What Shoes Does Devin Booker Wear?

A shoe is a big part of an NBA player’s persona. Not only does footwear protect their feet and help them play to the best of their abilities, but sneakers are reflective of that player’s individual personality and playstyle.

There are many great athletes known for their unique shoes, and that includes Devin Booker. Here, I will break down what the Suns guard chooses (and has chosen) to wear on the court, as well as cover why he picks the sneakers he does.

A Big Name

As expected, due to his high-level play and all-star status, Booker has a large shoe deal with a major brand. In this case, it’s Nike. 

Like so many other top prospects, the shifty guard instantly joined up with the sneaker giant shortly after entering the league. That contract ran for the first part of his career, but finally ended in 2019. When that happened, he went on the market and became a shoe free agent.

Many brands attempted to bring in the rising star, but, though he met with a few of them and entertained some deals here and there, he eventually went back to Nike. He signed a massive extension and has been with them since.

That deal is important because it directly informs Booker’s shoe choices. While he doesn’t always rock the swoosh, as we’ll see below, it’s definitely something he favors due to his pre-existing relationship with the brand.

His Favorite Shoe

As mentioned, Booker is a Nike player. While he has many different kicks that he rocks depending on the game and his mood, the Kobe 4 Protro is his all-time favorite. The shoe has a slick, flashy look that he prefers, and the individual features complement his playstyle.  

Booker has always loved rocking Kobe’s due to his respect for the late superstar, as well as his emphasis on comfort. The shoes have a lot of padding both inside and out. That’s incredibly important when trying to play at the top level. If your feet hurt, you can’t properly focus.

The fit, feel, and breathability are all reasons Booker loves rocking the Kobe’s. While his contract influences that choice, he picks them because of how much he needs his feet to stay in great shape each and every single time he plays.

For that reason, he also likes lacing up Hyperdunks. As with the Kobe, it’s a plush shoe that puts a lot of emphasis on cushion and support. It’s flexible and padded without ever being too flimsy or giving way at the wrong time.

Other Options

When he’s not playing in either of the above options, Booker utilizes a wide range of other sneakers. He’s known for his style. That means he enjoys rocking bright colors, flashy options, and he’s not afraid to go with something different.

He has a range of signature shoes with Nike, such as his Devin Booker PE, which he puts on during release. On top of that, he loves to show off new models for the brand. 

That includes when he wore the Blue Nike Zoom prototypes in 2020, as well as when he became the first player to ever wear the Nike Zoom Rev back in 2017. He doesn’t mind trying flagship models. In fact, he relishes it.

Final Words

Booker is one of the premier players in the NBA, but even the greatest players can’t succeed without proper footwear. Everyone has their own preferences, but Booker is a Nike supporter who puts a high emphasis on mesh, comfort, and flexibility.

Without his traditional Kobe sneakers, or without shoes that supported the way he plays on the court, his game just wouldn’t be the same.

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