Devin Booker’s Tattoos and Their Meaning

For many NBA players, tattoos are a key form of expression. Most of the league has some type of ink, and all of those tattoos have certain meanings tied to them. Even players who only have one or two tend to attribute a lot to the images. That includes Devin Booker.

While not even close to the most ink’d person in the league, the Suns guard has tattoos that mean a lot to him. I’ll explore what they are, when he got them, and what they mean, throughout the following paragraphs.

Aspiring Greatness

Unlike most players, Booker came into the NBA without any ink. Not only that, but rather than get a bunch of tattoos to celebrate his first signing, he didn’t put anything on his body until he played four years in the league. Even then, he kept things simple.

Booker’s first tattoo is the words “Be Legendary” on the inside of his right forearm. It’s rather small and is quite thin due to the cursive font. It’s not something you can read easily at a glance, but that doesn’t change its meaning or importance.

The reason he chose to get that phrase put on his arm is due to the late legend Kobe Bryant. The Lakers sharpshooter meant a lot to many current players, but he’s always had a special place in Booker’s heart.

Once Booker started to take the league by storm, Kobe gave him signed shoes with the words “Be Legendary” written on them. Booker, who has always admired Kobe and even almost exclusively wears his shoe line, got the same words on his body as an eternal tribute.

Not only that, but the phrase serves as an important reminder to Booker to play his best and push himself whenever possible. It’s not just enough to be good, it’s more important to be great. Now that Kobe has passed away, the message is more important than ever.

A Familial Reminder

Not long after getting his first tattoo, Booker added a second to his skin. While he never caught the full bug like some players do, he decided to go for something else that meant a lot to him. This time, he got a grid pattern with the initials D, D, V, and M on his wrist.

While Booker looks up to Kobe, the grid option is even more dear to him. It’s not basketball related, but is relevant to his family instead. The four initials stand for his older brother Davon Wade, younger sister Mya Powell, and mom Veronica Gutierrez.

His two siblings have the exact same tattoo in the exact same spot, which links all three of them together. That bond is incredibly important to Booker and shows just how much family means to him.

NBA Tattoos

The two above images are Booker’s only tattoos. While he certainly may get more, especially if he can take the Suns all the way to the top of the NBA mountain, there’s no telling what his next move might be.

He puts a great importance on both basketball and family. That’s why the only tattoos he has reflect those themes. If he ever gets more, they’ll likely be about either topic as well.

Final Words

Everyone loves a good tattoo, especially when those tattoos have strong meaning. Booker is not covered in ink, but the two images he has on his body are both extremely important to his own life. They reflect personal philosophies and show what most matters to him.

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