This is my review of the best portable basketball hoops to get in 2021.

If you are looking for a new hoop and you don’t have time to research every single review, let me walk you through some important aspects to consider and give you an unbiased opinion on what models rise above the rest.

I’ve been playing basketball for more than two decades and have tried many portable hoops over the years, I have experience in picking the good ones from the bad.

Read on to learn more!

Quick Summary

If you are after something for smaller kids then it’s worth checking out the Lifetime series. They come with 44″ backboards, a sturdy base, and a strong pole.

If you’d prefer a stronger rim that you can freely dunk on, then check out:

Who Should Get This?

Not everyone has the luxury of a large backyard to put a permanent basketball hoop. If that’s the case with you, then a portable hoop is the way to go.

The benefit of choosing a portable basketball hoop is that you don’t need a lot of space. You just need enough room for you and your friends/family to dribble, stop, jump, and shoot without worrying about the hoop crashing down.

Best Portable Basketball Hoops: Top Picks

Best portable basketball hoops for smaller kids:

1. Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Do you want to get the kids off their Xbox and out into some fresh air? Take a look at the Lifetime 90040. This portable hoop can be used indoors and out, while the polycarbonate backboard is quite robust.


  • Easy assembly with good instructions
  • Adjustable pole height (7.5-10ft)


  • Rebounds seem flat due to slight backboard wobble

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2. Lifetime 90644 32″ Youth Basketball Hoop

If you’re looking for a hoop the little ones will get some great use from, it is best to go with the Lifetime 32” Youth Portable Basketball Hoop. With a Youth Impact backboard, you can rest assured this will last.


  • Height adjustment from 5.5-7.5ft
  • Perfect for ages 10 and under
  • 15” folding rim


  • Base hole is quite small for filling with sand or water

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3. Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

This 44” shatterproof fusion portable basketball hoop has superior strength, quality, and a pro glass looking backboard that is great for you and your kids.


  • No tools required to extend the pole from 7.5-10ft
  • Assembly only 30 minutes


  • Moving the hoop may require two people

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Best portable basketball hoops for bigger kids (including adults):

4. Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54″ Angled Pole Backboard Basketball System

Here is a solid portable system that will confidently support today’s style of game. The reduced vibration from backboard rebounds gives you that real court feel.


  • Acceptable for dunking
  • Breakaway rim
  • Polycarbonate backboard for stable rebounds
  • Backboard offset is 16”, which gives you some space before hitting the pole


  • The steel pole may cause taller players an issue
  • Takes a few hours to assemble

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5. Silverback NXT Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Here’s a pro-feel portable basketball hoop for you to check out – the awesome Silverback NXT. This highly rated and reviewed system will have you slamming without any issues.


  • 90-minute assembly
  • Wrap around backboard frame for more authentic rebounds
  • Immune to harsh weather
  • 26” backboard offset – giving you ample space under the rim


  • Some in-ground hoops are cheaper than this portable system

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6. Spalding The Beast Glass Portable Basketball Hoop 54″

The Spalding Beast is the most realistic portable system out there. This is a well-built hoop that gives rebounds as if it were on a court.


  • High-quality construction
  • Quality tempered glass backboard for “real-feel” rebound
  • A sturdy 40-gallon base


  • Difficult assembly
  • Top heavy, may blow over in wind

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7. Spalding The Beast Glass Portable Basketball Hoop 60″

The name says it all. This 60” portable Beast is what dreams are made of, and the tempered glass backboard will make you happy.


  • 4 wheeled base for mobility
  • 55-gallon sturdy base
  • 24” backboard offset
  • Breakaway rim


  • Requires two people for assembly

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Best Portable Basketball Hoops: What to consider?


Tempered glass vs Acrylic vs Polycarbonate:

  • Tempered glass is the best choice for the most “real feel” on your at-home hoop.
  • Acrylic works great and is slightly cheaper than tempered glass. However, there’s just a slight variation in ball rebound.
  • Polycarbonate – again, it does the job of holding the ring in place. It’s also usually the cheapest option, but the ball rebound is slightly duller than acrylic.

Backboard size recommendations:

  • For little ones – 32”-44”
  • Everyone else – 54”+


Base capacity matters. You don’t want that hoop coming down on top of you when you’ve finally mastered your first real dunk.

As such, I recommend going for a base that holds at least 35 gallons. Sand or water (with gel mix) will keep your hoop in place for years to come.


I suggest you consider the backboard/pole offset. That creates a distance between the backboard and pole that limits injuries.

On-court hoops have the pole roughly 4 feet from the backboard, which then ensures players don’t slam their bodies into it while running full speed.

If you can’t get such measurements at home, there are always pole padding options. The standard indoor fixed basketball pole + backboard height is 10 feet.

A majority of the tested hoops have adjustable pole heights so your hoop can grow with your kids and/or their ability.

Final Tips

Check reviews and instructions to see how many people you’ll need to assemble and move your new portable basketball hoop.

Ensure you keep up the recommended maintenance to ensure the longevity of your hoop. If you’re living in an area that is prone to freezing temperatures then choose sand or a gel mix for your base to make sure it doesn’t crack.

There are so many portable hoops to choose from, but have faith that our above reviews are tried and true. Once your kids get hooked on playing basketball it may be worth the investment to go for the bigger, longer-lasting versions.

How many shots in a row have you hit in your yard/local court? Tell us below!