This is my review of the best Under Armour basketball shoes in 2021.

Basketball fans/players are constantly searching for basketball shoes. Today, there are numerous companies to choose from, and several basketball stars with their own signature footwear.

When people think of basketball shoes, they typically think of Nike, Adidas, and Jordan. However, another company is on the rise.

Under Armour is making a name for itself while creating quality shoes across the board. The company was founded in 1996 by a former football player Kevin Plank.

Since then, Under Armour has landed large endorsement deals with Steph Curry and Joel Embiid.

The company makes great basketball shoes. Let’s take a took at some of their best.

Quick Summary

  • If you are looking for an appealing design, the Curry Two and Curry 3 are the way to go. Both come in a variety of colors and have an eye-catching design. They are also comfortable for players who seek comfort.
  • The Longshot has cushioning that molds to the foot as well as an upper that keeps the foot dry. All players can benefit from the Longshot’s upper, especially if they’re constantly on the court.
  • The ClutchFit Drive 3 is for those looking for great traction. It also has Under Armour’s signature Micro G Foam for speedy players. If you are a speedy/quick player, the G Foam helps you change direction.

Who Should Get This?

If you are a baller or athlete searching for reliable shoes, Under Armour is a way to go. Their shoes are stylish, typically inexpensive (compared to their competitors), and extremely comfortable. Whether you are headed to the court or taking a casual stroll, these shoes are ideal for daily life.

Under Armour is appropriate for all ages and has an array of styles to fit the needs of customers of any age. That makes it a great option for anyone looking for a new pair of kicks.

In addition, if you are a fan of a player like Steph Curry you can keep up with the latest editions of his signature shoes.

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: What to Consider


Whether we like to admit it or not, style plays a part in our choice of shoes. If a basketball shoe has an appealing look/design, we will gravitate towards them over other pairs.


Another aspect to consider is the size/comfort. Nobody wants to wear shoes two sizes too small, especially when running up and down the court.


When shopping for shoes, quality is something else to consider. Is the shoe high-quality? If you step on the court, are you confident that it is durable and will last a while? If so, it is a worthy purchase.


Lastly, you need to look at price. On some occasions, shoes are overpriced. Some shoes are high-priced but not the best quality. Consumers want to find the shoes worth their money.

If they can get a kick that delivers premium upgrades at an affordable price, they should pull the trigger every time.

All of these (and more) are factors to consider when purchasing shoes. Under Armour covers them all.

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: Our Picks

1. Under Armour Curry Two

The Curry Two is one of Steph Curry’s earlier shoes with the company. It comes in different colors and has a stylish appearance. The mid-top shoe has charged foam in the midsole, and its upper has a breathable material called SpeedForm. It is a nice shoe that checks off some key aspects to look for when purchasing footwear for the hardwood.

While it can use better ankle support, the Curry Two is something you can enjoy. Though all models work well, the Curry Two’s mid-top received better acclaim than the low-top. Always consider that when looking at this model.

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2. Under Armour Curry 3

The Curry 3 was the next installment of Curry’s signature shoe. Like the Curry Two, the Curry 3 comes in a wide range of different colors. If you’re looking for a “fancy” design, the Curry 3 is a good way to go.

They are also comfortable and have excellent step-in comfort. That benefits players who value comfort. While it may lack impact protection for explosive players, it is suitable for speedy guards.

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3. Under Armour Longshot

The Longshot is a high-top shoe with Charged Cushioning, a feature that helps the footwear molds to your foot. It has a mesh and leather upper that keeps moisture out and keeps the foot dry throughout the game.

The shoe is also suitable for both on and off court activities. The outsoles are great inside, but thick enough where you can play in rough areas outdoors. While the Longshot is said to run small (by some consumers), it is a basketball shoe suitable for all your needs.

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4. Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3

The ClutchFit Drive 3 is a well-designed basketball shoe with excellent traction. Under Armour brought back its Micro G foam, which they left out of some of their other designs. The Micro G foam is light and allows you to change direction quickly. If you are a speedy player, this is a handy mechanism.

The ClutchFit is a good, comfortable shoe that performs well and is easy to break-in. Despite a few complaints about the upper, which could be more breathable, the ClutchFit Drive 3 is a shoe worth considering.

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Useful Tips and Resources

Under Armour’s shoes are a nice, quality product. However, like all shoes they require maintenance. So, it is important to take care of your sneakers to keep them in great shape.

ShoeAdvisor has an old YouTube tutorial by a YouTuber named John Kane. He shows how to clean shoes to get better traction.

Ironically, he is cleaning Under Armour shoes. The video and article are useful resources and can help you keep our shoes in good condition.

Another thing to consider is the actual process of shopping for sneakers. The factors that should be considered (style, size, and more) all come into play when shopping for footwear.

SportsRec has an article on the process of buying basketball shoes. They provide useful information for those of us browsing for shoes.

Final Words

Under Armour’s basketball shoes rival those of other big-name companies. They have great options for those who are looking to step on the court or who just want something nice to walk around in.

The basketball shoes discussed in this article are also some of the best that Under Armour has to offer. For my fellow basketball fans and/or players, hopefully, they are right for you.

If not, feel free to give your take and possibly provide other suggestions. Or, if they are your ideal fit, may you shine when you play. As Mars Blackmon (Spike Lee) used to say, “it’s gotta be the shoes.”