4 Best Sports Bras for Basketball

This is my review of the best sports bras for basketball.

Did you know that wearing the wrong bra can affect your game performance? Well, the Department of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Portsmouth researched to make this finding.

Their study suggested that the movement of breasts during a sports activity can be embarrassing and painful. Plus, it can daunt your participation in active sports. At least 17 percent of the women they tested thought so.

It’s even worse when you wear the regular day-to-day bras to accent your sports collections, rather than use one that’s suitable for you. But here’s the deal:

If you can’t negotiate your comfort for anything while playing, you need to consider getting the best sports bras for basketball.

Well, this article has got you covered. We selected four of the best sports bras in the market and provided a buying guide that will help your decision-making easily.

Who Should Get This?

Sports bras for basketball aren’t a mere workout accessory—they are a piece of art that provides proven medical and performance-enhancing benefits. Is that all?

Sports bras maintain the integrity of the breast wall and the shape of the breast. This benefit is crucial because too much intense movement of the breast causes ligament around the chest as well as stretching and tearing.

Sadly, the damage is irreversible—and it causes drooping and sagging breasts. It’s almost impossible to avoid breast movements during a game. And breast movement during a game can be painful and inconvenient.

But, not to worry, sports bras have superpowers that help hold your breast in place without your breasts feeling squeezed and uncomfortable.

Do you sweat profusely during a game? Well, sports bras have got your breasts covered—because the manufacturers make them with fabrics that wick sweat from your body and increase airflow to your body alongside—keeping you cool and dry.

Sports bras also help you stay comfortable throughout a game—thanks to its design that does more than to flatter. Interestingly, they also reduce chaffing.

No doubt, sports bras are great, and they work well for female basketball players that value comfort. But the recommendations in this article aren’t for females that don’t engage in low-impact activities, because it will be too much sturdiness for nothing.

Best Sports Bras for Basketball: Our Picks

Here are our top choices, along with a detailed review of each item so you know its pros and cons.

1. Panche Underwire Sports Bra

You will love the Panche Underwire Sports Bra if you fancy an underwire bra that has support and comfort. Getting the bra means that you’ll get extra-wide straps and a hook-eye closure to keep you pretty comfortable when you’re on the court.

It also comes with ventilated panels attached to the sides of the bra. Thus, it allows air to circulate your chest region—giving you a cooling effect while you’re moving up and down the court.

One great feature about this bra is it reduces bounce level up to a whopping 83 percent, according to the manufacturers. This feature makes it an excellent option for ladies with big busts that do a lot of twists, jumping, and running on the court.

Variety is the spice of life. Thus, the bra comes in an extensive collection of colors.

What We Like:

  • It’s highly supportive for big chests
  • It has a range of colors to pick from
  • Comes with ventilated panels
  • Excellent extra clasp at the back—giving a racerback option

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s quite expensive
  • The underwire could fall out if it’s machine washed

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2. Under Armour Eclipse High Impact Bra

Sometimes, it’s challenging to take off your bra when you’re tired, sore, or sweaty. But, the Under Armour Eclipse High Impact Bra has got you covered. It comes with an amazing front zip that allows you to adjust or take off your bra without flexing a muscle.

That’s not all. It gives your breasts enough support when you’re on the court. Plus, it enables you to place your breasts in an optimal spot. How? You can slip your arms and adjust your breasts easily, even when you’re outdoors.

The bra comes with a smooth material that wicks moisture, which keeps you comfortable throughout a game. Plus, the racerback comes with adjustable straps that give your breasts the ideal fit while distributing its weight uniformly.

What We Like:

  • The front zip makes it easy to wear and take off
  • Fantastic racerback with adjustable straps
  • Support is great
  • Pretty comfortable to use for a long time
  • It has a higher neckline and covers cleavage well

What We Don’t Like:

  • The Strap rings lose quickly sometimes
  • Straps adjustments are quite bulky

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3. Enell Maximum Control

It’s advisable to go for the Enell Maximum Control if you have a larger bust and you find it hard to get a bra that supports your structure.

The bra does a great job in keeping your breasts comfortable, especially if they are large, although it’s not the prettiest of bras. You can move around the court without your sweat getting in the way of your comfort.

That’s not all. The manufacturers scientifically created it with high-quality Lycra Spandex (with 10% Lycra and 90% Nylon) that enhances your comfort and security while you play the game. Plus, the Naturexx component in the bra helps to prevent heat and remove moisture from your body—keeping your body cool and dry all through the game.

What We Like:

  • It’s sturdy
  • It has a front closure
  • It’s super supportive and comfortable for your breasts
  • High neckline
  • Fantastic bounce control

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s not suitable for women with cup size C
  • The design is ugly

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4. Shock Absorber Women’s Ultimate Fly Bra Sports

The Shock Absorber Women’s Ultimate Fly Bra Sports is an award-winning bra that’s pretty popular amongst professional female NBA players because of its vast range of cup sizes, ranging from 30A to 38G.

This bra is a multifunctional workhorse that will not only serve you on the court, but it will cover you for all your daily activities. The manufacturers designed them especially to have an “infinity-8 support system” that gives your breasts a nearly bounce-free ride on the court—regardless of your size.

What more?

You won’t experience slippage when you run or jump in the court because it has wide straps that fasten in two places. The inner part of the bra is unified, so it limits the chance of chaffing. However, the chest band could press down and make impressions on your chests sometimes.

With this sports bra, you can take off your tee for more visibility at night, because it comes with reflective detailing.

What We Like:

  • Racerback design transfers strain from shoulders to the trunk of your neck
  • There’s no chafing with this bra
  • It has a snug fir that minimizes projection
  • It gives excellent support and comfort

What We Don’t Like:

  • Sometimes, the strand loses from behind during intense activity

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How to Choose Sports Bras for Basketball

There are things you should look out for before buying a sports bra for basketball.


There are so many sports bras in the market. But they come in three ranges of support: low, medium, and high. The support you opt for should depend on your activity and cup size.

High-Support Sports Bra

The high-support sports bras are perfect for basketball players —because it offers maximum support for high-impact activities. It’s also a good option for players with larger busts.

Medium-Support Sports Bra

Medium-support sports bras are ideal for players with large busts that perform low-impact activities like yoga. Females with D or C cup sizes can also use this kind of bra as long as they only engage in activities like cycling, jogging, and light gym training. But, players that use A and B cup sizes may be comfortable doing medium to high-impact activities.

Low-Medium Support Sports Bra

The low-medium support sports bras offer the lightest level of support. It is a perfect go-to for low-impact activities like barre, pilates, yoga, and stretching. Even though this kind of bra is for low-impact exercises, females with A or B cup size may be comfortable performing more rigorous activities.


In the area of material and style, every woman has different preferences. All you need to do is know what catches your attention and works for your game as well. You can start with the following typical sports bra features and pick one that blends with your personal choice.

Seamless Design

It’s always a safer option to go for sports bras that incorporate “Flatseaming” or have a smooth plan—because manufacturers built the stitch type to be sturdy. Thus, the design helps to prevent wear and tear in areas that stretch during movement.


Sports bras with features like cutout detailing on the side and mesh paneling is a great start—because it allows the natural flow of air as you train or play.


Most bras have underwires. Some are flexible while others aren’t. The underwire offers better support and shape to the breast. But, if you’d rather have comfort without support, you can buy wireless bras.


These days, there are a lot of sports bras in different fabrics. It’s easy to go for cotton—at least it’s breathable and soft, right? Well, that is the wrong choice for the game of basketball that involves high levels of perspiration.

Instead, go for spandex sports bras because of its elasticity. Or a microfiber sports bra—which is a thin synthetic fiber—known for its moisture-wicking ability.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Since you’ll be sweating a lot during a game, it’s best to consider sports bras that come with moisture-wicking technology. Because it helps to lift sweat from your skin and move it to the surface of your garment—which means you stay dry and fresh.


If you’re particular about aesthetics, removable cups and padding will interest you—because it acts as an in-built modesty. It also provides additional layers of materials that protect your breasts.

Strap Types

Sports bras come in various strap styles. It ranges from strapless to straps for aesthetic and functional reasons. You can choose the classic racer—a strap style that features straps that meet in the middle for a supportive fit. It’s an excellent choice for women that don’t mind something different from the regular spaghetti straps.


Do you have a favorite type of bra closure? Do you love the usual pullover bras without clasps hooks—that are hard to remove and wear? Or you prefer a front zipper for more support? Even if you admire the hook-and-eye closures—it all depends on what works for you.

Compression and Encapsulation

Compression bras come from fabrics that tightly press your breasts against your body. It’s common in pullover styles—and it’s ideal for women with larger cup sizes that perform low-impact activities—or women with smaller cups that perform high-impact activities.

Encapsulation bras support each breast individually like your regular—bras thanks to its separated cups. It is ideal for women with larger busts that perform high-impact activities.

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Tips on How to Wash Your Sports Bra

Here are six tips on how to clean your sports bra:

  • Pay attention to the instructions on the clothing label. For instance, if you see “dry clean,” it means that the sports bra is fit for a machine wash.
  • Separate your sports bra by color and care. It’s always better to hand wash sports bras with molded cups—since the machine can cause the cup to lose its shape and fit.
  • For hand-washable sports bras, avoid conventional detergents—because they are harsh on the fabric and elastic fibers—which makes the garment brittle too fast.
  • If you must do a machine wash, ensure that it’s a cold wash because sports bras are sensitive.
  • Remember to ALWAYS air dry the sports bra—to maintain its original fit.
  • If you have sensitive skin, go for fragrance-free detergents to avoid allergies.

Final Verdict

One thing is sure! Getting the best sports bras for basketball can help improve your energy level, comfort, and performance while playing on the court. They can go as far as helping your breathing. Plus, they save you from having heat rashes.

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