How Tall is Bol Bol?

The quick answer is: Bol Bol is 7’2 (218 cm) in height and his wingspan is 7’8 (234 cm).

Height is one of the most important aspects of the NBA, but it’s not everything. In fact, while centers and forwards certainly need a lot of size in order to be successful, being too tall can actually be detrimental. That is not the case with Bol Bol.

The budding star is one of the most exciting young centers in the league. The following guide will study his dimensions, as well as what he’s able to do with them, in order to discuss what makes him shine over similar big men.

The Importance of Speed

NBA players have steadily gotten taller over the past decade, but that shift is due to guards much more than it is due to big men. That’s because, while points and wings have needed to put on some extra size as time has gone by, centers/forwards have needed to get leaner.

With more offenses playing from behind the three line, having a larger big man who can’t close out quickly or rotate onto a shifty guard is now a liability. Even if someone can leverage their size down low, it’s typically not worth that advantage if they’re always a step behind.

Slower big men tend to be a little late on defense, which then leads to open shots or easy baskets for the other time. To avoid that, forwards and centers are playing like never before. They have smaller, tighter frames that enable them to more easily move around the floor.

Bol falls into that category, but he does so in a different way than most other centers.

Size and Speed

Bol Bol perfectly encapsulates the above center in that he’s extremely tall without being too big, bulky, or slow. The Magic center stands an impressive 7’2. Even in a league filled with some of the tallest athletes on Earth, that’s quite a bit above the norm.

Most centers, especially in the modern NBA, stand right below seven feet due to the fact that most teams want players who are better at running the court and switching on defense. Bol goes in the opposite direction, and he does so without any traditional setbacks.

That’s because, despite his height, he’s also a lean 220 pounds. That smaller weight enables him to navigate the court to find open shots or pass the ball to the right teammate at the right time. He’s quick for his size too, which enables him to move up and down the court.

Though some players can out muscle him, Bol plays around that by using his wingspan. Long arms have always been a blessing in the NBA, and Bol’s reach out to 7’8. No matter how strong his opponent’s are, he can always reach where they can’t.

Opening Up The Game

The other reason Bol is such a valuable player in today’s NBA is his ability to drain the deep ball. He’s a strong three shooter, and is also able to pull up or spin to the rim when needed. That makes him act as a guard with a seven foot body.

In addition, just the threat of him being able to shoot is incredibly important. By sitting out on the wing, other teams need to adapt and move their defense around in a rather unorthodox way. He makes things awkward for most teams and creates matchup nightmares.

That’s why the Magic value him so much and why he changes every game he enters.

Final Words

Bol is a center built for the modern NBA. Not only is he extremely tall with good speed and plenty of length, he can shoot as well. It might be odd to see someone so tall play the way he does, but he perfectly shows the trends that dominate today’s game.

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