Converse All Star Pro BB Review

The Converse All Star Pro BB is a stellar basketball sneaker for players who don’t mind losing a bit of durability and traction in exchange for premium support, responsiveness, and ventilation.

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Players with narrow feet. Players who put a lightweight shell and responsiveness above all other traits.
  • Pros: Incredibly lightweight. React technology. Extremely responsive. Sleek, attractive look. Comfortable and flexible construction.
  • Cons: Traction not the best on dusty surfaces. Impact protection could be better. Weaker bounce.
  • Alternatives: Kyrie 7, Dame 7, Zoom Freak 2 

Why Trust Me

In my more than twenty five years playing basketball I have worn just about every shoe and every shoe style on the market. That includes early models in the 90’s to recent modern options jam packed with stellar characteristics and high-end features.

I then took that spread, backed it up with extensive research on reviews and additional firsthand accounts, and applied it to the All Star Pro BB in order to find out the sneaker’s pros and cons.

Detailed Review

The All Star Pro BB is a flexible shoe with a lot of performance potential. The sneaker lets you move around easily, and does so without ever becoming too uncomfortable or stuffy. The React technology works wonders, and everything looks great as well.

There are a few drawbacks to the design, including the traction and bounce, but they largely fall by the wayside for people who want something that helps them move quickly. If you need a lightweight shoe with great responsiveness, the BB is a great choice.


I always love when a lighter shoe makes sure to include cushion, and that’s exactly what the Pro BB does. Where some lighter models eschew padding in order to cut extra ounces, these come fully equipped with React technology that does a great job of being soft and responsive.

The technology runs throughout the entire shoe, which is a nice touch, and the cushion works when you’re both taking off and landing. The ventilation is also reliable, cutting down on sweat build up and actively promoting air flow as you move around the court.

Just be aware that, as the cushion is a bit on the firm side, you do lose a little bit when it comes to impact protection. This won’t matter to lighter players who are quick on their feet, but big men might not be thrilled when they bang around in the paint.


The Pro BB is also excellent in terms of performance. The shoe is a sleek model that aims to work with your body without getting in the way. Towards that end, it excels. The lightweight design keeps you quick on your feet, and the cup sole design improves responsiveness. 

Overall, the shoe furthers agility. Guards and wings who specialize on quick drives or triple threat positions will be able to take full advantage of everything it has to offer. Forwards and centers may also like how well it improves their footwork.


The BB’s traction works well enough on the surface, but there are a few hiccups. The cup sole design offers a lot of traction, gripping both hardwood and blacktop without any lasting issues. You can go from full speed to a complete stop without any sliding.

As useful as that is, the shoes do have an issue with picking up dust. On a spotless or freshly cleaned court you won’t have any problems no matter how long you play. However, if you’re on a dirty surface you’re going to wipe them down quite a bit. Be prepared for that.


For a lighter option, the BB does a decent job in terms of durability. You’re never going to get the toughness you’d see in a pure big men shoe, but the Quad-axial woven construction is surprisingly stable. The quad mesh can take a lot of use without breaking down too.

The outsole matches that strength, giving you a strong base to work with, and the stitching holds up too. Just don’t think this is a pure power shoe. At the end of the day, it’s a mobile sneaker. As such, the general durability can only go so far.

Lockdown and Support

Another pleasant surprise is the BB’s support. As with durability, that is not an area where lightweight shoes tend to excel. The model bucks that expectation by delivering a high-top cut that provides you with extra ankle support without sacrificing any mobility.

The lace-up closure does wonders when it comes to lockdown, and the tongue helps create a snug fit. There’s no outrigger, but the lateral stability still manages to be strong and reliable. There’s even an internal heel counter that further holds in your foot without being obstructive.

What I Like

My favorite part of the BB is its support. So often lighter shoes ignore protection when finding ways to cut down on weight. As someone with a history of ankle and foot injuries, it’s refreshing to find a sleek model that goes a long way towards giving you a proper base.

Beyond the impressive lockdown, I also really enjoy the BB’s cushion. Not only is it comfortable, it also greatly furthers the shoe’s performance in terms of responsiveness and agility. Extra padding has become the standard, and it works wonders here.

What I Dislike

The biggest issue these shoes have is their traction. As with some other newer lightweight sneakers, their traction seems much more suited for clean indoor courts than any dusty or dirty surfaces. Even on relatively clean courts you’re going to spend a long time wiping them down.

The outsole also could be a bit stronger. It works well enough for occasional outdoor use, but don’t think these shoes can be used as pure blacktop or street options. They simply don’t have the long-term strength for that.

The Alternatives

The shoes in this section are perfect for players who want a sneaker that has similar traits to what the Pro BB has to offer.

1. Kyrie 7

If you like the Pro BB’s performance and general feel but want something a bit more well-rounded, check out the Kyrie 7. It’s another stylish shoe, but gets extra points for having an incredibly tough and reliable grip. You won’t slide at all when wearing this model.

On top of that, the 7 boasts a more open design, extra ankle protection, as well as an Air Zoom Turbo unit. All of that comes together nicely to create a strong sneaker. There’s even a padded collar for more achilles support as well as a tough outsole for better stability.

2. Dame 7

The Dame 7 (review) matches the Pro BB when it comes to balance, responsiveness, and court feel, but it goes beyond in terms of impact protection and cushion. The shoe has plenty of sole cushion that provides tons of spring. That’s important for guards and big men who need to move quickly.

It also does a great job with support, which is particularly impressive given its sleek, unobtrusive design. The shoe has extra material up around the ankle as well as a lot of lockdown around the front and sides of the foot. You can move around without any worries about sliding.

3. Zoom Freak 2 

The Zoom Freak 2 (review) is another lightweight shoe with a lot of powerful traits. Equipped with a unique pattern and look, it excels when it comes to energy transfer and delivers a nice snug feel. You also get plenty of lockdown through the unique molded overlay.

Another reason so many people enjoy the Freak 2 is that it does a good job of being supportive, balanced, and durable, without ever being too big or bulky. Just know that it doesn’t have the best ventilation. As long as that’s not an issue, it will deliver. 


Are These Good Outdoor Sneakers?

The BB holds up well outside due to the strong build and good traction as long as you don’t play too often. A lot of use, however, will cause some noticeable wear and tear.

How Much Do These Weigh?

The Converse All Star Pro BB takes roughly 2.3 pounds, making them middle weight.

Final Verdict

The Pro BB is a complete sneaker. You get decent traction on top of a React insole as well as a lightweight design with ample mobility. Add on the lateral movement, strong lockdown and breathable, lightweight design and you have a basketball shoe that does a little bit of everything.

This is not necessarily a shoe that will blow any one category out of the water. However, it does enough right that just about all players will be able to appreciate what it brings to the table. 

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