3 Best Mini Basketball Hoops

I’ve been playing the game of basketball for more than two decades. This is my review of the best mini basketball hoops.

Basketball is a favorite pastime of millions of people from all over the world. People, both young and old, love shooting hoops any chance they get. Some of us are even lucky enough to have a basketball hoop in our driveway or backyard!

However, many people simply don’t have space or money for a full-sized basketball hoop. If you lack space but love basketball, a mini basketball hoop might be the answer to your prayers.

This guide is going to look at some of the best mini basketball hoops on the market to help you discover which is the best for your needs.

Who Should Get This

If you only have access to a small space or indoor space, but love shooting hoops, getting a mini basketball hoop is a good idea. They take up little to no space in your home, are incredibly easy to install and put up, and can be very relaxing to play.

Whether you’re a student looking to spice up your dorm room or want a fun indoor game for your family and friends, I can’t recommend a mini basketball hoop enough. They can be endless hours of fun for both individuals and groups.

Now, if you have a basketball hoop outside or easy access to a court, these types of products might not be for you. Also, if you have a lot of outdoor space, it might be worthwhile to look at our guide on buying a full-sized hoop.

How to Choose Mini Basketball Hoops

Here are a few factors that I think you should consider, whether you’re shopping online or offline.


Of course, you need to consider the size of the hoop you are thinking about getting. While some might be able to fit a near full-size backboard in their home, others will need smaller space-saving models. These hoops come in a range of sizes to accommodate the space that most people have, or don’t have. Some can be as small as a couple of inches, while others can reach well over afoot.


Mini basketball hoops come in a range of different materials (plastic, foam, polycarbonate, and several others) and which material you want is something you need to think about. Some materials will be stronger and more resistant than others, so keep that in mind if you plan on being less-than-gentle with your hoop.

Method of Attachment

The way these hoops get attached can also differ from one to the next, and you need to choose the type that works best for you. Some of them get mounted to a wall or above a door, some hang over a door and others can simply be stuck to the wall. Some aren’t even attached to walls at all and will have a stand that supports them.

Best Mini Basketball Hoop: Our Picks

Below you’ll see a list of our top recommendations, along with a detailed review of each hoop so you get to know its pros and cons before making a more informed purchase decision.

1. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball, Standard (18 x 12 inches)

If you are looking for heavy-duty, yet mobile, mini basketball hoop, the SKLZ Pro is a great option. It offers high-quality construction, an 8-loop net and a shatter-resistant backboard which measures 18×12 inches.

The rim also breaks away, so feel free to slam dunk as hard as you want! The model also comes in different sizes and colors.


  • High-quality construction
  • Offers different size and color options
  • The rim is made of steel and can support endless play


  • Some doors may struggle to close with this hoop over the top

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2. Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Spalding is one of the most respected and successful manufacturers of basketball-related products. This mini hoop features a modern look, complete with a steel rim and mount.

It comes with both a ball and an assembly kit, and measures 18×10.5 inches. It is designed for indoor play and it’s perfect for the home or office.


  • Includes NBA replica game ball
  • The door hooks are padded
  • Contains steel throughout


  • The hoop cannot support very much weight
  • It is built well, but relatively weak

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3. Liberty Imports Magic Shot Mini Basketball Hoop Set with Ball and Pump (Single)

If you like more fun and unique design on your mini basketball hoop, the Liberty Imports Magic Shot might be for you.

It is colorful, light, and very simple to set up and move throughout your home or office. It’s lightweight and the 13×16 inch design is perfect for all ages, from toddlers to adults.


  • Extremely easy to set up and move
  • Can either be mounted on the wall or hung over the door
  • Offers a colorful and exciting design, great for kids


  • Not very sturdy or well-built
  • If you’re not careful, could get broken or bent

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Useful Tips and Resources

Of course, before you purchase a mini basketball hoop you need to be knowledgeable on how to put it together and how to mount it.

Many are quite easy, but some tools and assembly might be required so do your best to be aware of that ahead of time. While shooting solo can be fun, also be aware of some different games to try on your new mini basketball hoop.

We all know HORSE, but there are several other games worth trying out. Also, be sure to get creative and have some fun games like the creators of this video:

Final Words

If you love shooting hoops, but don’t have enough space for a full-sized hoop, a mini basketball hoop can be a great option. There are several high-quality choices, no matter what style you prefer.

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