How Much Does an Indoor Basketball Court Cost?

Basketball is a very refreshing game that’s enjoyed by many players around the world. As a basketball player, you might want to play or train in the convenience of your home, but the right space to do so may not be available. Putting up an indoor basketball court is an option that you should consider especially if you have free space in your home.

An indoor basketball court will help you improve your game play, and you can easily practice any moment despite any harsh weather conditions, unlike outdoor courts. You can put a floor that suits you the most because some are cheap, while others are expensive to install and maintain. Maple hardwood is one of the most standard materials used in an indoor basketball court even though its pricey.

Well, there are different types of indoor basketball courts that may be convenient for you or your team. If you choose to build a residential indoor court for you and your kids, we have the estimated price for that. This article will take you through different prices and factors, even if you are building a gym for teams to use.

Factors to Consider Before Building a Basketball Court

Half-court or Full-court Dimensions

Which type of court do you want? If you have enough space, a full-court may be appropriate. Limited space can be used when constructing an indoor basketball half-court, and it’s much cheaper than building a full-court. Depending on the competition or league you like, the dimensions of a full-court and a half-court may differ. You should have some extra space around your court when building it.

NBA full-court and half-court dimensions are the largest and most expensive to put up because the cost per square foot is really high. If you want to construct an indoor basketball court on a low-end budget, opt for half-court especially a 3-on-3 court. Here are the different full-court and half-court dimensions:

  • A full-court in NBA measures 97’ by 50’.
  • A full-court in highschool measures 84’ by 50’.
  • In junior high, a full-court measures 74’ by 42’.
  • A half-court in NBA measures 47’ by 50’.
  • 42’ by 50’ are the dimensions for a high school’s basketball court.
  • Junior high’s basketball court measures 37’ by 42’.
  • A 3-on-3 court measures 30’ by 30’.


Before starting a big project like this, you must have a budget that is compatible with the type of court you wish to build. The budget shouldn’t be the exact price of the court, it should be more than what you expect to spend because of uncalculated expenses that might arise. Labor, cost of materials, and plan designs should be included in your budget.

The budget may differ depending on the place where you want to build the court. A court being built from scratch differs from a court that’s being constructed in the basement. If you are renovating a room for a basketball court construction, consider adding that to your budget. Renovations might cost you an average of $40,000.

Cost of an Indoor Basketball Court

Building a basketball court might cost you around $10,000 on the low end and $46,000 on the high end (source: HomeAdvisor). However, it depends on the start-up that you currently have. If you have an interior space that needs some renovations before a court is constructed, it may be quite expensive for you, but not as expensive as when you are constructing a housing space for the court.

Additionally, courts that have either the NBA or NCAA standards are the most expensive to put up. A full NBA-standard court will cost you $46,000 to construct it. A half-court will cost you $23,000. As the court’s dimensions decrease, so does the total price. That’s quite clear because putting up a court with highschool dimensions will cost you $43,000 for a full-court and $21,000 for a half-court. A 3-on-3 basketball court costs about $9000.

A junior high full-court will cost you $31,000 and a half-court is $15,500. Obviously, the whole budget is not directed towards construction materials. Some of the money is used to get professional labor, while the other percentage is used in construction materials. Here are some of the estimates in high and low-end budgets of flooring, hoop installation, and labor.

  • The cost of flooring on a low-budget is $3,300. On a high-budget, the flooring cost is $29,000.
  • Hoop installation is $300 when you are building on a low-budget. Comparatively, a hoop installation will cost you $1,600 on a high budget.
  • Labor and materials will cost you $13,000 on the low-end and $46,000 on the high-end.

Different Types of Materials Used and The Cost Per Square Meter

When building a basketball court, you have to choose materials that are friendly to your budget. Maple hardwood, laminate floors, and cement slabs are some of the materials, which are used in constructing a court’s floor. The cost of installation, labor and maintenance for these materials differs. Durability is also a factor to put into consideration.

In-door Cement Slabs ($6 per Square Foot)

If you have a tight budget, a cement slab will help you save some extra cash because it’s not quite expensive. However, you must give it an epoxy finishing for a smoother surface. If you are constructing your court on a small space, expect to pay around $2,500. Averagely, it may cost you $6 per square foot. This is considered to be the cheapest option of flooring because maintenance costs are also low.

Laminate Floor ($4-$6 per Square Foot)

So you want a maple hardwood look on your court’s floor, but you are on a tight budget? A laminate floor on your indoor court will give you that look, but at a cheaper price. Plus, maintaining this material is easy and cheap. For about $4-$6 per square foot, you can get this material installed in your indoor basketball court. Constructing a full-court ranges from $14,000-46,000. Clearly, the full-court cost is a mere fraction of constructing a maple hardwood floor.

Maple Hardwood Courts ($4-$8 per Square Foot)

For a classic look, you have to pay more. A maple hardwood court will give you a warm environment and costs about $4-$8 per square foot. Installation of this material requires professional services, which will cost you about $4-$6 per square foot. Clearly, purchasing and installing maple hardwood is quite expensive compared to other materials. Not to mention, maintaining a maple hardwood court is also as costly as installing it.

Apart from that, you may also consider installing an HVAC system, which is about $1,000. This system prevents masks of dust from accumulating in your court. If you like training or playing during the night, you should install high-quality lights to help you out.

Final Thoughts

The cost of building an indoor basketball court depends on the type of materials used, space and cost of labor. Indoor courts built-in large areas are more expensive than half-courts. You should build a full-court if you have a high-end budget set up for construction. On the other hand, opt for a 3-on-3 basketball, a highschool court, or a junior high court if you want to save some extra money.

When it comes to the type of material used, maple hardwood courts are more expensive to install and maintain than cement slab and laminated courts. However, laminated courts can be used to give you that maple hardwood look. You can plan your budget wisely to build a suitable court that will be functional.

If you have any thoughts about the cost of an indoor basketball court, let us know in the comments below.

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