This is my review of the best sports detergent for gym clothes in 2021.

There is no better feeling than working up a sweat either at the gym or playing your favorite sport.

Afterward, however, peeling off your gym clothes and washing them before they start stinking up your house is a must. Sometimes the smell lingers though, and your regular detergent just won’t cut it.

You definitely aren’t going to stop breaking a sweat, so what are your options for keeping your gym clothes clean and smelling as fresh as when you bought them? This article has you covered.

We are going to test out some of the best sports detergents for your sweaty smelly gym clothes. Let’s go!

Quick Summary

  • Sports Suds Laundry Detergent is a great non-toxic odor-free option for those looking to get out tough odors without their clothes smelling like someone dropped them in a vat of flowery perfume. This tub goes a long way too, promising up to 140+ loads from one purchase.
  • Nathan’s Power Wash Detergent strips your gear of 99.9% of the stains and the stink while ensuring the performance of your clothes’ fabric remains intact. This detergent also prides itself on being 100% non-toxic and free of all bleach, fabric softener, brighteners, and scents.
  • Sweat X Sport Extreme Detergent is a worthwhile option, especially for a cheaper brand than the others we will cover. It is also versatile, working well with all types of fabrics and in any washer, including HE models. Looking to smell great within your budget? Sweat X Sport is the perfect starting point.

Who Should Get This

By now, you should know whether or not you are the ideal candidate for an effective sports detergent for your funky smelling clothes.

You aren’t alone either as I am raising my hand and nodding my head while reading all of the benefits of these brands.

If you want me to spell it out though, people with a smelly workout gear issue should be investing in sports detergent in order to have their clothes smelling like new after every workout.

If you workout outside in the grass and are prone to staining your clothes, these detergents will do the trick in getting any stain out.

Best Sports Detergent for Gym Clothes: What to Consider

Let’s face it, you don’t want your clothes to stink every time you sweat. On top of smelling fresh and getting your clothes clean, there are some other factors to consider when purchasing a reliable sports detergent option.

Dollar Per Load Ratio

While the price point is important for people on a budget, sometimes springing for a larger dollar amount and saving in the dollar per load ratio department is a better long-term investment.

Usually, the difference in brands is pennies, but those can add up, and if you find a good brand for even a little less, that’s a win-win.


Is your detergent be effective with other clothes? Maybe damp shower or beach towels could benefit? Can you wash your hockey gloves and pads along with the jersey and pants with the same detergent?

These are all questions you should ask, and brands should deliver answers when considering the brand to work for your particular stink and sports situation.

If Mom can bang out all of the smelly clothes in one laundry load you can believe she’ll take advantage.

Added Ingredients

All of the detergents that we will cover are non-toxic and “people-friendly” so no worries there. Oftentimes hard-hitting soaps and detergents end up containing extra ingredients that aren’t good for you or the environment.

Take an extra second looking for a brand that will help the earth and your body, not hurt them.

Best Sports Detergent for Gym Clothes: Our Picks

1. Sports Suds Laundry Detergent

Looking for a detergent that will stretch your dollar and won’t have you heading back to the store for more the next time you go shopping? This option may be your best bet then. With an offering of over 140 loads per bottle, the Sports Suds brand goes a long way to get the tough smells and stains out of your clothes. The odor-free detergent will not mess with any of your sensitivities and leaves no added residue behind in the process.

Sports Suds are tough enough for any piece of clothing yet soft enough to use on your clothes, towels, and even baby apparel. It also cleans so well that it ensures your washer doesn’t stink in the process. Now, you can focus on your kid’s big game this week instead of worrying about keeping them clean.

What We Like:

  • The 140+ load bottle seems to last forever
  • Friendly on virtually any fabric and clothing item
  • Very environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, and free of all bleach, dyes, and perfumes

What We Dislike:

  • Been known to be less effective in cold water as opposed to warm

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2. Nathan Power Wash Detergent

With the Nathan guarantee of eliminating 99.9% of all odors and stains, how can you miss this buy? Why is it called Power Wash Detergent? Because it acts as a power washer for your clothes! And, just like your deck or sidewalk, your clothes get cleaned without being ruined. You can also throw your athletic gloves and pads into the load with your clothes too for the most comprehensive cleansing of all the stinky gear you wear day in and day out.

Not only does Nathan Power Wash Detergent clean your clothes but it protects and restores them as well. Invest in the best athletic gear and wear it longer with Nathan’s Power Wash Detergent’s special blend of tough and protective.

What We Like:

  • Very affordable
  • Very strong on odor. Even eliminates ammonia smell
  • Environmentally-friendly: vegetable-based and all-natural biodegradable ingredients

What We Dislike:

  • Differing opinions on whether or not detergent is effective on stains

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3. Sweat X Sport Extreme Laundry Detergent

The Sweat X Sport Detergent is our short-term budget pick. The big sell with Sweat X Sport is that you use less to get the same result as the bigger bottles. Sign my family up for one less bulky detergent bottle in the laundry room. Like our other brands, the Sweat X Sport option is friendly for the environment and extra gentle on sensitive skin. Some even claim that only 2 tablespoons are necessary to save the smelliest of clothes.

What We Like:

  • The Nanovasive odor eliminator really works
  • Gentle on skin and your most delicate clothes
  • Great for removing grass and bloodstains

What We Dislike:

  • Works better with warmer water and after soaking the clothes in it

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Useful Tips and Resources

Now that you have solved the stinky clothes conundrum, you want to be sure that stench doesn’t stick to your other clothes or marinate in your laundry room for too long.

A heavy-duty laundry bag like these OTraki Heavy Duty bags should keep your nasty clothes separate from your everyday. They come in a two-pack for better organizing and have an airtight drawstring for extra security.

Final Thoughts

Smelling bad shouldn’t deter you from working hard in the gym or on the field. It also shouldn’t panic your poor mother who may end up with the brunt of the smelly clothes at the end of the game.

Investing in any one of our proven sports detergents will save your clothes from a lot of wear and tear and your house won’t smell like a locker room.