Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Review

As a basketball and sports enthusiast in general, I, like most others have a pretty good collection of equipment. That equipment tends to pile up and storage space can often run low. For this review, I am going to take a look at a product called FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Garage Storage as a possible solution.

Overall, I found this product to be a wonderful solution to storage issues of many kinds, especially for anyone who has some basic tools and DIY capabilities. 

In this article, I will do a quick summary of the product, a more detailed review, let you know my likes and dislikes, show some alternatives and give you my final verdict. 

So, let’s take a look at what I found after receiving and installing this product myself.

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Anyone who needs extra storage space and has the ability to use basic tools to install the unit.
  • Pros: Provides a large amount of storage without using floor space.
  • Cons: Installation can take some time and effort.
  • Alternatives: MonsterRax, Redeo, GearLoft 

Why Trust Me

My name is Eric, I’ve been a basketball player and sports enthusiast most of my life, but I am also a DIYer and home improvement expert. I spend many of my weekends finding ways to make my family’s living space better than it already is, so installing a product like this is very common for me.

I’m always looking for ways to use space efficiently, so I have put together numerous shelving units, cabinets, and other various storage devices over the last 20 years. 

My experience has taught me what to look for in these types of units. Some are easy to install while others can be quite difficult. You also want to look for durability, functionality, and adaptability to ensure it is a good product. 

Disclosure: the Fleximounts team sent us a free sample for this test, but they have no editorial influence on the content of this review.

Detailed Fleximounts Review

This product which is created by Fleximounts is an overhead, ceiling-mounted storage unit. This type of storage device can work well for any garage or other storage space, such as a shed, basement, or large closet.

The ability to mount it from the ceiling allows you to store things in often unused spaces, above the ground, leaving the space underneath available for more storage, or even the ability to park your vehicle.

It also allows you to keep things up off of the ground, preventing possible water damage or infestation from rodents and other animals. These are some of the many benefits of this kind of overhead storage, but let’s take a look at how this product in particular measures up.


First impressions of a product like this, often come from the packaging. If the company that made it produces quality products, it should be packed well so there is no damage during shipping and hopefully everything that is needed is contained within the package.

Product Packaging
Photos by Melissa Medina

This product was packed extremely well with a good amount of foam for protection from dents and scratches. My product had only one item that had a small bend in it but it did not affect the integrity of the product so I did not bother contacting them to have it replaced. 

All of the parts shown in the manual were contained in the package. They do have a contact number if you are missing any parts or have any damage that you find unacceptable. 

I would say that the entire product was packaged well. When you receive it, you will find that it is quite heavy. It can be moved by one person, but it is a little hard to get a hold of due to its size. I would recommend getting some help from someone or using a dolly to move it around.


This is the type of product where you hope the installation is fairly easy. You want to be able to get the unit set up and put together so you can start making use of it as soon as possible. As a DIY person, I would rate this at about a medium-level project.

The instructions are detailed and very straightforward. It doesn’t require any special tools but the package does provide a wrench and key that fit the bolts and a template for measuring and marking the hole locations in your ceiling joists. 

Provided Allen Wrench
Photo by Melissa Medina
Provided Template
Photo by Melissa Medina

As far as other tools, you will need some wrenches or a socket set along with a tape measure, a power drill, a ladder, and possibly a stud finder. This unit can be a little heavy so you will probably want to have a helper while trying to fasten it to the ceiling.

Overall, the installation can be done in about 3 – 5 hours if you don’t run into any problems. I was able to complete it in 4 hours. Keep in mind if you are uncomfortable with this type of project, you can always hire a handyman or someone like that to do it for you.


One of the great features of this overhead storage unit is that it is adjustable and can be adapted to a number of different situations. The height is adjustable so it can go anywhere from 22 inches to 40 inches from the ceiling.

The 26.4 ceiling brackets allow you to mount to different joist spacing while still providing superior strength. You can mount the unit perpendicular or parallel to the ceiling joists and the mounting brackets can also be configured to be perpendicular or parallel to the unit.

I have chosen to mount my brackets perpendicular to the ceiling joists and parallel to the shelving unit. The nice thing about this product is you could mount each bracket differently if needed (some perpendicular and some parallel) depending on your situation.

Brackets mounted perpendicular to ceiling joists
Photo by Melissa Medina


The heavy-duty cold-rolled steel construction makes this product both sturdy and durable. The hardware (bolts, nuts, and screws) are of high quality and strength. The wire mesh base is not quite as strong as some other products I have used, but I feel it is strong enough to do the job.

Wire mesh base
Photo by Melissa Medina

When you are first putting the unit together, it may seem a bit flimsy but once it is all tightened up and mounted you can feel how strong it is. From my perspective it will have no problem holding the 600 lbs it claims to be able to hold.

The angled steel braces that attach to the ceiling provide very adequate strength for this application and I feel they will not have any issues holding the weight. 

The middle braces are a flat thinner metal and seem a little weak but when they are put together with the rest of the unit they do provide the necessary support to keep the midsection from sagging.

Overall this product seems to have the necessary strength and durability to withstand the weight that it claims to hold. After installing it, I feel that it can safely hold everything I want to store on it.


I find the functionality of this product one of its greatest features. Being able to have overhead storage that is attached to the ceiling rather than the ground is a real space saver. I still have the space underneath where I can walk around, store other things or even park the car.

Space above and below the unit
Photo by Melissa Medina

This unit also provides an overwhelmingly large amount of storage space. Reading the information, we know that it is a 4’ x 8’ shelf, but once you actually get the thing installed and see the vast amount of space it provides, you will be very satisfied with it.

The wire mesh base allows me to store almost anything safely on it and makes it fairly easy to slide things around as you organize them. Other units may not include a steel mesh base as this one does which means you may have to supply your own or use plywood.

Customer Service

Fortunately, I did not have any reason to contact customer service but as I mentioned above, the installation manual was very detailed and straightforward. It also has contact information if you have any parts missing, damaged or if you have questions on installation. 


The appearance of an item like this isn’t always that important to me, since I am usually more concerned about how it performs, but I will say this product does look nice. The black color and finish on the steel fit in with almost anything and it really does look sharp in my garage.

Most of all, it helps me to get much of the clutter that was spread across my floor organized and into a nice tight space which gives my garage a much neater and cleaner appearance.

What I Like

The thing I like most about this Fleximount product is what it does for my garage by adding an abundance of new storage without taking up any floor space. Of course, that is what it is meant to do and it does that extremely well.

What makes this product stand out from others, is the wide mounting brackets and how they allow you to install this unit in a variety of ways and fit it into many different spaces. You’re not stuck with only being able to install it in one specific location.

One more thing to keep in mind. This unit can hold up to 600 lbs, which is more than most of the competitors out there. This will allow you to safely store your items.

What I Dislike

There’s not a whole lot to dislike about this product. The only thing I can point to is the installation process. While it can be done by an average do-it-yourself person, and with relatively simple and common tools, it can take some time to get this done.

I was able to get mine put up rather quickly, but I would recommend setting aside a good chunk of the day to get this done. When looking at it, it may seem like a daunting task that may cause you to procrastinate in getting this project started, but trust me, you will be able to do it.

The Alternatives

If you’re still not sure what to think of Fleximounts or there is something about them that is preventing you from wanting to use this particular product, there are some alternatives out there that you might want to look at. 

  • MonsterRax: Very similar to Fleximounts, it has wide mounting brackets which help adjust to different joist spacing. The industrial-strength steel with a powder coating finish can hold up to 500 lbs.
  • Redeo: This is a simple but strong ceiling-mounted storage shelf. The angle steel with pre-drilled holes provides superior strength while also allowing for a wide range of adjustments during installation. It has a great price but there is no wire deck included.
  • GearLoft: A smaller slimmer unit, this one works well for those who need ceiling-mounted storage in a tight space. Its EZ Connect locking pins keep connections secure and it can hold up to 350 lbs and provides 50 cubic feet of storage.


Here are some commonly asked questions you might have about Fleximounts, I’ll answer them briefly below.

Can I install this product by myself?

You certainly can do this job by yourself but I would strongly recommend having a helper. The unit can be a little heavy and bulky to get mounted and it makes it a whole lot easier if you have someone to help you.

If you do attempt to do this on your own, you will want to have a couple of ladders or something that you can rest the unit on as you attach the pieces to the ceiling. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and it can be done. Just make sure to use proper safety precautions in either case.

What tools will I need?

For a simple installation into wooden joists (the most common) all you will need is a ladder, some wrenches or a socket set, a power drill, and some drill bits. 

Can I use this if I have an angled or sloped ceiling?

You definitely can. As long as the ceiling has joists or other proper mounting points. The adjustable height of the unit makes this possible so you can adjust the mounts on one side to be shorter than the other side which will accommodate the angle you need.

Just keep in mind that the storage space will be a bit smaller on one side due to the pitch of the ceiling.

What if my unit seems unstable or wobbly after installation?

This is very sturdy and durable but you will see a little wobble to it once installed, even after all the bolts are tightened. This is due to the nature of installing a hanging type storage unit but it does not mean it is not strong, it still has the strength to store your items.

If you have vertical braces extended to their maximum length, you will see more swaying or wobbling than if you have them set shorter, that is just the physics of how a vertical storage unit is constructed but if it concerns you, you can shorten the vertical braces to reduce the problem.

If the issue seems too bad, I believe you can contact the manufacturer and they have some extra braces that can be added as a solution to making the unit more stable.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Fleximount overhead storage unit is a wonderful solution for anyone looking to create storage space without occupying floor area. It can be used in many different types of spaces and provides a strong and sturdy shelf for which you can place many of your items.

I found that this is a very beneficial addition to almost any garage or other storage space. It will take some time and effort to get this unit installed, but in my opinion, it is well worth it and I would definitely install another one of these to gain even more storage space in my garage.

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