Your next fantasy draft is coming up and you need a kick-ass name for your team. Or maybe the season is now underway, and you need a better name to keep up with your homies. Then you came to the right place.

If you are looking for a quick fix on funny basketball names, here is a list of 10 that I feel are worth making your own.

Wet Dream Team 

808s and Fastbreaks
Yao Know What I Ming?!

Bob Ross in the Paint

The Averagers 

Maybe This Year

(The) Real MVP

The Big Baller Band

Flat Earth Society

Dallas Cowboys 

(or any non-NBA team name)

While being funny isn’t easy, puns are, and luckily the majority of most fantasy basketball names are puns. If you have an affinity for puns, making up your own name will come naturally. For those who are pun impaired, I’m sure you will find something here for you.

NBA Player Pun Team Names

One of the most common fantasy team names is that of the player-pun. Which is when you take your star players’ name, typically your first pick and make a face-palming team name. I put together a list of the top 20 fantasy draft picks for the 2019-2020 NBA season and their corresponding pun team name.

PlayerTeam NamePlayerTeam Name
Anthony DavisBow to the Brow /

Davistated /

Brow Chicka Wow Wow /

Brow Shakalaka

Nikola JokicJokic It With Me /

Can’t Take a Jokic /

What a Jokic

James HardenGeodude used Harden / 

Harden’ Slow /

Ice-Cold Beard /

James Gives Me A Harden /

It’s Harden Out Here For A Pimp

Damian LillardLicense to Lillard /

Dame Time /

Head in the Dame /

Dame of Thrones

Giannis AntetokounmpoGiannis This The Real Life /

Freaky Friday 

Joel EmbiidA Friend Embiid /

Embiid of Some Service

Stephen CurryCurry on my Wayward Son /

Steph Infection

Bradley BealBeal Me Later /

Beal Me In /

Pimpin’ Aint Beasley

Karl-Anthony TownsKATmandu /

KATastrophe /

KAT-man /

KAT in the Hat

Kawhi LeonardBig Girls Don’t Kawhi /

Kawhi So Serious /

Kawhaii Five-O /

Kawhai Bother /

Kawhi of the Tiger /

Kawhi Me A River

LeBron JamesThe King and I /

James of Thrones /

LeBrontourage /

All The King’s Men

Paul GeorgeBetter Call Paul /

Keep it PG /

By George!

Kyrie IrvingKyrie On Baggage /

Uncle Drew

Andre DrummondEverybody Loves Drummond /

Little Drummond Boy

Jimmy ButlerThe Butler Did It /

Butler? I Barely Know Her

Kemba WalkerStat Walker /

Walker This Way

Nikola VucevicVucevictory /

Scratch Your Vucevic /

Can of Nikola

Jrue HolidayJrue of False /

You Can’t Handle the Jrueth /

Jrue Let the Dogs Out?

Rudy GobertGobert or Go Home /

The Gobert Report

Devin BookerBooker? I Barely Know Her /

Booker an Uber in the Morning 

Basketball Pun Team Names

If you don’t want to name your fantasy team after a single player, you can keep the spirit on the pun and merge it with general a basketball term. Take a common basketball term, and then you pun it. I’ll provide some examples, but feel free to write your own.

Dunk Trunk /

Slam Drunk

Make It Rain ManBob Ross in the Paint99 Problems But A Swish Ain’t OneMultiple Scorgasms
Hoop, There It IsAll About that Pass, No DribblePass the Rock & RollBalls To The WallHoops I Did It Again
Fresh Prince of Balls in the Air /

Fresh Prince of Ballers

Messed Around & Got a Triple-Double808s and FastbreaksDribblers And DroolersRim Jobs /

Rim Shots

Ankle Breaker-Breaker 1-9Meat BallersBalls DeepNothing But Net /

Nothing But Netflix

I Can Be Your Rebound, BabyBetter When I Lights OutBall PenetrationJuan On JuanWet Dream Team

Non-Pun Fantasy Team Names

Some people just aren’t about the puns. If that’s you, then that’s okay. You can still be funny without puns, but it would just take a little more effort. Try to express a different essence of humor, like sarcasm, absurdity, or irony.

Maybe This YearFighting FishRedskins is a Racist NameAverage JoesCereal Killers
Dallas Cowboys

(or any non-NBA team name) 

Winner Winner Chicken DinnerThose White Guys On The BenchKiller KoalasWu-Tang Clan
Doing The Best I CanDefending ChampionsChocolate ThunderI Wish I Was A BallerWonder Boys
Free Agent PoolToronto DrakesBring Back Short ShortsParking Lot PimpsSpace Jam 2 /

Space Balls 2

Easy WinWill Lose for CashAt Least I’m Not LastYo MammaBall Don’t Lie

Basketball Meme and Pop Culture Team Names

Humor can come from all angles, but most of the time humor requires relevancy. The NBA has a handful of memes and topics which emerge from the season. Take one as inspiration and make it the namesake of your fantasy team. Another possibility is punnifying a legendary basketball star, even though they aren’t playing right now. Giving them the homage is a great way to give them some respect.

Also, you can take any source of pop-culture that you rock with, and pour some creative juices on it. Just don’t forget to throw a little humor in the name.

Big Baller BandKareem of the Crop /

Kareem Cheese

Brick & MortyDwayne Pass Me The Rock JohnsonKarate Kidd
The Averagers Monster SquadKobe Wan KenobiMetta World Peace PipeRun, Shoot, Steal
Flat Earth SocietyCuban Miss Out CrisisMagic’s JohnsonGame, BlousesSomeday Starters
(The) Real MVPThe Dirk KnightPractice? /

Talkin’ About Practice?

Duncan’s DonutsI Like It When You Call Me Big Popovich
Yao Know What I Ming?! /

Sham Yao

The Phil Jackson 5Shaq FuBlow Me In The EarThe Wolf Pack

Final Words

Humor and Comedy is also subjective, so being funny is more of a feeling than an art. Picking a funny team name is a long-standing tradition in the game of fantasy sports.

Traditionally, cheap-shot puns are the go-to, but feel free to bring out your creative side and come up with something original. Whatever you choose, just make sure it brings a smile to your face, which will make it even funnier when you crush your homie in your weekly match-up.