What Shoe Does Draymond Green Wear?

Footwear is a big part of the NBA. Every player puts a lot of stock into their shoes, especially those who need something durable that they can wear night in and night out. That’s why Draymond Green chooses the sneakers he does.

In this guide, I will look at the different shoes he’s worn over the course of his career and break down the decisions behind those choices. That will reveal how he plays the game, and provide some ideas for what you want in your own shoes.

A Late Bloomer

Over the last decade, rookies have gotten a lot of hype in the NBA. Many players come into the league with a ton of fanfare, and that often comes with big deals. It’s not uncommon for a big draft pick to already have a sneaker contract before they even play.

That was not true for Draymond Green. While he’s now known as one of the best power forwards in the league, he was a late second round pick who only made a small splash in college. As such, sneaker companies weren’t willing to sign him.

He didn’t have a huge opening deal, nor did he get one right away. He needed to assert himself in the league before anyone came knocking. Once it became apparent how special he is on the court, he got interest from the biggest shoe company on Earth in Nike.

The swoosh came to Green with a multi-year deal worth quite a bit of money. Though he didn’t get a signature shoe (something he chased for years to no avail), he did get to show off many new models and have some fun in his footwear choices.

The Swoosh

Nike is a huge brand with tons of different shoes. That wide catalog gave Green plenty of options each and every night. He spent a lot of time wearing many traditional models, but he laced up a few different models too (such as a special winter-themed sneaker on Christmas).

He also wore various versions of the Nike Zoom Rev PE with a custom “D23” in the heel for most of the 2016-2017 season. On top of that, he rocked the Hyperdunk Flyknit sneakers in the 2017 Finals after wearing a lot of different Lebron signatures during the postseason.

Beyond those models, Green also wore the HyperRev and Zoom Rev throughout the 2019 season. He enjoyed the durability and sturdiness built into the models, and put a lot of stock into how much support they gave him down on the block.

Breaking the Mold

While most people assumed Green would keep his Nike contract going in 2020, he made a sharp switch. Rather than choosing to continue his contract, the power forward decided to team up with Converse. That made him the biggest athlete since Dwayne Wade to wear the brand.

He and Kelly Oubre are currently the only two players to represent the company, which helps explain Green’s switch. When playing with Nike, he had to share the limelight with plenty of other athletes. With Converse, he has a lot more control.

Green still stays under the Nike Umbrella with the move, as they bought Converse back in 2003, but he gets a lot more freedom than what he had in the past. He premiered the special G4 shoe for the brand, and continues to show off brand new styles.

Final Words

Athletes love their sneakers. Footwear may look cool and serve as a fashion statement, but it also helps athletes play. Green puts a lot of value into sturdy shoes with top tier construction. That’s exactly what Converse gives him and why he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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