What is Jamal Murray’s Height, Weight, and Wingspan?

How tall is Jamal Murray? His real height is 6’4 (193 cm), weighs 215 pounds (98 kg) and his wingspan is 6’6 (198 cm).

In the NBA, it pays to be big. Being close to the hoop is a huge advantage, as is the ability to body up defenders or hold position against quick scorers. Everyone needs to have a lot of size to play the game at a high level, and that includes point guards.

There are several strong points around the league, but few of them get as much from their dimensions as Jamal Murray. This guide will expand on that by studying the way the guard plays, why he’s so talented, and how much his body helps in that regard.

Ample Weight

While NBA players have generally gotten a bit shorter over the past decade in order to adapt to the high-movement offenses that have taken the league by storm, point and shooting guards have actually gotten bigger. That goes for both height and weight.

The average NBA point guard stands right above 6’2, which is taller than they’ve been in recent decades. While that may seem surprising, the shift is the result of players on the outside needing a little bit of extra strength. 

Being able to dribble in traffic, hit the open man, or pull up for a quick three while also having enough power to move through the lane or body up an opponent is incredibly valuable. That would have once been quite rare, but now it’s much more common.

It’s one of the reasons Murray is so good.

Sturdy and Strong

Murray was, like so many other great players, a top draft pick. He did a good job of moving into the NBA and clicked right away with the Nuggets’ rising offense. A lot of that success came from his quick drives and ability to shoot the three, but his frame helped as well.

The all-star stands at 6’4, putting him a full two inches above the average NBA point guard. That extra height gives him a distinct edge on defense, allowing him to better contest and rebound, while also enabling him to get up and shoot over his opponents while on offense.

On top of that, Murray isn’t light. He’s 215 pounds, a weight that puts him at a sweet spot for the current league. He’s got enough power and size to body up opponents without falling out of position or getting pushed from the key, but he’s light enough to run the floor too.

Being big in today’s NBA is a liability for most positions. More muscle or size is great for guards, but it can also slow them down. The key is to have speed and size in one package. That’s what makes Murray such a special talent, and why he’s so hard to guard.

Armed to the Teeth

Another reason Murray is such an incredible athlete is his wingspan. His arms reach out to 6’6, putting them two inches longer than his height. That mark is something most professional basketball players want to hit, especially guards and wings.

Though height and weight used to be the forefront of every scouting analysis, arm length has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. That’s because long arms help on both sides of the ball and create more opportunities for athletes to make plays. 

His wingspan isn’t incredibly impressive in terms of raw numbers, but a 6’4 point guard with a 6’6 reach is extremely hard to defend. He knows that, and takes full advantage of it every time he steps out on the court.

Final Words

Murray is an incredibly exciting player with a high ceiling. He might not be tall compared to other NBA players, but he has a ton of size for his position. That’s not always enough. However, for someone with as much skill as Murray, it definitely goes a long way.

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