3 Best Shoulder Braces for Basketball and Other Sports

This is my review of the best shoulder brace for basketball and other sports.

Basketball is a rough sport with lots of physical contact and it is very common for injuries to occur.

Thankfully, when injuries do occur, there are tools we can use to help us continue playing as long as the injury is not too bad.

Shoulder injuries can be common. Fighting for rebounds, a loose ball, or trying to get through a screen or pick are common situations that all too often can end in injury to the shoulder.

Hopefully, it is not serious enough to keep you from playing, but if it is, you may still want some extra support from a shoulder brace to help you make that comeback and get back to the top of your game.

Let’s take a look at some of the best shoulder braces available on the market.

Who Should Get This?

If you have had a shoulder injury and/or had shoulder surgery, then you should strongly consider using a shoulder brace.

If you have had an injury in the past or just suffer from chronic shoulder pain, a shoulder brace can provide the extra support you need to prevent re-injury and alleviate pain.

Shoulder braces can help with injuries and conditions such as dislocated AC joints, labrum tear, rotator cuff, tendonitis, fractures, arthritis, general pain, swelling, and other instability issues.

These braces can help you heal, relieve pain, and in most cases still allow you to play basketball with your injury or while you are recovering.

So, if you are someone who can stand to miss a game, you just need extra support to relieve pain, or you need something to help you recover and prevent further injury, then you should definitely consider using a shoulder brace for basketball.

A shoulder brace will help you train or play and get back to your normal routine by providing the support and protection that you need and it will give you the confidence to continue playing at a high level.

Shoulder Brace for Basketball or Other Sports: What to Consider

Below are a few factors that I believe you should take into accounts while choosing the best shoulder support brace.


The main purpose of a brace is to provide support for an injured or weak part of your body. A shoulder brace is no different, it needs to provide very good support to the shoulder area.

It should hold your upper arm and shoulder in place and keep the joint aligned as you pass, shoot, rebound, dribble, etc.


Since you will be playing basketball with the brace on, your brace needs to allow you to have the mobility to move around. You need to be able to move your arms and body to make shots, pass the ball, rebound the ball and dribble.

Although you do need to have the mobility, it needs to be within reason. Too much mobility may not provide enough support.

While too much support may not provide enough mobility. So there needs to be a compromise between the two.


A good brace should not only provide support, but it should protect you from further injury. It should give you an extra layer of padding and act kind of like armor protecting the injured or weak area from further injury.


You need to make sure the brace can be worn comfortably. While wearing a brace can never be totally comfortable, it needs to be comfortable enough that you can make it through a practice or a game.

You don’t want it to be poking you, be itchy, or cause chaffing.


Durability is a must if you want a shoulder brace for basketball. Whether you are practicing or playing a game, it will need to survive some rough play.

You don’t want your shoulder brace to fail during a game and you want it to be able to last through an entire season or more if needed.

Top Picks of The Best Shoulder Brace for Basketball and Other Sports

There are many products available on the market, but these options listed below are the best. Read my review to learn more about each item including its pros and cons.

1. Bauerfeind – OmoTrain

This shoulder brace is different than the typical shoulder brace. Its special design uses your own movement to provide a deep tissue massage to the shoulder area to help relieve pain.

What we like:

  • Its special design helps to relieve pain.
  • It keeps the arm and shoulder socket in place to reduce pain and maintain mobility.
  • Breathable moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Perfect fit and sizing to ensure comfort, mobility, and support.
  • Low profile and not bulky so it allows very good movement.

What we don’t like:

  • Its low profile may not provide as much protection from rough practice and gameplay.
  • Need to make sure you measure very accurately before ordering.

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2. EVS Sports SB03 Shoulder Brace

This is a great protective brace that provides good support and comfort.

What we like:

  • Very good support and compression.
  • Adjustable to fit all sizes.
  • Design prevents chafing and discomfort.
  • Fits left or right shoulder.
  • No snag design.
  • It provides good protection during practice and gameplay.

What we don’t like:

  • It is a little bulky.

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3. Oacis Life Shoulder Brace

This is a nice simple shoulder brace for all types of shoulder injuries. It is a low profile brace and provides good basic support.

What we like:

  • Universal size.
  • Fits left or right shoulder.
  • Made with quality durable material but is still lightweight.
  • Includes a pressure pad to increase compression and stability.
  • Low profile design provides comfort and doesn’t get in the way of playing.

What we don’t like:

  • Although it provides good basic support, it may not provide as much as some of the others.
  • May not fit XS sizes.

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Useful Tips and Resources

When you are done playing, it is important to take care of your shoulder injury or soreness. It is usually good to ice it down for a while to take down any swelling.

At some point, heat therapy may be good for your shoulder also. Take a look at this gel pack harness, which allows you to attach the gel pack (cold or hot) to your shoulder so you don’t have to hold it in place.

If you do have shoulder issues, you may want to consult a doctor first, but here are some simple exercises that can be used to alleviate pain and help you strengthen your shoulder.

Final Words

A shoulder injury can really affect your game and in some cases may keep you from playing.

Hopefully, this is not the case, but if you do suffer from shoulder pain or shoulder injury, there are some good shoulder braces out there.

These shoulder braces can help you continue to play basketball or your favorite sport, reduce some of your pain and also help you recover from your injury.

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