This is my review of the best street basketball shoes in 2021.

There are many basketball shoes on the market, but finding ones for outdoor hoops is never easy. Most shoes are made for the hardwood.

So much so, that even well-constructed footwear quickly breaks down or tears when used on the street.

If you like to play on asphalt, but don’t want to buy a new pair of shoes once every month or two, there are a few aspects you need to take note of before making your final purchase.

Quick Summary

  • The Nike Lebron 16 is the best all-around street basketball shoe. It not only has great cushion and response time, but it also is jam-packed with a range of premium features to keep you at the top of your game.
  • Few street shoes have the comfort of the Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 2. This cushioned sneaker is snug, fits well, and provides extra protection through advanced stability.
  • Players who want a light model for outdoor play should look at the Adidas Crazylight Boost. This model is tough, durable, but allows you to run and jump without anything weighing you down.

Best Street Basketball Shoes: What to Consider

When picking out a good street basketball shoe, it is important to find a sneaker that can stand up to the elements.

That does not just mean footwear that will withstand the blacktop, but something that has the ability to stay strong in the face of sun, heat, cold, and rain.

Always look for shoes with hard, durable outsoles. That is a must for uneven or wet terrain.

Wide and deep traction, as well as tough, tear-resistant upper material, is incredibly important as well.

While most big name brands don’t make shoes with outdoor play in mind, the above models are a few notable exceptions that will keep you at the top of your game no matter where you play basketball.

Best Street Basketball Shoes: Our Picks

1. Nike Lebron 16

Kicking off our list is the Lebron 16. This shoe is an incredibly sturdy sneaker that can withstand a lot of outdoor punishment.

These sneakers come with extreme traction, which helps you grip the ground no matter what surface you’re playing on, as well as lateral outriggers that provide an extra bit of stability in the outsole.

While the cushion is not quite as strong here as it is in some of the other shoes on this list, it still gives you more than enough padding to help your feet stay comfortable no matter how hard you run. The Battleknit 2.0 feature provides more lockdown as well.

On top of all this, the shoes come with a Max Air cushioning system, integrated Flywire cables, internal Achilles support, and full rubber outsole fixed with a unique herringbone pattern.

All of those different features come together to create a shoe that is solid both inside and out.

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2. Under Armour UA Clutchfit Drive 2

Playing on the street can be hard on your feet. To help with that, there is the Under Armour UA Clutchfit Drive II. This shoe offers premium comfort throughout the entire foot, which is a must-have for players who ball on any hard or unforgiving surface.

In addition, the shoes come with a 3D molded tongue and snug-fit sockliner that both grip your ankle in a way that actively resists injuries. You stay locked into these, which increases the overall stability and fit no matter how wide or slim your feet might be.

Though they offer added protection, the Clutchfit Drives are also lightweight. You won’t find yourself slowing down with these at all. You can jump and run to your heart’s content without adding any extra wear to the shoes.

As with all great street models, these sneakers have a special rubber sole with extreme traction. Slipping is a great way to get out of position, and you need to ensure your shoes won’t move you when you don’t want them to.

The Clutchfit II is also incredibly responsive. That aspect gives you strong control over how you move around and up your performance. As an added bonus, they as quite affordable as well.

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3. Adidas Crazylite Boost

Despite its name, the Adidas Crazylite Boost is one of the sturdiest street shoes on the market.

Like the Clutchfit Drives, these models are great for outdoor play because of their built-in comfort features. Their special Sprint Plate technology provides an incredible amount of extra stability, while the grip, made from Continental Rubber, gives you traction on every single surface.

As an added bonus, the Boost focuses on durability. Sturdy and strong, every part of the footwear is able to withstand playing in any type of outdoor environment. It is especially resistant to hard concrete and asphalt.

The Boosts, as their name suggests, are lightweight as well. So much so that, while they do a great job on pavement, they also serve as a fantastic indoor option. Perfect for people who like to switch up their game.

Though they not might not look as great as other popular sneakers, more emphasis on function than form, they have enough premium upgrades that any outdoor player will love lacing them up time and time again.

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Useful Tips and Resources

Street shoes undergo a lot of abuse. It always helps to protect them as much as possible, regardless of how often you play. This video covers that topic and explains how to know when you need a new pair.

In addition, playing outside can be rough on your feet. Figuring out how to quickly break in your shoes will give you a lot of extra comfort and help prevent chafing or blisters.

Rain, Snow, or Shine

Finding street basketball shoes in today’s day and age is no easy task. Even if you have a favorite brand or style, there is no guarantee they will be able to take the harsh punishment of playing outside.

All of the above choices get around that issue. Each shoe in this guide looks great, provides premium features, and is perfect for any street or park you might find.