Video Tweet

Klay Thompson may not be as traditionally attractive as some of the other players on this list, but he’s quite good looking in his own right. His wider face and more pronounced features work together nicely, especially considering his ample height. His curly hair is unique too.

Thompson’s personality also helps. He’s a bit of a jokester who isn’t afraid to be himself, as evident in his various interviews. That down to Earth attitude is something few NBA stars posses, and it makes him more endearing when paired with his frame.

10. Damian Lillard

Damien Lillard on Twitter

Equipped with one of the cleanest looks in the NBA, Damian Lillard is an undeniably attractive man. He’s not the first person people think about when breaking down attractive players, but he’s a good height, incredibly muscular, and is covered in unique tattoos.

His lean physique is just one part of his looks, however. He also gets points for his off-court style and unique fashion sense. All NBA players tend to dress well, but Lillard is known by everyone in the league as someone who cleans up extremely well.

9. Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka is tall, athletic, and quite good looking. He has the muscles that come with being a pro athlete, but doesn’t seem too bulky. In fact, he’s much leaner than most other players at his position, and it suits his frame incredibly well.

Not only does he have a naturally angular complexion and a pro athlete’s body, but his various facial hair styles and impeccable fashion instincts are second to none. He always looks good both on and off the court.

8. Wayne Ellington

Wayne Ellington is not a name many fans would know. The journeyman, while talented, isn’t exactly a household name. In fact, he’s been on 9 different teams since being drafted. Even so, he has a symmetrical face, large muscles, and a great wardrobe.

Ellington’s facial hair works perfectly with his jawline and soft eyes. He has great features alongside his chiseled body. Whatever hairstyle or look he decides to go with, his softer face is able to pull them all off.

7. Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons has been one of the premier players in the NBA since he got drafted due to his skill, but many people have noticed his looks as well. He has softer features, and manages to combine them with a more rugged face. He has a nice skin tone too.

Those traits aren’t just easy on the eyes, they allowed him to date other high profile women like Kendall Jenner. He’s youthful, ripped, strong, and has a soft, but well-defined face.

6. Andre Iguodala

Easily the oldest player on this list, Iguodala manages to keep himself fit and in great shape despite being 38. That’s old in NBA years, but it’s not old for normal people. He proves that with his strong muscles, broad shoulders, and charming smile.

Iguodala has a symmetrical face, long arms, as well as a chiseled body. Taking all of that into account, it’s no wonder he made this list. He’s one of the older players in the league, but his body still looks incredible.

5. Kelly Oubre Jr.

Known for his sleek jaw line and unmatched sense of style, Kelly Oubre Jr. is widely considered one of the most attractive NBA players. In a league of good looking men, he rises from the pack due to his symmetrical face, lean musculature, and amazing fashion.

Oubre always looks good regardless of the situation. That helps his already pleasant features and adds another dimension to his attraction. It’s not just that he dresses well, it’s that he dresses in a completely unique way for a range of different situations.

4. Blake Griffin

Even at the age of 33, Blake Griffin is one of the best looking players in the NBA. He’s always been extremely strong and tall, which gives him a nice tapered physique. However, his face, slight facial hair, and light skin tone are extremely attractive as well.

He’s one of the best dunkers in the NBA, and he’s also flirted with actingl. That’s something players can only do if they have the looks to back it up. He doesn’t have an extremely successful career, but it’s obvious he has what it takes to get on the big screen.

3. Danilo Gallinari

There are many good looking NBA athletes, but only a few of them can actually say they’ve spent time modeling. Gallinari is one such player. He’s tall, slender, strong, and has a pleasant face. Almost every feature he has is attractive, which is why he worked as a model for Armani.

The 6’10 player is quite tall, but has a natural physique that prevents him from looking too stretched out or lanky. He clearly spends time in the gym, and can back up his full hair and bright eyes with a range of different muscles.

2. Gordon Hayward

Though not as high profile as he once was, Gordon Hayward is still a good looking man. His long hair, angular face, and rugged demeanor all come together to create an attractive athlete. Not to mention his lean physique and noticeable muscles.

Adding to that is that he’s one of the quirkier players in the league. He’s a nice guy who’s incredibly down to Earth. That ups his attractiveness too. It’s not just that he has the looks, he’s got everything else that goes along with it.

1. Devin Booker

Image credit to LeagueFits on Twitter

When looking at attractive NBA players, it’s hard to beat Devin Booker. The young star still has his youthful looks, but also has a unique skin tone, clean facial hair, and a strong jawline. His fashion sense is also on point, which gives fans even more reason to be drawn to him.

Taking that into account, it’s no wonder why he dated a Jenner. He has one of the most pleasant faces in the league, backed up by a lean, muscular body. That combination puts him at the top of the list and makes him stand out among other good looking players.

Final Words

There are many attractive players in every professional sport. Though just about every top athlete is lean and muscular, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good looking. The above ones, however, play at a high level and are quite attractive at the same time.

At the end of the day, that doesn’t directly affect their ability to play. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with being easy on the eyes. NBA players might not all be on the same page, but cleaning up well is a bonus more than a few have.

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