Where to Buy Authentic NBA Jerseys Online?

Jerseys are one of the best ways fans can show their support for a specific team or player. However, getting an authentic one is not always easy. 

There are many, many places to buy cheaper ones, but getting the best of the best takes a little more work.

There are four main online sites where you can get authentic NBA jerseys. This guide breaks down each one, explains the pros and cons, and helps you decide where you can get the specific item you want.

Why Go Authentic?

Nothing looks or feels like an authentic NBA jersey. However, you have to be prepared to pay a hefty price for that improved quality. 

These sites aren’t cheap, especially if you’re looking for something that’s hard to get, but it’s an incredible investment you’ll have for a long time.

1. Fanatics

Fanatics.com is the team behind the NBA e-commerce site, but they sell jerseys directly as well. They, along with their foreign site Fanatics-intl.com, have a huge amount of different NBA clothing options that cover just about any team or player you could ever want.

One of the site’s best features is that you can search by both NBA teams and top players. That, alongside their intuitive sidebar, enables you to quickly and easily get exactly what you want. They have the ability to customize NBA jerseys as well.

There are more than 100 authentic jerseys in the shop, as well as a handy size guide to ensure you get the perfect fit. They specialize in modern NBA jerseys, but you can find a little more than that if you aren’t afraid to do some digging. 

2. NBA Store

Of course, the NBA itself is a great resource for authentic jerseys. As with Fanatics, their official store is an amazing place for fans who want to either get a general team jersey or a jersey from one of their favorite players.

The site is run by Fanatics. However, they don’t offer as many jerseys. Even so, the ones they do feature are excellent in that you can get a lot of more unique styles or different looks. That includes things like the Hardwood Classics or unique color combinations.

While not directly related to jerseys, the NBA store also has a lot of other apparel too. Being able to grab a hoodie or a hat in addition to a jersey is a great way to lump purchases together. They also have a good number of deals, which allows you to save on the higher costs.

3. Nike

While Nike has long been known as one of the largest shoe manufacturers on Earth, the company did get the license to start selling NBA jerseys during the 2017-2018 season. While their inventory has grown since then, they are a bit more niche than the above options.

Nike’s stock tends to be limited, and they don’t excel in any one specific area. The only aspect worth noting is that they do have a generous 60-day return policy. That’s more than double what the NBA store offers. 

This likely won’t be your first stop when looking for an authentic jersey. However, if you do see something you like when getting shoes, it’s not a bad option. They also have some pretty incredible deals throughout the year, which is something to keep an eye out for.

4. Mitchell and Ness

Where the above three sites all give you plenty of modern NBA jersey options, Mitchell and Ness stands out from the pack by specializing in a series of Authentic Hardwood Classics. This is the store you want to go through if you’re looking for any vintage look or style.

The retro approach is their entire business, and they have many fun options you find in other places. While the NBA store gives you some cool styles, nothing quite matches up to Mitchell and Ness. Though, there is some overlap there as well.

Just be aware that their 28-day return policy is on the shorter side. It’s best to figure out if you like your jersey’s look and fit sooner rather than later. They are also on the pricier side, but that tag can be worth it to get something no one else has.

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Final Words

NBA jerseys are one of the coolest clothing items you can own. Not only can they be worn casually, they work well for playing pickup games or when working out. You get to show support for your team, and you get to look cool while doing it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re after a modern option, something a little more classic, a rare style, or something completely customized, all above sites bring something to the table. As long as you have an idea of what you want, you’ll find a great clothing item.

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