How to Pronounce Stephen Curry

The great Chef Curry of the Golden State Warriors. If you’ve never heard of him, then you haven’t been watching NBA basketball in the 2010s. The greatest shooter of all time and the key component of Steve Kerr’s shooters renaissance.

Typically when you’re on top of the world people will remember and know your name, but there was a time when Steph was just an undersized guard on a less than stellar Warriors team. When one (assumed) former Nike agent botched a meeting with StephEN Curry, mispronouncing StephEN’s name and eventually losing the guard to Under Armor.

To make sure none of you will never make the mistake of that one Nike agent, we put together the end-all guide to pronouncing Stephen Curry’s name.

How to Pronounce Stephen Curry: Formal Pronunciation

/’stefen/ or /’ste·fen/ or /’stef·en/

Simple Phonic

see ten fun · end (STEHF-ehn)
king burn · reed (KUR-ree)

Meaning of the Name ‘Stephen’


  • Greek, Stephanos – “crown”, “that which surrounds”
  • Biblical, Saint Stephen was a deacon who was stoned to death, as told in Acts in the New Testament. He is regarded as the first Christian martyr.

Related names: Steven, Steve, Esteban, Etienne, Istvan, Stefan, Stephan (source)

What is Stephen Curry’s Real Name?

Wardell Stephen Curry II

Formal Pronunciation or Wardell

/wɔːr·del/ or /wor·del/

Simple Phonic or Wardell

win arm dove elbow (WARD-el)

Origin of Stephen Curry’s First Name ‘Wardell’

Wardell Stephen Curry II was named after his father, Wardell Stephen Curry I. Both of them are professional NBA players, while the older of the Currys took the nickname “dell,” the younger Wardell is popularly known as “Steph” or “Stephen.”

What are Stephen Curry’s Nicknames?

Steph, Baby-Faced Assassin, Chef Curry, The Human Torch, Threezus, The Golden Boy

Steph is also one part of the Warriors dynamic duo known as “The Splash Brothers.” Which include Steph and fellow NBA leading 3-point shooter Klay Thompson. Together, they would rain three on the NBA at a rate the league couldn’t believe, let alone handle.

“The Baby Faced Assassin was born that day. The alter ego that would turn the kindest, cutest kid around into a vindictive, explosive predator on the court. The Baby Faced Assassin would eventually come out more often, grow stronger and more determined as his basketball career evolved.” (The Bleacher Report)

Steph has expressed fondness for the nickname Baby Faced Assassin. During an interview after a game 2 win in the NBA finals, he said:

“It was the first [nickname] that became popular so it has a special place in my heart, even though I have a bit more facial hair now.”

Final Words

Even if you’re not a fan of the Warriors, you can’t help but appreciate everything that Steph has done for the game of basketball. The way he has elevated what it means to be a 3-point sharp shooter in the NBA. Under the guidance of Steve Kerr (fellow legendary NBA sharp shooter), Steph has become the bearer of multiple 3-point shooting titles.

So you B E T T E R know the name of this guy, because at the end of the day – when it’s all said and done – Stephen Curry will be a Hall of Famer and the greatest shooter the NBA has ever seen for a long, long time. He will also be an important force driving forward Under Armor. So keep his name in mind, and make sure you get it right.

What do you think about the Nike agent ruining the meeting with Curry? Do you think Steph is better off now with Under Armor or do you think he would have had a bigger line than LeBron if Steph stayed with Nike?

Should Curry have just forgiven the Nike agent and corrected him? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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