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ESPN Bet Promo Code 2024: How to Claim and Use Bonuses Effectively

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I’ve just taken a look at the ESPN Bet deposit bonus and this is the lowdown on my experience with this generous two-part offer. There’s a deposit match up for grabs, as well as bonus bets after a qualifying bet.

I’ll be taking you through what’s involved so you know what to expect and can make the most of this ESPN Bet promo. I found it simple to claim and easy to use despite all the moving parts involved, and I’m sure you’ll agree with my verdict once you see it for yourself.

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Last Updated on 02.04.2024
Fact checked by: Jackson T. Pierce

Introduction to bonus offers - great pair of offers make up the ESPN Bet signup bonus

It’s no secret that sportsbooks all over the world have generous offers to attract you to them rather than their competition, or that some of these offers are better than others. I’ve had plenty of experience with claiming and using offers, but even if you are brand new to all this you could see that the ESPN Bet promo department have done a good job here and created one of the best sportsbook promotions around.

Many bonuses I’ve seen are deposit matches, and others give you some bonus bets after your initial wager. The ESPN Bet sign-up offer gives you both. I have to admit this all looked too good to be true, so I checked with ESPN Bet support and both Adrian P and Jasia-Nique H confirmed that ‘you can receive both of the promotions once you make your first deposit and wager. Of course, I intended to take advantage of both, but I’ll go over them here as if they are separate entities so you can see all the details.

200% First Time Deposit Match

This deposit match is a generous 200% up to $500 on your first deposit, but doesn’t work quite like deposit offers you have seen elsewhere. That said, I like the way it works as it is quite straightforward. The amount is cashback credited to your account, but unlocked as you wager, at a rate of 5% for each bet placed.

Make Any Sportsbook Bet, Get $100

This second part of the ESPN Bet signup bonus is also straightforward, and if you need sports betting bonus types explained, then this is where your first wager unlocks $100 in bonus bets. It doesn’t matter where you place your first sportsbook wager, or if it wins or loses, you just need to place it, and you’ll receive your bonus bets.

How to use the bonus - a great ESPN Bet signup bonus that is simple to claim and use

Of course, you’ll want to know how the ESPN Bet signup bonus works, so I’ll go into the mechanics of it here. First up it’s for new customers only, so if you’ve had an ESPN Bet account before, or even one with Barstool you won’t be eligible. This is available in quite a few states, so if you are in AZ, CO, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, NJ, OH, PA, TN, VA, or WV and over the legal gambling age, then you can claim this bonus when you register.

Before you do that, though, I should mention that I didn’t need a ESPN Bet promo code to get started – but you should always read the terms of the offer or check the details on this page to see if that has changed before claiming it yourself.

Register at ESPN Bet

Registration is simple and can be broken down into a few simple steps:

  • Go to the ESPN Bet website or app – the quickest way is to use the link on this page as it will take you straight there. Once you land on the page – you’ll be needing the ‘Sign-up’ button in the top right hand corner.
  • Fill in the registration form and create your account. If you haven’t done this before, you’ll need your name, address and DOB as well as a valid email address to get started – so make sure you have all your details to hand.
  • Next you need to make a deposit – I used my VISA card, but from what I could see none of the other payment methods were excluded, so that’s another plus. It needs to be at least $10, but you’ll want to deposit as much as you are happy with to take advantage of the 200% deposit match offer. Remember there is no ESPN Bet bonus code needed here so once this is complete you are in

You have now claimed both bonuses, and they should be ready for you to use – so now you need to know how they work.

Using the ESPN Bet signup bonus offers

While these offers are both straightforward, they do come with their fair share of small print.

The matched deposit bonus

First of all there is the 200% match, delivered as cashback. This will show in your account within 72 hours of making your deposit, but mine was there pretty much straight away. This is released as withdrawable funds as you wager, with 5% of all wagers with odds greater than -200 counting towards this. So a $100 real money wager at -110 would release $5 from the balance. There are no limits to the markets you can wager on, which is great news, and you have a whole 30 days to release as much of this as you can.

The bonus bets

Next there is the bonus bet offer. As I mentioned above, any wager of any amount gets you $100, but I should explain they are delivered as 5x $20 bonus bets. They can only be used one at a time, but are not restricted to specific markets and there are no minimum odds. The only thing you need to make sure you avoid is the cashout function, as this invalidates the wager. You have seven days to use up these bonus bets, and these wagers do not count towards the other promotion, as they are not real money wagers.

A few words of wisdom

As you can see despite there being a lot going on here, they are both straightforward and I found them easy to claim. Some bettors might find it a lot to have both offers running concurrently, but they are different enough that with enough preparation you can get through it easily. I’d even go as far as to say that the ESPN Bet signup bonus would work for both newbies and experienced bettors, because they are simple enough to use, and generous enough that they should appeal to players with all budget sizes.

Compare the offer against other competitor bonuses

If ESPN Bet is a legal sportsbook in your area, you will be able to see a comparison table below. Please compare how Fanatics’ bonus offer compares with its competition and choose an offer that suits you best.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer - getting the best out of the ESPN Bet signup bonus

I’ve already mentioned how simple these offers are to claim, but that does not mean that there aren’t some tactics to employ to make sure you get the most from both offers. These tips aren’t hard to follow, but ignoring them can make the difference between having a good experience with the bonus or feeling like you have missed out. These are observations from using the bonus myself, so will benefit both new and experienced users.

Treat then as two separate offers

While they run concurrently, I found it was much simpler to treat them as if they were different offers so I didn’t get confused. There is very little overlap between the two, so you could choose to use the bonus bets first, then the deposit match, but that will depend on how much you deposited at the start.

Keep records of your bets

Something else I found very helpful was to keep notes about which bets I put on as part of which offer. I just used a notebook, but if you prefer spreadsheets that’s up to you. As long as you have records so you don’t get confused about each wager, that is what counts. I even found it useful to keep notes after I used my bonus bets and was just working through the ESPN Bet deposit bonus.

Choose your first wager carefully

Remember the $100 in bonus bets from the ESPN Bet signup bonus are delivered to your account whether your first bet wins or loses, and there are no restrictions on where you can bet. This means you can choose something that is as close to a dead cert as you want, with no worries that you won’t get your bonus.

Check the fixture list

While using the ESPN Bet deposit bonus and the bonus bets, I found it a lot easier to plan ahead. I’m into the EPL, but the same would apply whether I was a fan of the NHL or NBA. I checked over the upcoming fixtures and chose my bets well in advance, taking into account the 7 and 30 day deadlines for each part of the bonus. That way I wasn’t making hasty bets on games I had not researched, just to use bets up as the clock was ticking down.

Wager normally

This one was key as well. The deadlines here are quite long, but you should not take them for granted. Stick to normal sized wagers, and don’t up your stakes just because you want to release the cashback balance as quickly as possible. Bet normally, just place more of them if you have to if you want to ensure you meet the deadlines.

Reload Offers - what will you get next time you fund your account

I found the welcome offers to be very generous, easy to claim and use, but I was surprised to find there were no reload offers to follow it up. These are additional bonuses handed out, with or without a ESPN Bet promo code when you make your next, or any future deposits. They tend not to be quite as generous as a welcome bonus, but give you something extra for making a deposit.

They are often associated with special sporting events, but I saw none while I was using the ESPN Bet sign-up offer, nor have any arrived in my inbox since. While I won’t mark them down for this – after all the main offer is generous enough – it would make the whole business look a little less front loaded.

Additional rewards & loyalty programs - plenty of extra touches to to keep you interested

The lack of any reload offers was quickly forgotten, however, when I saw the additional promotions for players. There are plenty available for returning players – in fact, so many of them I’ll have to take you through  them one by one.

  • Boosts – first of all, I came across the odds boosts. These are not hidden away with the regular bets, and can be seen for all markets by hitting the ‘Boosts’ tab on the site or app. Here you’ll see boosted odds for specific markets, usually for the NBA, NFL soccer, tennis and golf. An example would be the odds of a golfer winning a tournament by 3+ shots would be boosted from +200 to +300. These change daily so keeping an eye out is a good move.
  • The Parlay Club – Who doesn’t love a Parlay Bet? Well, if you place four or more $10+ parlay bets during the week, you’ll get a $10 bonus bet credited to your account within 72 hrs.
  • Parlay + Bet & Get – This is another Parlay related promo, where placing a three leg Parlay at total odds of over +400 for $10 or more gets you a $5 bonus bet, whether your Parlay wins or loses.
  • 50 Point Special – if you place a regular, pre-game Moneyline bet on any NBA fixture that has a 50 point scorer you have a chance of winning up to $1000 in cash
  • March To The Championship – Wager on NCAAB games to get 20% of your wagers (win or lose) back as a bonus bet up to $10
  • Protections and Insurance –  There is also a safety net for players that offers bonus bets if wagers lose. For instance, if you predict the winner of the NCAAB and it loses, you get your wager back as a bonus bet. In addition there are similar offers up to $100 for NHL games decided by a shootout, or NCAAB games decided by a buzzer beater. In both instances they also need to to be pre-game Moneyline bets.

These are all very impressive, in fact so impressive you almost forget there is no regular loyalty of VIP programs. These work by awarding points as you wager, which could be cashed in for free bets or some other benefit. It would have been nice to have seen one, but as I said, with everything else that is on offer, you hardly notice its absence.

Bonus intro - a double barreled offer that's great for everyone

When I first look at a bonus, I try to find the single standout feature that separates it from the rest. Here, it’s the fact there are two bonuses that you can use concurrently. Firstly, there is the 200% ESPN Bet deposit bonus, and then there is the $100 in bonus bets, delivered when you make your first wager.

Reality test - a simple offer to use, with twice the benefits for bettors

You’d think with all of this going on, it would be hard to get your head around, but I didn’t find this to be the case at all. You register and make a deposit  – remember there is no ESPN Bet sportsbook bonus code to worry about – and the deposit match appears in your account. I made my first wager, and the bonus bets appeared. I treated them as two different offers and made my bonus bets first. As a big fan of the EPL, this was easy, but I could have placed them anywhere. Next I worked through the deposit bonus, releasing funds with each wager. Again, as long as the wagers were over -200 then they all counted, and I was done well within the 30 days with my medium sized deposit.

Bonus withdrawal - straightforward requirements for a simple bonus

There are always wagering requirements you need to meet, and this was simple to work out here because the funds are released as you wager through them. First up the bonus bets – you can withdraw any winnings from these straight away with no other conditions to meet, but remember the stakes aren’t returned, in common with almost every other sportsbook I’ve ever come across. Next, the cashback is released incrementally as you wager, so you can see what is sitting in your account at any time. Again, once the funds have been released you can withdraw them if you want, with no other conditions to meet.

Pitfalls & what to avoid when claiming bonus - watch for minimum deposits and deadlines

There is very little to give you a headache in the small print, but you do need to read every word of it. With no ESPN Bet sportsbook promo code to take into account, all you need to do at the front end is make sure you are eligible to register, and make a deposit of at least $10. Getting into the bonus, avoiding the cashout function is paramount, as this nullifies the bet – so make sure you don’t do this for your bonus bets or they will be wasted. Be mindful of the deadlines as well, 7 days for the bonus bets and 30 days for the deposit match are quite generous, but as I mentioned in my tips, don’t take these for granted.

Verdict on bonus - IMHO a pair of bonuses that you won’t want to miss

As I said right at the top of this review, I get to see a lot of bonuses, but this one stands out for several reasons. First, there’s two offers here literally for the price of one, and they are both straightforward and easy to claim. The wagering requirements are sensible, and very doable, even for newbies who might be nervous of tackling a double offer. This combination makes it, I think, one of the best around and I would not hesitate to tell anyone looking for a new sportsbook to take a closer look.

Overall conclusion - simple, straightforward and generous - what more could you want?

The one-two hit of this ESPN Bet sign-up offer might look too good to be true, but is 100% real and should appeal to bettors of all types. First up the ESPN Bet deposit bonus was easy to claim, and works with all deposit sizes, although I’m sure there will be some who will say it could be bigger. It’s simple to play through, and not scary for new bettors at all with 30 days to release the funds. The same goes for the bonus bets, simple and with no major pitfalls to catch you out. I had a great, fun experience with these offers, and I recommend you take a closer look to see their benefits for yourself.

ESPN Bet promo code FAQs

❓ Do you need a ESPN Bet promo code to claim the offers?

The ESPN Bet sign-up offer is a two part offer involving a deposit match and bonus bets. It is simple to claim, and currently does not require a ESPN Bet bonus code to get started. However, you should always read the T&Cs of the offer to make sure this is still the case.

💥 Is the ESPN Bet signup bonus worth claiming?

Pretty much all sportsbooks wil have a welcome offer, but they are not all created equal. The ESPN Bet promo gives you a deposit match as well as bonus bets, so will suit most bettors. I covered it in my ESPN Bet review, and rated it as one of the best around.

💰 Is the ESPN Bet deposit bonus for real?

When you see an offer that contains a deposit match as well as bonus bets, and is easy to claim with no ESPN Bet bonus code needed, nobody would blame you for thinking it was too good to be true. However, we’ve checked it out and have found that not only is it 100% legit, it is also worth your time and effort.

🇺🇸 Which states can get the ESPN Bet signup bonus?

This offer is a popular one due to the fact there is a deposit match and bonus bets involved, but is not available right across the US. Currently only bettors in AZ, CO, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, NJ, OH, PA, TN, VA, or WV can claim this offer, but always read to the T&Cs for other exclusions.

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