What is Jayson Tatum’s Height and Wingspan?

Being a superstar in the NBA takes a lot of talent, but body size and athleticism both matter as well. Though there are exceptions, most big time players are physically gifted in addition to their raw skill. That’s certainly the case of Jayson Tatum.

How tall is Jayson Tatum? His real height is 6’8 (203 cm), and his wingspan is 6’11 (211 cm).

The following sections will take an in-depth look at Tatum’s dimensions. By comparing his measurements to the rest of the league, this article will show how valuable being physically gifted is, and reveal how well the guard stacks up to the rest of the NBA.

Height Matters

The first aspect to note about Tatum is that he stands a strong 6’8. That’s then backed by his built 210-pound frame. Both of those measurements aren’t particularly crazy when looked at on their own, but they put together a powerful player when mixed.

Tatum is a strong, bruiser-type athlete who mixes raw strength with a lot of finesse. That’s only possible because of how well he can utilize his large frame. He can over people, back them down, but also has the quickness to go around them when needed.

Taking that into account, it’s also important to study how Tatum plays. Unlike many athletes in the NBA, the Celtics have asked him to take on a slew of different roles. He can match up against smaller guards, but also plays the wing and power forward position every now and then.

Being able to go against both small and big players is only possible because of Tatum’s frame. He’s not so big that he gets burned by guards, but he has enough mass to body up bigger athletes. That gives him a ton of depth and versatility.

Long Arms, In a Longer Package

When sizing up an NBA player, it’s easy to get caught up in height and weight. However, wingspan is arguably just as important. An extended reach does wonders for someone’s game, especially when that reach is significantly longer than their height.

Most players in the NBA have arms that stretch out an inch or two taller than their height. A gifted few, however, get a little bit more. Tatum’s wingspan measures 6’11, giving him three extra inches when it comes to going up for blocks, shots, and rebounds.

A three-inch discrepancy isn’t a ton, but it helps inform the way he plays. As with his height, his wingspan provides him with more versatility. Longer arms allow him to dribble more effectively on the outside, but they give him the reach he needs to block down low.

He’s able to shoot from a higher point, making him harder to contest, and he can reach into more passing lanes to deflect the ball or grab steals.

A Jack of All Trades

To give full context on what makes Tatum special, it’s important to compare him to the rest of the league. In the current NBA, the average height for shooting guards is 6’4. For small forwards its 6’7, and for power forwards it’s 6’9. The average wingspan sits at 6’10 across all positions.

Taking those into account, it’s easy to see why Tatum excels. His wingspan is longer than average, and his height puts him above just about everyone at three different positions. The league has gotten smaller down low, which has allowed him to do more overall.

Final Words

Tatum is one of the best young players in the NBA. He’s had a ton of success so far in the league, and only continues to get better with each passing season. Most of that is undoubtedly due to his skill and court IQ, but his larger frame certainly helps as well.

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