This is my review of the best NBA signature shoes in 2021.

If you watch the NBA on TV or in person, one of the first things that you will notice is the shoes they are wearing on their feet. Each superstar out there tends to have their own signature shoes, but who are the best in that department?

From Lebron to Kyrie or Steph Curry, there are a ton of choices out there. We have listed our favorite NBA signature shoes on this list, which will help you decide what separates the greats from the rest. L

et’s take a look at some of the top NBA signature shoes on the market.

Quick Summary

  • If you want to own a piece of history, the LI-NING Wade All City 7 One Last Dance basketball shoes are for you. The last signature shoe of Dwayne Wade is a thing of beauty, and performs great on the court as well!
  • If you prefer straps to laces, check out the Nike Lebron Soldier XII basketball shoes. They forgo laces for heavy-duty straps giving them a great look and a tight fit on your feet.
  • If you want to be the most stylish, colorful player on the court, the Nike Kyrie 5 basketball shoes are for you. They are loud and proud, and they perform at a high level to boot.
  • If you care less about flashy and crazy design, and more about performance, the Under Armour Curry 3 is a perfect fit. It may not look over the top, but the performance certainly is!

Who Should Get This?

If you want to look like your favorite NBA player when you are on the court, these signature shoes are exactly what you need.

All of these shoes on this list are the signature line from your favorite players, so when you lace them up you can channel your inner D-Wade, Lebron, or Steph Curry.

The other group of people this is for are just basketball players in general.

Given the amount of research and development that has gone into each of these shoes, as well as in the input from the NBA players, you will be getting extremely high performing basketball sneakers.

Best NBA Signature Shoes: What to Consider?

Favorite Player

The main factor here is going to be if your favorite player has a shoe. If you want to look just like your idol, you will want to find their shoes and buy them!

High or Low Tops

Often each player will have options for high and low tops, but not all. If you prefer high tops, you are in luck as most shoes are in this category.

Finding low tops is a bit more difficult, but they are making a bit of a resurgence in recent years.

Brand Loyalty

Do you need that Nike swoosh on your shoes? If you have a certain brand that you favor, odds are you are going to fall over to that brand no matter what.

Adidas fans tend to buy more Adidas shoes than Puma, that’s just the way it is.

Team Colors

Are you looking for a sneaker to wear on game day? You may want to find a sneaker that matches your team colors, which will certainly narrow down your options as you decide on the next sneaker you buy.

Best NBA Signature Shoes: Our Picks

1. LI-NING Wade All City 7 One Last Dance

Who wouldn’t love to grab a pair of Dwayne Wade’s signature shoe for his last professional season? These eye-catching gold sneakers are both flashy and elegant. People will surely shower you in compliments for wearing these.

What We Like:

  • Awesome gold look.
  • Extremely comfortable on feet.
  • Icy soles with “One Last Dance” on the bottom.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Fits on the larger side, especially in the toe/front of the shoe.

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2. Nike Lebron Soldier XII

Lebron is the greatest NBA player of the last decade, so strapping his signature shoe on your feet is like having a bit of the “king” with you at all times. While there are newer models out there, the XII we believe is one of the best looking version to date.

What We Like:

  • Awesome strap design.
  • Nice colorways to match multiple outfits.
  • Great performance.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Velcro on the straps gets dirty easily.

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3. Nike Kyrie 5

This is the shoe you want if you are looking to wow your friends. The colors and design just pop and will make you the talk of the court. They are great feeling on the feet as well, giving you the comfort, design, and performance that Nike is known for.

What We Like:

  • Great looking shoes.
  • Nike’s quality is unrivaled.
  • Comfortable on feet.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The fit is a bit tight.

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4. Under Armour Curry 3

Steph Curry may not have the most flashy game on the court, but he is super effective. Such is his signature shoe. The performance is out of this world, and they are extremely comfortable. While the looks aren’t the most flashy, they are sleek and understated which could be exactly what you are looking for.

What We Like:

  • Minimal design is nice for any uniform/outfit.
  • The comfort level is great.
  • Tons of color options to choose from.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Durability is not quite as high as others.

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Useful Tips and Resources

Finding the right socks is often overlooked when thinking about basketball. However, pairing the perfect pair of socks with your new NBA signature shoes can be a match made in heaven.

Check out this article to learn about this crazy new sock designed specifically for basketball players. If you want to check out the socks, you can find them here on Amazon.

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Final Words

Lacing up a pair of signature NBA shoes just has a different feeling.

Knowing you are putting on the exact same shoe as an elite athlete gives you the confidence on the court and in your life that you can do anything. It just has a different feel.