What Shoes Does Jayson Tatum Wear?

Anyone who plays or watches basketball can appreciate the importance of good shoes. They are a critical part of staying comfortable out on the court, which is why all players at all levels need reliable footwear.  

The following guide looks at Jayson Tatum’s sneakers, and how they’ve changed over time. Tracking such footwear choices will provide more insight into how he likes to play, and show why NBA players pick certain shoes over others.

The Big Entrance

It’s not every day someone gets to be the third overall pick of the NBA draft, but for Tatum that dream became a reality. He had a lot of hype during his only year at Duke, and that translated into a lot of interest from various shoe brands.

Tatum had his pick during the pre-draft days. He deliberated on the decision for a while, and eventually signed with the biggest brand of them all in Nike. The shoe giant paid him quite a bit of money. It also gave him the opportunity to wear many sneakers that he already loved.

While representing the brand he put on Kyries, different Air jordans (including the 35 and the 36), and showed off a slew of new models. That included the Nike Adapt BB, which Tatum was the first person to ever wear on the court, as well as flashy PG2 colorway.

He also had a hand in bringing some of the brand’s shoes to life, which was something he particularly enjoyed when signing with the swoosh. Control is important to players, especially ones who still have a chance to shape their career. 

Even so, the deal wasn’t meant to last.

A New Path

While Tatum loved going with Nike, his shoe contract with them ended in 2019. He could have continued the deal, and it seemed like he would, but the young star decided to switch and represent the Jordan Brand. He had already worn their shoes in the past, and loved their feel.

While still technically under the Nike banner, he shifted to Jordan for two reasons. One, the shoes had a sleeker look and more durable construction that he liked when playing long games. Two, they simply offered him a better contract that he felt was worth more long term.

To represent the brand, he rocked the Air Jordan 36s throughout the Tokyo Olympics, and he now wears various models depending on the night. He’s particularly fond of flashy or bright colors, which allow him an extra form of expression.

A Shoe of His Own

So, what does the future hold for the Celtics superstar? If he has his way, a signature shoe. That’s a big step in any player’s career, and it marks when they take the next step. He doesn’t have one yet, but his move to Jordan most likely came from the promise of such a shoe.

Tatum, with permission from the brand, hinted that his own model is in the works. Though it’s still a ways away, there’s already a lot of buzz. Many people are extremely excited for when it eventually comes out.

Final Words

Shoes are incredibly important for anyone in the NBA. Having the wrong pair isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also lead to more serious injuries or hinder how well someone plays. That’s why Tatum chooses the models he does.

Though he switched brands rather recently, the superstar loves where he’s at and believes that his upcoming signature will be one of the best models around. It might take some time but, as with the flashy player, it’s certain to be at the top of the game.

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