What Are The Best Online Sites for Free Basketball Games?

Games like NBA 2K and NBA Live are incredibly fun and are worth you picking up, but they aren’t always in the budget. These games regularly cost $60 or more, which simply isn’t viable for everyone.

However, not every basketball game will cost you a pretty penny. In fact, there are some pretty high-quality basketball games that can be played for free. These can be found on a range of different websites across the internet.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best online sites for free basketball games. No matter the type of basketball game you like to play, we are sure at least one of the sites will be able to help you out.

1. Gamesgames.com

If playing cartoon and arcade-type basketball games, this is your holy grail. This website features dozens of basketball games for you to try out and play. The games are from a wide range of publishers, and gamesgames.com brings them all together in one convenient place.

Better yet, they don’t cost you a dime to play and enjoy. There are a ton of different games with different mechanics, different layouts, different goals and so much more. Some are easy to master, while others will take time to get good at.

While no single game is going to likely have you playing for hours and hours straight, the site features enough variety to keep you interested. Many of these games also appear on other sites as well, and there is a good chance your favorite general games site will have some basketball-related titles as well.

Also, this site has a ton of different games in all types of genres for when you feel like playing something not related to basketball.

2. Basketball-gm.com

If your idea of a fun basketball game is running your own team over years and years, Basketball GM could be for you. It is a completely web-based game that lets you do everything a real life GM would do from trade players, participate in a draft, sign players and much more.

The game generates a league full of completely random players and will fill out 30 teams with these players. Your league can be run just like the NBA. While you don’t actually get to play the game, you do get to simulate it. You can see rating, stats and standings, just like in a console NBA game. Players age, retire, stats change and so much more.

You can have as many leagues as you want running at once, as well. There are also rosters that get imported and the game is constantly being updated with fixes and new features. The game is incredibly robust and comes with many features that might surprise you in a completely free game.

3. Whatifsports.com

This is a simulation-based game that can have you entertained for hours and hours on end. Unlike most basketball games, you don’t actually play or build a team. Whatifsports.com is all about matching up historic NBA or college basketball teams against one another.

It truly lets you live out dream matchups and see how they would play out. Have you ever wanted to know what would happen if the 95/96 Bulls took on the 15/16 Warriors? How about what would happen if the amazing offense of the 09/10 Phoenix Suns went against the stifling defense of the 03/04 Pistons?

The site keeps a database of hundreds (even thousands) of different teams to ensure all rosters are accurate. The opportunities are endless with this site and game, and can help settle any argument you might have with your friends about the best teams ever. Of course, this site also covers a variety of other sports, as well.

These three online sites for free basketball games can provide you hours and hours of entertainment. Whether you want to control your own team, shoot threes, or even slam dunk, these sites will be able to help you find the right games to satisfy your basketball needs.

Of course, these are only a few of the many sites out there for free online basketball games, but they are among the best.

Do you have a favorite online site for playing free basketball games? If so, we would love to hear about it so don’t forget to leave a comment!

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