Goalrilla vs Spalding vs Silverback: Which is Best?

Choosing a basketball hoop is never easy. Though the process doesn’t seem like it would be too involved, there are many factors you need to keep in mind. That includes knowing what brand you plan on going with.

This guide breaks down the top three hoop brands (Goalrilla, Spalding, Silverback) and looks at their specific traits. That analysis will not just shed light on the models’ pros and cons, but it will help you better decide which one’s best for you.

Goalrilla: Pros and Cons

Goalrilla is a brand with a large focus on quality. They are a premium hoop-maker that excels in a few different areas, but where they truly shine is in their construction. The backboards are extremely solid and they utilize quality materials like tempered glass.

They also utilize a strong aluminum background frame that can take a lot of hits over and over again without showing any noticeable wear. The powder-coated alloy steel pole, which provides the hoop with a lot of extra strength and longevity, goes a long way as well.

The tempered glass background is ten times stronger than similar brands, while the steel pole can sit outside in the elements without any long-term issues.

Another reason to get Goalrilla is the rim, which utilizes a special spring system that allows you to dunk without any worry of causing damage. Installation is easy, and the built-in height adjustment system is something that anyone can operate in a matter of seconds.

There are many different increments you can choose from, and the hoops themselves can go from the normal 10 feet high to as low as 7.5 feet.

All of that being said, Goalrilla’s biggest downside is the price. While all of the brands in this article are more premium options, Goalrilla is the most premium. The hoops are well made and have a ton of features, but they are definitely on the higher end of the budget spectrum.

You’re getting a lot of extra power and strength for that higher price, but know that the upfront cost is going to only be for people with higher budgets.

Spalding: Pros and Cons

Spalding is a middle of the road hoop brand with a strong backing. Their acrylic backboards are best suited for outdoor weather, as is their 1-piece square support system. Both features make them perfect for players who want to play in their yard or driveway all year round.

The mounting bracket system around the rim is another big bonus. There’s a lot of sturdiness in their hoops, which is something anyone will be able to appreciate. You don’t want to dunk or hang too much, but the setup can take years and years of shots quite easily.

Spalding also gets high marks for using the same height lift system seen in Goalrilla. You can move the hoops in 6-inch increments, which adds a lot of versatility to the design. Setup is not as easy as other brands, which is a bit of a bummer, but easy adjustment is nice.

The 4 x 4 inch poles are solid, and the company’s choice to use powder-coated steel is a great one for both weight and versatility. Something else to note is the padded backboard, which creates a good amount of bounce.

If there’s a drawback here, it’s that Spalding uses an acrylic backboard. Though that’s great for any and all elements, including direct heat or sunlight, it doesn’t quite have the crispest or most natural bounce. Don’t expect in-gym quality when using Spaldin’s backboard.

Silverback: Pros and Cons

Silverback is not quite as durable as the two other brands on this list, nor is it as versatile. The backboard spread goes from 54 to 60 inches, limiting your size options, and the rim brackets aren’t as strong as what you’ll find with Goalrilla or Spalding.

However, despite those drawbacks, the brand has two big bonuses over the other models on this list. First, the polycarbonate backboard both feels and looks great. It won’t stand up to the elements, especially in particularly hot or sunny places, but it creates amazing rebounds.

All of your shots on this model will feel natural and bounce exactly as you would expect.

The other large bonus is the price. None of these brands are cheap, but Silverback sits in a great middle ground where you can get a high quality product without paying too much in the long run. It has a lot of premium aspects without the Spalding or Goalrilla price.

The rims, while not as sturdy as the other models, come with special spring-activated features. That cuts down on injury and allows for you to dunk or play at the rim without worrying about anyone getting hurt.

This model is incredibly easy to use, and the powder-coated steel pole (seen in all three brands) has a decent amount of durability. You aren’t getting something that’s super durable, but it’s able to hold up in most situations without any huge issues.

Which Brand is Best?

Truthfully, every brand in this article brings something unique to the table. The one that’s best largely comes down to what you want in a basketball hoop. Look at your personal budget, what your individual needs are, as well as where your hoop will be.

If you need a true outside model, all three work. Even so, both Spalding and Goalrilla will give you a little more on that end. If you want quality and are still looking to save some money, Silverback is a great choice.

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Final Words

At the end of the day, Goalrilla, Spalding, and Silverback are all premium brands with a lot of great features. One will undoubtedly be better for your needs, but they all will deliver amazing results regardless of which one you decide to go with. 

As long as you know what you want from a hoop, understand how much you’re willing to spend, and have a good idea of all three brands, you’ll get the product that’s best for you.

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    Hey I’m looking for a unground basketball ground and my options are the goalrilla gs54 and ft60 and sb60 and sb54 which should I get