What Sneakers Does Ja Morant Wear?

Sneakers are a big part of any NBA player’s game. It doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s hard to play a full night of basketball with the wrong footwear. That’s why many players are so meticulous in choosing what they put on their feet.

Throughout the following sections, I will look at the different shoes that Ja Morant prefers to wear. Looking at what kicks he suits up with every game will give insight into why the pros wear what they do, and provide some ideas on what you might put on during your own endeavors.

Ja Morant and Nike

Morant is an exciting player with a lot of potential upside. As with any big rookie or high draft pick, he landed a large shoe deal coming into the league. 

Morant signed a multi year, multi million dollar deal (details undisclosed) with Nike when he got drafted.

While he still does not have a signature shoe, he’s been a big ambassador of the brand since that time. Being a part of the company has heavily influenced his footwear choices and enabled him to play in a range of interesting models.

In fact, the company made Morant the unofficial ambassador for the Adapt BB line. The futuristic shoes have a unique flair and innovative design that’s perfect for someone who has done so much to innovate the game.

Morant’s Favorite Kicks

As Morant has his own contract with Nike, it comes as no surprise that he favors the brand over other big names. He has worn several swoosh shoes over his first couple of years in the league, favoring a few specific models over the others.

During his first games in the NBA, he wore a combination of the Adapt BBs and Kyrie 5’s. He then wore the Kyrie 6 later that year alongside the Adapt BB 2.0 (which he debuted). 

At the start of the 2021-22 season, we donned the Nike Kyrie 1s, but his favorite models tend to come from the Kobe line. He often wears a range of custom Kobe 6 shoes, all of which have their own flair or touch that make them stand out.

Even so, he’s not someone who backs himself into a corner. He loves to experiment with different Nike models. That includes the PG 4s, the Zoom Freak 1, as well as anything with Nike’s new electro adaptive lacing system.

He also likes the KDs. He wore quite a few different ones during his second year in the NBA, and he also rocked the KD 11 “Murray State” shoes in college.

Why Nike?

Beyond brand loyalty, Morant prefers Nike basketball shoes because they have a lot of spring, good breathability, and a general lightweight construction. Where many shoes might look cool or have a good amount of power, someone like Ja needs to keep it light when they’re on the court.

He’s a shifty guard who relies on high jumps, quick cuts, and deep threes. Having heavy or bulkier models would simply not work for his game. He wants support, but doesn’t want it to get in the way.

Final Words

Every NBA player has their own sneaker preferences. A few even get their own line. While Morant is still waiting on Nike to create a shoe for him, there’s no doubt he enjoys what the brand offers. 

He’s not someone who will wear the same shoe each game. Rather, he rolls with a series of different Nike options that go through a constant rotation. Understanding what the different shoes offer, it’s easy to see why.

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